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Long Fei went to sleep.

The thunder rumbled for half a night, but he completely ignored it.

In his opinion, where did the mountain break?


G.o.d emperor city, G.o.d emperor academy, and even the Heavenly hall of immortals were shocked.

Stars filled the sky as lightning raged. This was a natural phenomenon.

Inside the Heavenly hall of immortals.

"Is it a demon?"

"Or Immortal Foundation?"

"Or is it the appearance of the Demon Slayer?" supreme G.o.d frowned, his face was gloomy, everything else was fine, but this time it was at the foot of the mountain of the Tong Tian hall of immortals.

How could he not be anxious when he was right beside the G.o.d emperor city?

What he cultivated was the path of destiny, everything was fate.

The Demon Owl had escaped being bound, losing his balance and losing his balance. This was also fate.

If he wanted to kill these Giant Demons, then he would need the appearance of the Demon Slayer. Otherwise, the Sky Martial Continent would be destroyed, and no one would be able to avoid it.

One of the elders said: "supreme G.o.d, there isn't any large array of Seal within a five thousand kilometer radius, nor is it possible for the Demon Owl to break through again. I should be holding it up to the Immortal Foundation that was born from heaven and earth."

"Even if it isn't Immortal Foundation, it has nothing to do with Giant Demons."

"I also sensed it on my way here, but there wasn't an especially strong Demon Intent attacking me."


"But... What if it was a troll? Since the Demon Slayer has not appeared yet, how can we resist it? "

"What are you afraid of? Are we vegetarians? Our ancestors were able to take care of these Giant Demon Seal. Why can't we, why should we be afraid of him? "

"Our ancestor, the Seal? Hehe... Most of these owls and devils are from the Long Family, so why don't the people from the Long Family kill these devils? "

"I reckon the people from the Long Family can only use the Seal, and can't kill them."

"Now is not the time to talk about this. The most important thing is to find out the reason behind this natural phenomenon. I think this matter must be related to the Demon Slayer."

"Maybe the Devil Slayer is about to appear!"

"Speaking of Demon Slayer, I have to say one person, the former of G.o.d emperor academy, qiu wandao. He actually interfered with the matters of the G.o.d emperor academy, and even disqualified a young man with extraordinary talent from pa.s.sing the examination in front of so many people. What is this? Isn't qiu wandao a little too arrogant? "

qiu wandao has always been a very arrogant person, to actually reject the supreme G.o.d's invitation, what does he count as? Is he looking down on the Heavenly? "

"If you don't teach him a lesson, do you really think that our Tong Tian hall of immortals is an easy target?"

… ….

As he spoke, the building tilted.

It was the same even for powerhouses of the same level. To discuss this matter, to discuss it, to discuss it, would become another matter.

supreme G.o.d shouted and said, "I told you guys to discuss this natural phenomenon. I didn't want you guys to chatter endlessly and scold us like a shrew."

And then …

supreme G.o.d said lightly: "I will take care of qiu wandao's matter."

It was also at this time.

A ray of starlight fell and a star spirit messenger returned to the main hall. He knelt on one knee and said: "Reporting to supreme G.o.d, the thunder is in a mountain 8000 kilometers away from G.o.d emperor city."

"This mountain is called Thunder Mountains. It was named because of the rolling thunder and lightning. Other than that, I have checked the history records. There has never been a giant devil owl with a Seal in the Thunder Mountains, so it should be possible to rule out the possibility of a Giant Demon Breaking Through the Seal. "

As soon as his voice faded …

All of the Elders in the hall relaxed slightly.

Many people grinned, "Hahaha... I said it, it definitely wasn't born from a Giant Demon. "


"Even if the Giant Demon has the guts, he wouldn't dare to be impudent under the feet of the Tong Tian hall of immortals."

"Why didn't I see you guys like that just now?"

"Elder Li, what do you mean by this?"

"What is it? Am I wrong? Weren't you scared like a grandson just now? "

"You f * cking grandson."

… ….

supreme G.o.d took a deep breath and shouted, "Enough!"

The hall instantly turned silent.

supreme G.o.d asked: "Have you investigated it clearly?"

The Spirit Star envoy said heavily, "Investigate carefully, it is definitely not the million strong Giant Demon Breaking Through the Seal, unless..."

supreme G.o.d frowned and asked: "Unless what?"

The messenger said, "Unless this Giant Demon isn't recorded in the annals of history!"

supreme G.o.d relaxed a little. He did not need to worry about that, because all the Giant Demons of the Seal were recorded in order to prevent the future of the Breaking Through the Seal.

"Since that's the case, everyone can go back."

"In addition!"

"Although the Giant Demon did not appear within the boundaries of the G.o.d emperor city, The devil intent is becoming more and more powerful, the Western devil flames are burning crazily, I am afraid it will not be long before I reach the immortal domain, now you all better hurry up and find the Demon Slayer, do you understand? " supreme G.o.d's voice was imposing.

All the elders answered in unison, "As you wish."

… ….

The devils all had Breaking Through the Seal shackles. The devil fire from the west was getting stronger and stronger every day, and it wouldn't be long before they enter the immortal domain. If there weren't any Demon Slaughterers at that time, maybe...

A calamity was about to befall the Tianwu Continent.

The night pa.s.sed in turmoil.

The next morning.

Before the G.o.d's phoenix pavilion even opened its doors, a few strong built men wearing beast skins rushed in.

How could Fu Tianlong and a few old bones stop it?

"Young Master Long!"

"Young Master Long!"

"Young Master Long, something terrible has happened."

The one who came was Lei Chong.

The young master of the Wilderness Region.

He rushed to the courtyard and shouted, "Young Master Long, where are you?"

"Crying out so early in the morning."

Chen Tianfei stretched his back and walked out of the room. During this period of time, he trained with his life on the line.

"Fatty Chen, where's Young Master Long?"

Lei Zhong said, "You can still sleep at this time? You guys really … Don't you know what happened last night? "

Long Fei coincidentally walked out of the room at this time, and asked: "What's the big deal?"

Seeing Long Fei's reaction, Lei Zhong immediately became excited, and said: "We were born with an abnormal sign, the Thunder Mountains was wrecked, and I heard that it was an unearthed peerless immortal root. Also …."

"It's even said that it's the Giant Demon Breaking Through the Seal."

"There is another rumor saying that the G.o.d emperor academy's a.s.sessment will be held ahead of time, and that it will be the Demon Slayer's a.s.sessment!"

Lei Zhong's face was filled with excitement.

He had come to G.o.d emperor city not long ago, but … With his ident.i.ty as the young master of the Wilderness, it wasn't hard for him to obtain this information.

After hearing the news, he immediately came to look for Long Fei.

Long Fei muttered: "The a.s.sessment of the Demon Slayer?"

"What does this have to do with me?"

Long Fei turned around and as if he was returning to his room, he said: "Continue sleeping!"

Lei Zhong pulled him back and said, "Young master Long, don't tell me you don't want to become a Demon Slayer? Didn't they all want to become Demon Slayer after entering the G.o.d emperor academy? "

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Long Fei looked at Lei Zhong's hot-blooded face and said, "I don't want to become a Demon Slayer."

Lei Zhong asked, "Then why did you take the G.o.d emperor academy exam?"

Long Fei laughed: "Pretend!"

Lei Zhong: …

Chapter II

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 633

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