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Back then, the first thing Long Zhanting did after entering the G.o.d emperor academy was to enter the Hidden Martial Pavilion's Secret History Pavilion.

He flipped through all the ancient books in the Secret History Pavilion.

He had looked through all the records of the Long Family regarding the dragon race. What did he see?

Other than him, no one else knew!

However …

That time, Long Zhanting had almost found the Dragon Domain.

supreme G.o.d looked at Long Fei who was reflected in the mirror, filled with antic.i.p.ation. "Kid, what can you discover?"

He had sent people to carefully read the hundreds of thousands of ancient books in the Secret History Pavilion, but they were unable to find anything. In his opinion, perhaps only the people from the Long Family could find the secret within.

… ….

Long Fei entered the Mysterious History Pavilion and was shocked by the scene in front of him, "d.a.m.n, is this still a Soul Treasure?"

From the outside, it looked like a seven-level paG.o.da. It wasn't too big, but after entering, the s.p.a.ce was extremely huge. The spiral bookshelves snaked upwards like a coiled dragon.

"Is there a secret of the Dragon domain inside?"

Long Fei exhaled, walked to the bookshelves and started to read, "Savage Immortal Sect's secret history, Heavenly Empire's secret history, Sky Martial Continent's wild history … …"

There were all sorts of books, some made up, some true.

Many of them were ancient texts from tens of thousands of years ago. The more time it took for an ancient text to appear on it, the older it would be.

After searching for an entire hour, he was unable to find any records regarding the Dragon Domain or the Long Family.

Long Fei stepped onto the second floor.

He continued to search.

The history of this level was about 300,000-1,000,000 years, which was not comparable to the number of books on the first level.

The longer it was, the easier it was to lose it.

On this level, Long Fei still did not find any information regarding the Long Family or Dragon Domain.

He stepped onto the third floor.

The fourth stratum, the fifth stratum …

An entire four hours pa.s.sed by, but Long Fei still did not find any records regarding the Long Family's calamity, nor any records about the Dragon Region.

"Could Senior Yi Yi be lying to me?" Long Fei muttered in his heart, "Probably not, he has no reason to lie to me."

Long Fei did not look at them one by one.

As long as there was the word 'dragon', he would read it. Every time he picked it up, he would be very excited, but after reading a few books, he would be very disappointed.

"There are two more layers." Long Fei stepped onto the tower and entered the sixth floor. What was different from the previous floors was that the sixth room was extremely small. Every step was filled with a thin layer of power of celestial.

This is a protective function.

The ancient records of the sixth level dated back to two million years ago. It had been far too long.

Long Fei picked up a book to flip through. "Weng!"

The power of celestial in the ancient book slightly flicked, directly blowing away his idea. Long Fei exclaimed, "What's going on?"

At this moment.

A woman's voice could be heard, "You can't even read the books here."

A girl wearing a black veil.

And also from the demon girl that Long Fei met in G.o.d's phoenix pavilion.

"Buzz, Buzz, Buzz …"

The Kunlun Mirror within the s.p.a.ce Ring started to tremble intensely. The girl in black robes in front of him was a demon, there was a devil hidden within her body!


An extremely powerful devil.

Otherwise, the Kunlun Mirror wouldn't have been jumping so fiercely.

Long Fei looked at the veiled girl and asked, "Why?"

The veiled girl said with a faint smile, "Because your cultivation has not reached the level of reading ancient books. Simply put …"

"You're too weak!"

The girl said the last few words very heavily.

And in her hands, she was flipping through an ancient book, on the cover of which was written 'The Ranking of Experts in the Tianwu Continent'.

When she was reading, she did not even need to use her hands to flip through the pages. After reading a page, she started to flip through automatically, probably under the control of the idea.

When they were in G.o.d's phoenix pavilion, Long Fei had already felt that she was extremely dangerous.


Long Fei still felt that she was in danger, the demons in her body seemed to rush out at any moment to swallow him up.

Looking at the Ranker Ranking List in the girl's hands, Long Fei wanted to know if there was anyone from the Long Family inside. According to the history of this level, it was when the Long Family was in its best condition.

After hesitating for a moment.

Without waiting for Long Fei to speak, the girl looked at him with her black eyes and said: "Do you want to know what is recorded inside?"

Long Fei did not hesitate, and said: "I want to know if there are any records about the Long Family Warriors."

The veiled girl smiled: "I won't tell you."

"Err …"

Long Fei was startled, he then picked up another book, the idea moved, and started to react, without waiting for the idea to enter the ancient books, it immediately popped out.

Yan Huang ancestor said: "Just like what that witch said, your cultivation is too low to reach the level of flipping through these kinds of books."

"F * ck!"

"Ancestor, this is a bit too much, isn't it?" Long Fei muttered. The girl in black in front of him was younger than him, but she could easily control it.

It was too humiliating.

Yan Huang ancestor said, "There's no other way. Who asked you to be weak?"

Long Fei raised his middle finger towards Yan Huang ancestor.

Level is level, just like not being able to cross it. If you don't break through, you won't be able to obtain strength corresponding to your level.

What was the realm of the witch?

Long Fei could not tell that Yan Huang ancestor was not coming out either. The only thing he knew was that she was very strong, very strong, very strong like that.

Long Fei looked around the Sixth Floor. Other than the young girl who was looking through the Ranking List with relish, there were no other books that recorded Long Family s.

He walked straight up to the seventh floor.

The veiled girl said: "You can't go."

Yan Huang ancestor sensed for a bit and said, "You really can't go up."

Long Fei did not believe it. He took a step forward, and just as he stepped onto the first step, his body trembled, as if a gigantic mountain was crus.h.i.+ng down.


His body was pushed back violently by a powerful force.

The veiled girl laughed: "I told you, you can't go. You're too weak."

Yan Huang ancestor said: "She is right, you are too weak."

"Ancestor, which side are you on?"

"They attacked me and you attacked me? Do you still want to stay in this place anymore? " Long Fei said in his heart.

Yan Huang ancestor said: "I am only speaking the truth, you really cannot go up, and what she said is right, you are too weak. At least a hundred of you are not a match for the witch in front of you."

Long Fei was unwilling to accept this.

He rushed forward once again.


After being forced back again, his mind and consciousness began to churn.

"I don't believe it."

Long Fei clenched his teeth, and forcefully rushed up. The moment he stepped onto the second step, "Rumble!"

The ma.s.sive wave came cras.h.i.+ng down, sending him flying backwards. Baidu Sister-in-law a a half (. Floating Life Strongest Upgrade System

I really don't believe it!

This was a Boundary, only those who had reached a certain level could freely enter.

At this time.

The veiled lady kept her "Ranking List", walked to the side of the seventh floor, and looked at Long Fei: "Hold my hand, I will lead you up."

Chapter III

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The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 711

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