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"What if I don't?" Long Fei's gaze turned cold, and did not feel fear just because of him.

Even if the G.o.ds came, he wouldn't be afraid.

An exception was no small matter.

The faces of the elders turned red with anger.

"You dog!"

"Who do you think you are? How dare you speak to the Headmaster like that? "

"You're tired of living."

"To act so arrogantly in front of us, you should consider whether or not you have the ability to do so."

Other than Zhou Lian, all the elders of the G.o.d emperor academy were furious, as they might attack at any moment.

At this moment.

The area below the auction platform was in chaos.

"Bro, let's take a step back." Facing the G.o.d emperor academy's Elders and, he did not dare to be rash.

That was the G.o.d emperor academy.

They were here for the G.o.d emperor academy.

If he were to offend the Clan Elder and the before entering the G.o.d emperor academy, how could he continue to be like this in the future?

Very unwise.

The veiled girl giggled and said, "Don't be afraid, gobble him up, hehe …"

She was happy.

To be exact, he was very excited.

Because he felt that Long Fei was really special, if he could do it without saying a word, he would make me unhappy, then I will make you feel even worse, so arrogant, so arrogant.

It was too exciting.

On the other hand, the others below the stage were all jeering and jeering.

"Kid, if you have the guts, trample him to death."

"I'm afraid that you won't dare, right?"

"Brat, you are too arrogant. Who are they? Elder of the G.o.d emperor academy,, if you offend them, do you want to stay? "

"Is he crazy? There's no limit to his arrogance!" Who dares to be so arrogant in front of you? Do you really think you are the G.o.d of heaven, your father? "

… ….

He mocked Long Fei for overestimating himself.

Some of them wanted Long Fei to stomp them to death so they could watch a show.

At this time, Xiao Tianwu's forehead turned sinister, and became serious: "If I were you, I would definitely let it go, because … You have no choice. "

"If you dare to touch him."

"I will..."

Without waiting for Xiao Tianwu to finish speaking, the corner of Long Fei's mouth twitched, his right foot moved, and he said: "So what if I touched him?"

It was also at this moment.

Xiao Tianwu's figure disappeared.

Long Fei couldn't see, he couldn't see Xiao Tianwu's figure at all, and before he even had the time to blink, Xiao Tianwu had already landed in front of him and pushed out with both of his palms.


Long Fei's chest exploded with a burst of golden light, and his body also explosively retreated.

Beneath his chest, his vital energy and blood were roiling, and he was in incomparable discomfort.

If not for the Golden Dragon Protector, Long Fei would already be a dead man by now.

Murong Fenglei immediately held Murong Tian up.

Murong Tian stood behind Xiao Tianwu, and said with a complacent look: "You dog, come up and kill me if you dare, hahaha …"

"Cluck, cluck …"

Long Fei clenched his fists tightly, feeling extremely unhappy.

Xiao Tianwu was secretly shocked in his heart as well. "There really is a defensive holy artifact, yet it's not injured?"

He trained in defense.

No one knew how to defend better than him, but … Earlier, when his palms struck Long Fei's body, he could feel that kind of incomparably strong defense.


Xiao Tianwu stared at Long Fei, his gaze carrying killing intent. Right at this moment, his figure moved again, and coldly snorted: Let's see how many more moves you can take!

The cultivation of the virtual immortals stage.

It was several tens of levels higher than Long Fei. Even with the Golden Dragon Protector, Long Fei still wouldn't be able to withstand too many attacks.

However …

Since he was going to fight …

Long Fei did not admit defeat.

Both of his fists sunk as he thought in his heart, "Nine Grade Immortal Spirit, come!"


"Stop eating, give me some strength!"

"F * ck!"

"If he makes me unhappy, I will make him even more unhappy." Long Fei yelled as the power in his heart surged.

Don't submit, just do it!

Yan Huang ancestor stopped and said faintly: "Understood!"

He was not's match in terms of speed, so Long Fei stood at the same spot, both of his feet rooted to the ground firmly, waiting for Xiao Tianwu to rush up, his eyebrows locked tight.

His battle intent was burning.

The instant that Xiao Tianwu landed.

Long Fei was startled.

It was because right at this moment, a black figure descended to block in front of him.



The black figure did not move, but Xiao Tianwu retreated with explosive force. His face was pale white, and the vital energy and blood below his chest was tumbling.

The old man in black said coldly, "Enough!"

The entire audience shook.

Unexpectedly, there was a Ranker attacking the of G.o.d emperor academy, isn't this guy too daring?

You want to die?


A scene that shocked them appeared.

The elders of the G.o.d emperor academy all bowed. Their eyes did not dare to show the slightest bit of disrespect as they said, "Lord Dean!"

Even Xiao Tianwu was the same.

Although he was angry, he didn't dare to be disrespectful in the slightest.

Because of his ident.i.ty!

Because of the difference in cultivation.

Compared to the old man in front of him, he was like an ant.


"First Dean?"

"Isn't G.o.d emperor academy's Zang Tianye?"

"Why is he an old man?"

Many people were puzzled.

But... No one dared to question them, because even the elders of the G.o.d emperor academy s did not dare act rashly, so it was even more so for them.

The black shadow elder said slightly: "As the of the G.o.d emperor academy, you actually dared to make a move on a brat. Xiao Tianwu, are you sure you can do it?"

Xiao Tianwu immediately knelt down, and said: "Lord Headmaster, this brat is too arrogant, if we don't give him a bit …"

"You want to teach me a lesson for being so arrogant?"

"Don't you care too much?" He was not even given the chance to finish his words before he was immediately cut off, and his voice was filled with a heavy pressure.

Just a little more.

Just a little more.

Having been forced back by Xiao Tianwu's palm just now, he blamed himself in his heart. If something really happened to Long Fei, how would he face his master?

Thus …

He was furious.

Xiao Tianwu's face darkened, he did not say a single word, and was completely crushed.

The other elders immediately lowered their heads, afraid to look into the elder's eyes.

The black shadow elder slightly shouted, "You guys don't need to bother with the affairs of the G.o.d emperor academy. Since the officials have come to the G.o.d emperor city, you guys really have nothing better to do."

None of the elders dared to speak or even breathe.

The old man in front of him was too powerful.

His ident.i.ty was too special.


He could have clearly gone to the Tong Tian hall of immortals and become an elder, but... He chose to give up.

This was the first person in history.

The key point was …

His cultivation was not weaker than the elders from the Heavenly s. This was what they were afraid of.

Long Fei felt that the old man's back was a little familiar, and his voice sounded as if he had heard him somewhere before. However, Long Fei couldn't remember where he had heard him before.

The old man continued, "It's fine as long as it's someone else."

"Who cares about him..."

"No way!"

His voice trembled with anger, and the aura that burst out from his body spread out crazily. He said faintly, "Do you know who he is?"

It was also at this time.

The old man turned and looked at Long Fei.

Long Fei was also looking at him, when she suddenly thought of something. "d.a.m.n, so it's you, your follower!"


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