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The Eight Dragons Tripod released a series of popping sounds, and the entire body of the Dragon Cauldron started to crack. Cracks started to shoot out, and in the blink of an eye, it covered the entire Cauldron.


"No, absolutely not. Eight Dragons Tripod are ancient holy item, they cannot be split open. They are definitely not possible." Jin Sanyuan instantly fell into the abyss of darkness. Seeing the Eight Dragons Tripod continue to crack, he felt as if his heart had died.

The Eight Dragons Tripod was something he had spent almost everything on.

If it breaks.

Even if Long Fei let him off, the people of Family Jin Union would not let him off.

"No …."

"No, no!"

Jin Sanyuan crazily charged forward.


At that moment, the Eight Dragons Tripod turned into powder and collapsed.

At this moment.

The entire arena began to shake. An incomparably fierce dragon roar rumbled through the void like a thunderclap.

Everyone was shocked.

"The Eight Dragons Tripod is broken?"

"It, it, it really broke."

"The ancient holy item can actually shatter?"

Many people rubbed their eyes and felt like they were going to bleed. Everything from before was like an illusion, they did not believe it, but the Eight Dragons Tripod powder was there, and if you did not believe it, you had to believe it.



Imperceptibly, the people who had mocked Long Fei for overestimating their abilities earlier, felt their faces burning, as if they had been fiercely slapped by someone. It was extremely uncomfortable.

Fu Tianlong's body went limp and fell on the ground, "I'm finished!"

After today, he would no longer have a foothold in the Fengyuan Merchant Union.

Chen Xiaoshan was also at a loss, his eyes sunk into deep thought.

"Too powerful."

"What kind of blade is that?"

Everyone wanted to know.

Not many people knew about the supreme artifact in the South Horizon Region, because they didn't think that there was anything good in the South Horizon Region at all.

It was simply a piece of trash.


The people of the South Horizon Region, the war device of the South Horizon Region, and the blade that was able to slice through ancient holy item from the South Horizon Region created a tremendous shock in their hearts.

"The Young Lord is so mighty!"

"Hahaha... supreme artifact is just not the same. dragon salyer, this is what dragon salyer are, what are Eight Dragons Tripod worth? It is only a ancient holy item, but a dragon salyer is a supreme artifact of the Sky Martial Continent, they are specially used to slay dragons, hahaha … "

The two men in box one laughed excitedly.

Even they believed that Long Fei would lose for sure.

The ancient holy item was a treasure of the dragon race, who could fight against it?

But he didn't expect that it would be shattered by Long Fei's one slash. It was too shocking, and caused one's blood to boil.

… ….

"Boss is mighty and domineering, a complete mess." The fat on Chen Tianfei's body trembled as he shouted loudly, "Boss, I love you! I want to give birth to your baby!"

"Why the h.e.l.l would I give birth to you?" Xiao Ying punched out violently and shouted: "Young Master Long, I want to be a gorilla with you."

Looking at Long Fei who was on the stage, he said joyfully: "You have truly grown up, and are no longer the young master of the Long Family from four years ago. You are now the banner bearer of the Long Family, I am truly happy for you."

Man Tuoluo was the same, he was also shocked from the bottom of his heart, "So powerful!"

… ….

On the auction platform.

Long Fei stood quietly at his original position, his eyes looking towards the sky as he muttered to himself.

It was as if nothing had happened just now.

No one could understand.

In his body.

Amongst the green dragon tripod, the Azure Dragon Ancestor's excited voice rang out, "Hahaha … Golden Dragon, Golden Dragon, Eight Brothers, you've all come out as well, hahaha … "

The Azure Dragon Patriarch was excited.

"It's finally out. How many years have you eight been stuck in the Seal?"

"Now I can finally see the light of day."

In the void.

The eight golden dragon silhouettes continued to writhe, roaring, and going berserk.

These scenes could only be seen by Long Fei.

Because …

He was the one who undid the Seal.

A person who released eight golden dragons.

Looking at the s.h.i.+ning golden dragon in the sky, the octopus dragon, its power was so strong that it could explode. Long Fei became excited, "So strong, so strong!"

It was also at this time.

A golden dragon suddenly spoke, "Are you ready?"


Long Fei was a little confused. "Prepare what?"

It was also at this moment.

"Roar …" A dragon's roar resounded, turning into a huge body that turned into a churning around before charging down vertically. It simply did not give Long Fei any time to react.

He directly rushed through Long Fei's head.


In less than half a second, a golden dragon rushed into Long Fei's body. But there was no pain.


The second golden dragon turned and once again heavily crashed down.


Third day, golden dragon!

The fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth golden dragons all rushed into Long Fei's body. Resonant sounds continuously resonated from within his body.

The colossal dragon roared.

Not only were there eight golden dragons, there was also the Azure Dragon Ancestor in the green dragon tripod and the Ancestor of Dark Dragon G.o.d in the dragon salyer.

This feeling was very special.

Long Fei couldn't help but become excited as well. He didn't even know why he felt such excitement, but it was simple excitement that caused his blood to boil.

All of these scenes were only seen and felt by Long Fei himself.

The people around could not see anything.

Eight dragons entering the body, incomparably powerful.

It was also at this moment.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining Sea of Consciousness Enhancement, Golden Dragon G.o.d Protection!"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining Mind Strengthening, Golden Dragon Protection!"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining the strengthened right arm, Golden Dragon Arm!"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining left arm strengthening, Golden Dragon Arm!"

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining Leg Strengthening, Leg Protecting Golden Dragon!"

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining leg strengthening, Golden Dragon Leg Protector!"

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining Five Viscera Strengthening Skill, Golden Dragon Protector!"

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining Soul Strengthening, Golden Dragon Guardian Spirit!"

Eight consecutive notifications sounded.

Long Fei was stunned. He could clearly feel that his body had changed, he could feel the eight golden dragons around him, and its defense. This was too heaven-defying! Baidu Sister-in-law a a half (. Floating Life Strongest Upgrade System

"Eight Dragons Enter the body!"

"These are the eight golden dragons' power?" Long Fei's heart started to boil, he clenched both of his fists, the feeling of his strength exploding out was really too refres.h.i.+ng.

As the eight golden dragons returned to their positions.

"We pay our respects to the boss!"

Chapter V.

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 624

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