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Man Tuoluo was startled.


Long Fei did not give her time to react, nor did he have the time to explain anything else.

Man Tuoluo immediately took out a Spirit Gra.s.s and placed it in Long Fei's hands, then said: "This Spirit Gra.s.s is known as the Yuan Yang Gra.s.s, and contains a dense amount of scorching sun energy. It is a high grade Spirit Gra.s.s used to reconcile Water Attribution's Spirit Gra.s.s."

"No matter how fast!"

Long Fei urged.

Man Tuoluo explained even more quickly, as if his words were flying.

However …

Long Fei kept urging her, "Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry!"

Xiao Ying was dazzled by what he saw.

Long Fei controlled the Powder Tripod with one hand and took it into his hands with the other. His technique was exceptionally quick and there was no aura seeping out of the Powder Tripod, just like what Long Fei said in the medicine valley.

The real good pills were not overflowing with spiritual energy, but the effects of the Spirit Gra.s.s were all absorbed by the pill. That was the real good pill.

… ….

In the auction.

"Next, let's invite the Thunder Merchant Union."

One of the medicine boys from the Thunder Merchant Union walked up and behind him followed a young mistress, carrying a group of pills.

The ingredient boy's expression was calm, he was not worried at all about the large scene that had unfolded before him. On the contrary, he was very calm as he said lightly, "This group of pills is a set of Heaven Xuan Pellets refined by master Ling Zi."


"d.a.m.n, he started with a Heaven Xuan Core?"

"The Thunder Merchant Union is indeed the Thunder Merchant Union. It seems like he does not want to give any other Merchant Union any chance in regards to pills."

"The pellet of the Thunder Merchant Union is ranked first in the ten copmmercial alliances. The auction this time will definitely be his."

The medicine boy explained a few sentences.

Then, the sounds of bidding from below became louder and louder, each time more intense than the last.

"Thirty million."

"Fifty million!"

"Seven million …"

… ….

In the end, the bid was two hundred thousand and this was the highest price. These were only Heaven Rank pills, they would not be auctioned at a high price, and fairy stones s would not be used to bid for them.

"Next is the Family Jin Union."

"What he offers is a set of Sea Explosion Pills, a total of ten pills. Separate bids will be raised, and each pill will be auctioned for ten million silver. Each bid must be no less than one million silver."

"In addition, the quality of this set of Sea Explosion Pills is the first grade of heaven stage and the quality is the best quality pill."

As soon as his voice faded …

The entire audience was in an uproar.

Sea Explosion Pill was a type of pill that could increase a warrior's sea of consciousness. It was extremely difficult to refine, and it was even more difficult when it was of the highest quality.

At this moment.

The scene turned into a stir, and the bidding became even fiercer.

Inside the Jin Clan's private room, Jin Sanyuan revealed a proud smile, and said: "This time, not only will I trample the Feng Yuan Merchant Union to death, I will also monopolize the pills in G.o.d emperor city, so what is the Thunder Merchant Union worth?"

"Hahaha …"

He was immensely proud.

No one could stop him this time.

"100 million!"

"130 million."

"I want all of these, 1.5 billion!"


A young man stood up in the middle of the field.

His voice overwhelmed the audience's voice, and then the entire arena went silent.

Jin Sanyuan was beaming with joy, "1.5 billion, hahaha … This is only the beginning. "

The men from the Thunder Merchant Union had ugly expressions on their faces.

The difference of ten times in price had undoubtedly trampled the entire Thunder Merchant Union to death.

Immediately after, a few more pills from the Merchant Union were delivered, but they did not cause a sensation like before.


s.h.i.+ qian slightly said: "We invite the Feng Yuan Merchant Alliance."

Then, he laughed and said, "This year, the Fengyuan Merchant Union is a bit more mysterious. Everything was not submitted in advance, you could tell from one look that they were prepared, hahaha..."

He wanted to stir up the atmosphere.


Someone below the stage jeered, "It's not that he's mysterious, but that he doesn't have anything to hand over. I heard that the items that the Feng Yuan Merchant Union is auctioning have all been robbed by bandits, so he can't take out a single item."

"I heard that too."

"The manager of the Fengyuan Merchant Union had been borrowing things for several days, but he didn't get a single thing. He must have got nothing."

"The Fengyuan Merchant Union, get out of G.o.d emperor city."

"Are you still not coming out to play with us?"

… ….

Many people in the audience started clamoring.

The fact that something from the Fengyuan Merchant Union had been robbed was kept a secret, but... Now the whole city knows.

Fu Tianlong looked at the two people behind him and said, "Did you guys say it?"

They shook their heads.

Fu Tianlong laughed complacently: "It doesn't matter if it was you all who said it, let's see how long she can last. She can't even take out the most basic of medicinal pellets, let's see how she dies this time!"

… ….

Jin Sanyuan also laughed complacently, "The Fengyuan Merchant Union? Hahaha... After today, the G.o.d emperor city will not have a place for you in the Fengyuan Merchant Union. "

"Hahaha …"

Murong Tian also laughed coldly, "Long Fei, is this what you relied on? With just a little trick, I made her instantly go bankrupt and fight against me in G.o.d emperor city? "

"You're too inexperienced!"

"Hahaha …"

… ….

Many people were mocking the Fengyuan Merchant Union.

These people were the navy in his previous life, and they were all clamoring.

Fu Xishan who was at the door fell silent, unable to say a word.

That manager was the same. He sat paralyzed on the ground and muttered, "It's over, it's over. Why would I choose to believe you?"

"My fairy stones, my entire savings …"

His heart felt like it was about to die.

He wanted to die, but he had spent three fairy stones to build a relations.h.i.+p, allowing the Fengyuan Merchant Union to be the champion, but... Now.

"It's over!"

In the auction house.

s.h.i.+ qian maintained his professional smile and said: "Fengyuan Merchant Union, if you hear it, please come out."

"If you don't come out soon, I will disqualify your Merchant Union."

It was at this moment.

Long Fei opened the door and said to Fatty: "You go with him. This pill is called Long Yang Pill.

Chen Tianfei immediately understood and became excited. "d.a.m.n, Boss's pills … It must be fun. "

"Quick, quick, quick …"

It was as if the little steward had been resurrected, and did not care if the pills were useful or not.

"He's here!"

"It's here, it's here!"

Just as s.h.i.+ qian was about to announce the cancellation of the Fengyuan Merchant Union's qualification, seeing them appear, s.h.i.+ qian said lightly, "Hurry and come up."

Those who had just mocked the Fengyuan Merchant Union were stunned.

s.h.i.+ qian looked at the pill in Fatty Chen's hand, which was still giving off steam, and thought to himself: "Just made it?"


"This pill does not emit any spiritual energy. It should be a trash pill, or even a piece of trash." After thinking about it, s.h.i.+ qian lost all interest and said, "Your Fengyuan Merchant Union is too awesome, introduce yourself."

Fatty Chen could not be bothered about s.h.i.+ qian's expression, and said: "Let's not talk too much, this pill is called Long Yang Pill, and it is even fiercer than a giant dragon. It can easily eat seven women in one night, but the most important thing is, it does not harm the body."

"In addition!"

Fatty Chen became excited, "Attention! This pill can stimulate the strongest power of your fire attribute immortal roots and allow you to break through as fast as you can!"

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There was no sound from below the stage.

In the general's mansion's Chen family, a young man beside Chen Xiaoshan stood up, and laughed in disdain: "Chen Tianfei, you've completely lost face for the Chen family."

"Isn't that the Yang Strengthening Pill in your hand?"

"Hahaha …"

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