The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 71

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### Chapter 71 - The opportunity has come

Nangong Lei knew very clearly what his daughter wanted.


Nangong Lei's brows tightened as he muttered: "The Long family has an expert from the war master ream guarding them and we're even able to find the Dragon Slaying Sabre. If we want to end the engagement, I'm afraid it won't be that simple."

The black-robed old man looked at Dongfang Jian and said, "What's a mere war master ream to you?"

Dongfang Jian said proudly: "Uncle Chen, you can kill a low level war master expert in one move, you don't have to worry, Uncle Nan Gong."

Nangong Yan once again said in a spoiled manner: "Daddy, just let your daughter end the engagement, Big Brother Jian is ten thousand times better than him, if you want to marry me, you have to marry a man like Big Brother Jian, you don't need to marry a piece of trash."

Dongfang Jian was even more agitated in his heart, to the point where he nearly hugged Nangong Yan tightly.

He trained wholeheartedly, how could he be a match for Nangong Yan in terms of emotions?

In terms of playing with emotions, Nangong Yan was as pure as fire. She was simply an expert amongst experts!

From the very first moment Dongfang Jian saw her, he was infatuated with her.

It was also at this time.

The old butler hurried over and whispered, "Your highness, there is an urgent report from the underworld."


Nangong Lei slightly shouted: "What urgent matter? Can't you see that I have an important guest here? "

The old steward replied, "It's about the Dragon clan's great ancestor. It's very urgent, you see …"

The old man in black said slightly: "You should go take a look. We will stay in Fire Gla.s.s City for a while and arrange for a disciple recruitment event for the Heaven Sect at the beginning of next year."

Hearing that, Nangong Yan was ecstatic, and said: "Brother Jian, you will also stay, right?"

He thought to himself: "Since the Heaven Sect is recruiting disciples, I must enter the Heaven Sect. As long as I enter the Heaven Sect, I can get rid of that trash, Long Fei."

"Hahaha …"

His heart was abnormally excited.

Dongfang Jian immediately nodded his head, and said: "En, I will also be staying in Fire Gla.s.s City for a while. Little Sister Yan, are you coming with me to the Heaven Sect?"

Nangong Yan feebly said: "Is that really possible? My cultivation is still lacking a little bit more to qualify for it. "

"Hahaha …" Dongfang Jian had a complacent look on his face as he said: "Others might need your qualifications, but you don't. As long as my father says it, you can immediately become an inner disciple. Don't worry."

Nangong Yan was overjoyed as she asked weakly, "Is it really possible?"

"Of course!"

Dongfang Jian was very pleased with himself.

It was also at this time.

Nangong Lei walked over, his face carrying an excited smile, and said: "Yan'er, didn't you say you want to end the marriage? This is a good opportunity. "

He already knew everything about Lunatic Long.

He speculated that there was a high chance that Dragon Madman wasn't war elder realm, he was forcefully releasing it, and his body was already severely injured.

This was a perfect opportunity.


The Long family didn't dare to refuse!

Nangong Yan was overjoyed, and said: "Father, is it true?"


"Long Fei, I can finally get rid of you." Nangong Yan coldly snorted. Thinking back to what happened at martial-arts arena that day, she felt extremely unhappy in her heart.

"I've already sent someone to inform the Long family."

Nangong Lei had his own plans.

Originally, this marriage could have continued, after all, there was still a layer of alliance between this and the Long family.

However …

After he heard about the matter with the dragon salyer, he felt extremely upset. Coincidentally, Dongfang Jian's appearance allowed him to see a trace of hope.

Dongfang Jian was the only son of the Arching Sky Sect's Vice Sect Master. As long as he was firmly held in his hands, he did not have to fear anyone. As long as he made good use of them, he would be able to control everything. At that time, the ancestors' wishes might be fulfilled and he could change his surname!

… ….

Long family, Scripture Pavilion.

The Long family's Scripture Pavilion encompa.s.sed a myriad of mysterious cultivation techniques and martial skills. There were also some mysterious places on the continent, such as forbidden areas, dangerous areas, and even places outside the continent.

"So G.o.d's martial continent is divided into five regions."

"Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty resides in the South Horizon Region, and is the weakest of the five great plates." Long Fei muttered, he searched through the books for information on the dragon race, but could not find anything.

Long Fei spent the next few days in the Scripture Pavilion.

They were looking for a gathering place for the dragons.

It was just that …

Except for the occasional dragon.

Giants were always hidden in the gold mines. They loved things that glittered with golden light.

What huge dragon? They were hiding in the depths of the sea? They were the overlords of the seas.

Furthermore, some dragon clan was hidden in the Heavenly Palace and looked down at the entire G.o.d's martial continent.

Some are even more outrageous, saying that the dragon race's illusions are hidden in the crowd and they are constantly staring at you.

… ….

Long Fei saw all these and felt his head hurt.

And then …

Long Fei took out another 'Heavenly Dragon's Will' book, casually flipped through a few pages, and discovered another bleak book. Just like some broken eggs in his previous life, he muttered in his heart, "Could it be that there are people who write novels in this world?"

He skipped over some content and flipped to the last page.

"From Old Man Tianlong's travels."

"F * ck!"

"It really is a novel written by a person who has nothing better to do." Long Fei cursed, and then was attracted by a few small words at the bottom of the book, "The dragon race once dominated the sky, and after the birth of the human Rankers, they were gradually driven out of the Five Regions and disappeared into the continent, hiding in some mysterious corner. However, there were a few dragon races that did not leave, but because in the swamp mountains, there was the Dragon clan's ancestor that once ma.s.sacred the dragon, and then in the Great Desolate Mountain, with a single thought, they killed all living beings …"


Long Fei frowned, "The Long family's ancestor should be Long Zhan Tian, could it be that the wild fire in the Great Desolate Mountain was spouted by a huge dragon?"

"What kind of place is the Great Desolate Mountain?"

"It feels so familiar."

"I feel like I've heard it somewhere." Long Fei kept thinking about it, but he couldn't think of anything, "Grandfather only has nine months of life, I must kill a huge dragon and find a large amount of dragon blood to rebuild grandfather's body. I definitely won't let this relative leave me."

"Great Desolate Mountain, Great Desolate Mountain …" Just where is it? "

It was also at this time.

Long Zhanhai walked into the Scripture Pavilion and saw that there were various types of books surrounding Long Fei. All of these books were unusual legends, invented by a few bored people, and could not help but say: "Long Fei, the things recorded in these books are not to be trusted."

"Err …"

"Uncle." Long Fei came back to reality and asked: "Looking for me?"

Long Zhanhai frowned and said: "The King Nan Gong Residence has sent a message, they want us to go to the prince's mansion tomorrow morning."

"F * * k!?"

"How arrogant. If there's anything to talk about, then come to the Long family's residence. Why should we go to his residence?" Long Fei said in an unhappy tone, "Before even settling the matter of Nangong Lie injuring Grandfather, he came to find us first."


Long Zhanhai was also dissatisfied in his heart, but the current Long Family simply did not have the strength to contend against Nangong Lei.


Just today, during the morning a.s.sembly, Nangong Lei had said that the Long Family Army had not contributed much in the past few years, just like raising a bunch of pigs.

The Long family's army was stationed in hundreds of thousands of barren mountains to protect the Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty, and they were in the most dangerous position.

It was all the fault of the Long family that they were still too weak. Otherwise, they wouldn't have ended up like this.

Long Zhanhai said slightly: "Rest early tonight, put on some clothes tomorrow, and come with me to the prince's mansion."

After saying that, Long Zhanhai wanted to say something but hesitated. In the end, he did not say it out, as he faintly guessed that he had to go to the Nan Gong Residence this time …

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 71

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