The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 724

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Chapter 724 - slay

Arrogant and domineering!

Once Long Fei's voice fell, the entire audience fell silent.

w.a.n.g qingshan clenched his teeth and roared out, "You are not qualified!"

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His body was like a roaring demon beast.

Immortal Foundation!

The power of a demonic beast's Immortal Foundation.

The sword in his hand moved, thrusting towards Xiang Longfei's forehead, "Die!"

His sword intent surged several times.

His strength was also instantly overlaid.

Quite fierce.

Long Fei's forehead turned sinister, the devil sword in his hand also moved slightly, "Is it not enough yet? Then I will let you know what is called sword intent! "


The sword intent on Long Fei's body also ignited, a sword intent visible to the naked eye.

It rose up like steam.

The demon sword in his hand moved, flying into the air. "Buzz, buzz, buzz …"

Nine consecutive explosions.

From the nine demon swords, Long Fei shouted, "Nine swords in one!"


Woosh woosh woosh woosh. A series of metal clas.h.i.+ng sounds could be heard as the nine demon swords formed a gigantic demon sword and slashed at w.a.n.g qingshan.


As the devil sword descended, the sword intent on w.a.n.g qingshan's body cracked apart.

The sword in his hand also cracked.

Too powerful.

's body was trembling, it was already difficult for him to take even half a step further.


The sword intent was completely shattered.

The devil sword was only a few centimeters away from w.a.n.g qingshan's head. At this moment, Long Fei swept his gaze across and roared, "You laugh at me? You two are worthy of that? "

The killing thought moved.

Killing intent rose.

This killing intent seemed to be out of Long Fei's control.

With the condensation of the killing thought, its appearance meant killing, and as long as Long Fei got angry, the killing thought would release its killing intent to control Long Fei's thoughts, and let him kill him!

Yan Huang ancestor frowned and shouted, "Calm down a little."

A stream of power surged out and crushed the killing intent released by the killing thought.

At the same time.

A figure landed, holding a thin sword in his hand.


The devil sword's sword intent instantly collapsed, and the devil sword also fell to the ground outside of Long Fei's control.


She stood in front of Long Fei and said faintly: "Enough."

Long Fei laughed faintly: "What do you mean enough? Is he qualified to chase after you? I don't need the qualifications to chase after you, because you are mine! "

"King Kong" didn't say it out loud.

Oya frowned.

Long Fei said firmly: "You must be mine."

The surrounding disciples felt as if they were adding oil to the fire.

"Kid, don't be too arrogant."

"Kid, don't be too arrogant."

"Let me go up, I want to kill him."

Long Fei's actions had angered the, speaking to the G.o.ddess like that in front of their eyes, wasn't this equivalent to treating them as non-existent?

Ao Ya looked at Long Fei and said, "Let's talk about it after you become an official disciple."

And then …

She turned around and looked at w.a.n.g qingshan, and said: "Go back, and use the Sword Drawing Arts a hundred thousand times."

w.a.n.g qingshan lowered his head and said: "I am sorry teacher, I have disappointed you."

Ao Ya walked down the stage. She did not say anything else, she did not have the time to speak, her mind was filled with the sword intent released by Long Fei.

And that fleeting killing intent.

Her sword intent had already reached a bottleneck, and she had not broken through it for more than a year.

There was something strong about to erupt.

Long Fei looked at Ao Ya's departing back, and said loudly: "Don't worry, I will definitely take the college of war Martial arts examination. You will definitely be mine."

There was no need to hide anything.

It was precisely this kind of insolence!

Ao Ya did not stop, nor did she turn around. She was completely immersed in the sword intent just now, so she could not hear what Long Fei was saying at all.

However …

Yesterday, Long Fei's overbearing confession had shocked her quite a bit.

Because …

This was the first time a man confessed to her, and he was so tyrannical!

As a woman, she had a kind of small happiness.

fighting arena.

A disciple rushed up to the arena and shouted, "Brat, I will cripple you!"


As he spoke, he rushed towards Xiang Longfei.

Long Fei's face sank, and laughed coldly: "Come!"

"Long Fei wins, 90 points won."

"Long Fei wins!"

"Long Fei wins!"

… ….

continued to win as he continued to compete.

It was just that …

The more he fought, the more difficult it became for Long Fei to win, and he had even suffered heavy injuries in a few matches, but he clenched his teeth and endured. He also sighed secretly in his heart: "G.o.d emperor academy is indeed G.o.d emperor academy, all of them are geniuses."

Everyone's understanding of martial arts was different.

Each of them had their own unique innate ability.

He had to say it.

The G.o.d emperor academy was truly worthy of being the number one academy in the G.o.d's martial continent. The more Long Fei thought about it, the more extraordinary he felt the G.o.d emperor academy was.

"So many geniuses must have had a Demon Slayer." Long Fei thought.

"Long Fei wins!"

The referee loudly announced.

"Pfft!" Long Fei spat out a mouthful of blood, his body sinking slightly, and could not even stand steadily.

The disciple in front of him was even more miserable than him. But, from the disdain in his eyes, to the admiration in his eyes, it was enough to explain everything. "Boy, you win."

"You have the right to go chase after Teacher Oya."

"You're a madman."

"Hahaha …"

He laughed excitedly.

No one in the entire fighting arena mocked Long Fei, because he used his own strength to prove everything.

sun datou and the others were extremely excited. "Too strong, too valiant, hahaha … Young Master Long is too amazing. "

At first, there were many people who mocked them, but now, no one mocked them!

Long Fei looked at the judge and asked: "Which round is this?"

The referee smiled. He, too, admired Long Fei and said: "This is the seventeenth match. If you win another match, you'll be equal to five records."

It didn't matter to Long Fei if the records weren't open, he just wanted points.

Long Fei asked: "How many points do I have now?"

The referee looked it up, "Your current score is 999.5 points. If you want to exchange for an official disciple, you are 0.5 points behind!"

It was only 0.5 points away!


It was these 0.5 points that smashed onto Long Fei's body like a mountain.

He had reached his limit.

The limit of the realm.

If he continued this challenge, his opponent would definitely be much stronger than before. He wouldn't be able to withstand it with just his own strength.

The referee smiled and said, "Go back and rest. Rest your body and come fight again."

It was at this moment.

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A loud sound was heard from the arena as an old man landed on the ground. There was a sneer on the corner of his mouth and his eyes were filled with contempt.

Long Fei had seen this person before!

I saw it in the South Horizon Region.

Hong Tianjun's master, was the old man who accompanied Gu Wuji.

An elder of the G.o.d emperor academy.

The person who wanted to kill Long Fei!

He slowly walked to Long Fei's side, looked at him with contempt, and said coldly: "Long Fei, long time no see!"

Lu Yuanxian!

He only had one goal in mind, revenge!

Get rid of Long Fei!

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 724

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