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Long Fei also laughed along, and said: "Then I really have to thank him, but, ah, not to mention heavily injured, even if I had half a breath left, I would still be able to complete the next examination."

"It's not too hard to crush those who go through the back door."

"Invigilator, are you going to abolish my qualification as well?" Long Fei smiled playfully.

pan hu maintained the smile on his face, and said: "It won't, you are so outstanding, how can I abolish you? I was looking forward to your pa.s.sing the examination. "

Long Fei said: "Aren't you afraid that I will trample all of Sky Separating Clan?"

pan hu frowned slightly, and laughed: "What is there to be afraid of? Because only the Sky Separating Clan dares to step on people, no one has ever dared to do so. "


Long Fei said: "How come I heard that Sky Separating Clan was stomped so hard by the dragon race all those years ago that he didn't even dare to fart? And then, he was stomped by Long Family until he hid deep in the mountains and didn't dare to come out?"

The surroundings went into an uproar.

They all looked at Long Fei in shock.

"He's just courting death."


"This brat is so arrogant that he has no boundaries. If I were the Invigilator, I would have immediately abolished his qualification to take the examination. Let's see how arrogant he is."

"Is this person crazy?"

… ….

They were all shocked by Long Fei's words.

Sky Separating Clan was like the sun in the sky, who could resist it?

Not long ago, it had spread that pan hu possessed the Tong Tian power of celestial, so to be able to take the place of the Tong Tian hall of immortals meant that it was easy to do.

He had the right to live and die!

Let alone a disciple taking the examination, even an elder of a G.o.d emperor academy could kill him easily if he said so. There was no need to give any reason.

Long Fei was actually so arrogant, did he not want to live anymore?


Long Fei had a completely different understanding from them.

This way, it would only anger pan hu to the extreme, and would only let him continue to a.s.sess himself, because... In pan hu's heart, he must think of a way to trample Long Fei to death.


This was what pan hu was thinking, "Arrogant? "Let's see how long you can remain so arrogant and how long you can stay in the arena. Let everyone in the world see you go against the Pan Clan!"

Sky Separating Clan could not just rely on pan sheng's t.i.tle of "Demon Slayer", he also needed heads!

The head of the Long Family!

pan hu laughed lightly: "In the past, the dragon race was indeed powerful, and the Long Family was also brilliant, but what about now?"

"Are there any dragons in this world?"

"Where is the Dragon Domain? "In the dung heap?"

"So what if you Long Family? How many of you are there in such a large immortal domain? I'm afraid you're the only one. " pan hu laughed complacently: "Brat, in the past it was only history, but now it is the way of the king, and now the Sky Separating Clan is the way of the king, understand?"

"You definitely won't understand. After being defeated by our Young Lord in a single move and crushed like a dog, how can a weak cultivation like yours understand?"

and ruthlessly ridiculed Long Fei.

The smell of gunpowder was overwhelming.

Long Fei's eyes faintly darkened as he stared at pan hu and said: "You're right, now is the way of the king. Then, I ask that you, the Great Invigilator, announce the examination for the second round."

"I will let you know what is called the way of the king."

Long Fei was unable to refute.

What he wanted to do now was to use his own strength to ruthlessly crush everything!

The way of the king, right?

This father will let you know what is called the way of the king!

pan hu smiled lightly and said: "Don't worry, I'll keep watch."

And then …

pan hu returned to his original position, asked the elders beside him, and said: "How much time until the end of the first round of examination?"

The elder replied, "There are still ten minutes."

"This is the end."

"Those who don't pa.s.s the exam, all will be considered as losers." pan hu said directly. He could not wait any longer, nor could he wait any longer.

The Pan Clan who dared to speak to him in such a manner and speak to him in such a manner could not help but wish they could crush Long Fei on the ground and make him unable to crawl back up.

The elder s.h.i.+vered slightly and said, "Elder Hu, just like that …"

Without waiting for him to finish, pan hu shouted, "Did you not hear what I said? I told you to close the secret plane, so that the first round of a.s.sessment would come to an end! "

"Yes sir!"

pan hu was the Invigilator, so his words were an order.

Not to mention.

He still had a holy token question of G.o.d on him. Who dared to resist? Resisting from him was equivalent to resisting from the Tong Tian hall of immortals s, it was not something that a small clan elder like him could afford to offend.

And then …

"Buzz, Buzz, Buzz …"

Ten consecutive sounds rang out. The exam candidates who were still trying to break through the secret realm were all pushed out by a powerful force. They were pushed out from the exit.

They had no idea what was happening.

"Isn't the examination still not over?"

"Isn't the time not up yet?"

"What's going on?"

No one gave an explanation.

pan hu faintly said one sentence, and said: "Next, we will proceed with the second round of the a.s.sessment, Strength a.s.sessment, as of now!"

"Whoever can kill the demon beast in the dimensional realm in the shortest amount of time will get the qualification to pa.s.s. The result will be determined by how long it takes."

"All ten realms will be held at the same time!"

In the first trial, thirty thousand out of a hundred thousand disciples had entered the second round.

The second round of the examination also involved time. Not only time, there was also strength, cultivation, and speed. More importantly, there was luck!

In the ten dimensional realms, demon beast could be summoned at random. It could be either a level 1 monster, or a level five, level six, or even a level seven eighth demon beast.

Luck was also a very strong factor on the path of training.

pan hu's eyes stared at Long Fei, and said coldly: "Kid, let's see how long you can hold out for!"

… ….

"What did you say?"

"He pa.s.sed?"

qiu wandao was so excited that he started laughing out loud. "Hahaha, the young master is indeed sharp, even the five level secret territory cannot stop him, amazing, amazing, truly amazing."

The old man in green was also incomparably excited as he said: "Young Master is indeed extraordinary, even his five level secret territory was broken through. Old ghost, you can rest a.s.sured this time. "

qiu wandao laughed, "Once the five level secret territory is pa.s.sed, the second round, the third round will definitely …"

As he spoke to here, the s.p.a.ce between qiu wandao's brows tightened, and said: "If that sinister villain pan hu is able to do anything in the first round, then in the second round, the third round …"

"No way!" qiu wandao stood up and said: "I want to go take a look."

The green robed elder grabbed qiu wandao and said, "Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you don't need to go and cause trouble for the young master. If he knew that you had kneeled down to pan hu, he would probably go crazy.

"Also, before Master went into seclusion, he told the young master to take the examination by himself. He must know everything."

qiu wandao replied: "I'm worried."

The old man in green said, "Who can relax? We must believe in the Young Lord; he will definitely pa.s.s. "

qiu wandao said: "What if?"

"You old ghost, what's the chance?" The elder scolded, "There is absolutely no mistake. The young lord will definitely shock everyone."

"Master's prophecy can't be wrong!"


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