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Long Fei was very crazy.

The Azure Dragon was very scared.

Because …

Long Fei was their boss, if something were to happen to Long Fei, then everything would be over.

Since their boss was already dead, how could they still play with birds?


Long Fei's strength had not been awakened at all, he was too weak now.

Only the Golden Dragon could hear what the Azure Dragon Patriarch said inside the green dragon tripod, but Long Fei could not.

Just as he had said.

Only when Long Fei finds the Dragon Domain would the Azure Dragon Ancestor say everything.

Only when he found the Dragon Domain would the strong power in Long Fei's body awaken.

Only then would he know everything, and be qualified to know everything.

"Roar …"

The snow monster king looked at the motionless Long Fei and let out a contemptuous roar, ridiculing Long Fei who was scared stiff by him, with a face full of pride.

He fell even faster.

Long Fei smirked, "Are you mocking this daddy?"

"Heh heh …"

"Let's see if you can still laugh later."

The snow monster king's body pressed down heavily.

"As expected!"

"Sit down, right?"

Long Fei laughed sinisterly, "Then prepare yourself to be exploded by the chrysanthemums."

After locking onto the chrysanthemum in the snow monster king s, Long Fei's body faintly moved, and the lightning immortal root's power crazily rushed into the profound pract.i.tioners' bodies, causing crackling sounds to ring out.

In that instant.

The Thunder G.o.d Gun moved!

Long Fei shouted sinisterly, "Let's go with the Chrysanthemum Blossom Explosion!"

"Thousand Year Kill!"

"Thunder G.o.d's Burst chrysanthemum!"


The snow monster king's speed was too fast, he didn't have the time to change his speed, nor did he expect that Long Fei would be so wretched.

"Awoooo …"

The Thunder G.o.d Gun accurately stabbed into the chrysanthemum of the snow monster king, piercing all the way to the end.

The snow monster king let out a miserable scream, its huge eyeb.a.l.l.s were about to pop out.

Even Long Fei himself felt his chrysanthemum tighten. That refres.h.i.+ng feeling was simply... He was about to ascend to heaven!

When the Thunder G.o.d Gun stabbed to the bottom, Long Fei was pressed down by its b.u.t.t as well. His body sank as he was directly pressed into the thick snow, forming the shape of a "Tai".

Why the word 'too'? It was because his lower body was so strong!

However …

The snow monster king bounced off the ground the moment it landed. It was so painful that its entire body trembled and bounced up.

Long Fei did not suffer a very strong pressure, but he still felt very uncomfortable.

Compared to his discomfort, the snow monster king felt even more miserable.


This was only the beginning.

Long Fei crawled up from the snow and said with an excited smile, "Are you mocking this daddy? Are you even worthy of that? "

"The level 1000 year Killing Aura?"

"The better ones are yet to come!"

With that, Long Fei's idea moved and roared out, "Power of thunder, listen to my summons, explode for me!"

The Thunder G.o.d Gun that was inserted with the lightning bolt suddenly exploded, causing the lightning bolt to wreak havoc. The snow monster king's chrysanthemum flower was about to burst into smithereens.

Blood began to flow wildly.

Strings and strings of damage above his head began to rise dramatically.

"It feels so good!"

"Hahaha …" Long Fei could not help but burst out laughing, "This move is really too useful against the demon beast that has descended from the skies, hahaha …"

"From now on, please call me Chrysanthemum Dragon."

"That's not right!"

"Flying chrysanthemum?"

"d.a.m.n, I better not have the chrysanthemum." Long Fei watched as the snow monster king chrysanthemum spurted blood. The scene was too 'beautiful', causing him to feel as if his chrysanthemum was tightening.

Seeing the snow monster king continuously wailing in pain, Long Fei cleared his throat and said: "At this time, I should be singing a song.

"Roar …"

The snow monster king was enraged. Being toyed with like this by a human, and being mocked like this, it made it very, very unhappy.

A furious roar.

The snow monster king's body turned red.

It was also in this one.

There were three huge s...o...b..a.l.l.s around his body, and the s...o...b..a.l.l.s were spinning around his body.

"F * ck!"

"He's infuriated!"

Long Fei's eyes narrowed, and he said: "You're mad with a single disagreement, your temper... I like it! "

After being enraged.

The speed of snow monster king, the attack would become multiple times faster, just like how Long Fei released Wu Shuang, but … His defense would be greatly reduced.

Long Fei held onto the dragon salyer tightly and stepped out.


He lightly tapped on the ground with the tip of his foot, and his figure had already flown out. He stepped on the snow without leaving a trace.

On top of the Impulsive snow monster king's head, the dragon salyer was enraged. Long Fei shouted, "Dragon Slas.h.!.+"


The snow monster king's eyes opened wide, and a thick giant palm smashed down.


Long Fei's Dragon Slash was smacked down before it could even land.

"F * ck!"

Long Fei was in extreme pain, as if his body was about to split apart. He struck his right palm heavily, and shouted: "Again!"

And then …

He rushed up once again, shouting in his heart, "Level 4 Unparalleled! Open!"


Sixteen times elemental energy exploded.

Long Fei's power of celestial surged and poured into the dragon salyer. Once again, he rushed towards it and slashed down. "Dragon G.o.d is enraged, Thunder Slas.h.!.+"


The snow monster king slapped its palm down again, its speed was even faster than Long Fei's, but … This time, Long Fei's attack was not neutralized, and slashed down.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"


A critical strike wound.

Long Fei did not try to defend himself at all, so with this cut, he was sent flying once again, "This guy is really strong."

"My body is about to split open."

Long Fei forcefully suppressed the blood and Qi in his chest and said solemnly: "I want to fight you head on!"

"Bring it on!"

"Boom …"

He rushed forward once again, but this time, he dealt even more damage.

He was sent flying again.

Attack again!


Long Fei's desperate attack technique was like a seven wound fist, heavily injuring his opponent and also himself. This was also Long Fei's way!

The path of never retreating!

Time pa.s.sed by second by second.

An hour was almost up.

Long Fei stood up again from within the snow and his entire body was covered in blood. Staring at the snow monster king that was also covered in blood not too far away, the corner of Long Fei's mouth slightly moved.

As soon as he finished.

The dragon salyer in Long Fei's hands moved.

"Roar …"

Ancestor of Dark Dragon G.o.d roared, Long Fei moved as though he was flying, "moonlit step!"


It was too fast!

He directly leaped up to the top of the snow monster king's head.

This was a place that the snow monster king's arm couldn't reach, and was also a dead end for him.

This was something that Long Fei had tested after using dozens of times of experience of being slapped flying.

"It's here!"

The snow monster king patted, and indeed, it did not hit Long Fei.

Long Fei held onto his blade with both hands, and chopped down like a war axe, "Dark Dragon G.o.d Slas.h.!.+"



"System Notification: Dark Dragon G.o.d Killed him instantly!"

Long Fei's heart trembled, he was excited, "You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, explode!"


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