The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 733

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Chapter 733 - BOSS, Undying Ghost Dragon?

Originally, Long Fei had wanted to rush back to meet up with w.a.n.g qingshan.

However …

Just as he was about to rush over, a shadow soldier informed him that he had discovered a powerful creature, the Undead Creatures.

Long Fei immediately became excited, "Boss?"

"Kill the Boss first!"

… ….


"An hour has pa.s.sed and we can't wait any longer. He really takes himself seriously, if our power of celestial wasn't exhausted just now, would we need his protection?" Zhou Ling said in disdain, forgetting the fear she had just shown.

"Senior Brother w.a.n.g, we can't wait any longer." Yang Luoshui also said, "What can a mere service disciple do? I think it was already eaten by the demon beast. "

"I waited for him for a whole hour. That's kind of you."

Zhou Ling immediately said, "Senior Brother w.a.n.g, we should complete our mission soon and escape from it quickly. Our time is extremely precious, we cannot waste our time just because of a service disciple."

w.a.n.g qingshan looked at Zheng Qingsong.

Zheng Qingsong slightly said: "Since you haven't come back yet, you must either be lost, or … "He …"

He did not continue.

Furthermore, the sky was about to darken, and the mountain was becoming more and more dangerous at night. The mission had to be completed before nightfall.

w.a.n.g qingshan took a glance at the direction Long Fei had disappeared in, and thought to himself, "Long Fei, take care of yourself."


w.a.n.g qingshan said: "Let's complete the mission first, then look for Long Fei later."

… ….

The Immortal City.



The sound of thunder exploded and a few streaks of light flashed out.

"Junior Apprentice Brother Lin!"

"Junior Apprentice Brother Lin!"

"How are you?"

Only three of holy-sword troopers's six people came out, while the other one's entire body was black and poisoned with the poison of death.

"He can't do it anymore."

Captain, the Undead Creatures inside are too strong, we are not their match, leave.

It was also at this time.

The six G.o.d's fire troopers s slowly walked out, the bewitching Senior Sister laughed proudly. "Hahaha … Stealing missions from me, holy-sword troopers? "


The brows of the captain of the holy-sword troopers sunk as he said, "Junior Sister Han, the mission is yours."

"Hahaha …"

"Senior Brother Dao Feng, is the mission now mine?"

"Don't you like fighting with me?" Han Xueji sneered, and said: "Why aren't you continuing?"

Dao Feng said slightly: "Junior Sister Han, I will accept the mission first when it is issued, there is no such thing as not s.n.a.t.c.hing it, furthermore, this mission is not something that you and I can complete, the mission level is not [A] cla.s.s, it should be [S] cla.s.s, and you can't complete it either."

"The Undead Creatures in there can't be killed at all."

Han Xueji sneered and said: "Of course you can't kill him. Only I can complete this mission."

"Wait until I complete this mission, my G.o.d's fire troopers will be able to trample your holy-sword troopers underfoot." Han Xueji laughed proudly.

Dao Feng's gaze turned cold and he said with a cold smile, "Junior Sister Han, let me advise you one last time not to go in."


"Do you think I'm trash like you?"

Han Xueji laughed as he waved his finger, pointing at the Immortal City, he said: "Let's go!"

The big guy took the lead, shouldered his war hammer and rushed up, then smashed it onto the city gates of Immortal City.


A loud sound echoed out.

The city gate was smashed open, and at the same time, overwhelming amounts of Dark Arrogance rushed out.

Dao Feng's face changed greatly, and said: "Ignorant! If you break through the city gates, it would be the same as breaking through the Immortal City's Seal. That way, the Undead Creatures would be able to rush out. "

Han Xueji also frowned, but she was not worried. As long as she could kill Ghost Dragon, all the Undead Creatures in the Immortal City would die instantly.

"Wu, wu, wu!"

A chilly wind blew.

The powerful Undead Creatures rumbled.

They all rushed to the city gates.

Han Xueji ordered: "The five of you, hold these Undead Creatures back for me. Remember, you must hold them back for me and buy me some time."

"If you want to kill the Undead Creatures, you have to get rid of it first." Han Xueji looked at Dao Feng and said: "Senior Brother Dao Feng, you don't know about this, right?"


Han Xueji transformed into a ball of light and flew out.

The big guy shouted, "Give Big Sis some time!"

Dao Feng secretly thought, "Undying Ghost Dragon, are you talking about the Death Lizard?"

"Captain, what should we do?"

Dao Feng slightly said: "Don't be anxious, let's take a look first."

"Bang, bang, bang …"

There were more and more death legions at the city gate. The big five struggled more and more, "Hold on, we have to hold on."

All hope was placed on Han Xueji.

If she wanted to complete the mission, he had to rely on her to kill Ghost Dragon.

At this moment.

w.a.n.g qingshan and the other three came over.

Looking at Dao Feng and the big size man who was struggling at the city gate, w.a.n.g qingshan said without hesitation: "Junior Sister Yang, you are a medical master, you should go and see if Senior Brother needs any help."

"Qingsong, activate the formation Seal at the city gate. G.o.d's fire troopers's Senior Brother can't hold on much longer."

"Zhou Ling, let's go help."

w.a.n.g qingshan took big steps and rushed forward, Zheng Qingsong also rushed forward.

Only Zhou Ling did not move from his original position, and he had a face full of contempt as he said: "You all want to die, but I don't want to."

At this moment.

Dao Feng stood up and said to Yang Luoshui: "Take care of him."

"Let's go too!"

A brother beside him said, "Captain, why should we help them?"

Dao Feng said with a sunken voice: "They are from the G.o.d emperor academy, they are our little brother. If the Undead Creatures from the Immortal City rush out, they will definitely be annihilated within a million miles."

"Our G.o.d emperor academy wants to protect this continent. Do you understand?"

As soon as he finished.

Dao Feng rushed forward and joined the battle at the city gate.

No matter what.

No matter what kind of hatred or resentment there was, they were all disciples of the G.o.d emperor academy.

were all disciples of Senior Brother s of the same sect.

When faced with difficulties, we should always be united with the outside world.

It was not a fight inside.

Since Han Xueji had a way to get rid of Ghost Dragon, then he should help her with all his might.

With the help of Dao Feng and a few others, the city gate was slightly blocked.

Zheng Qingsong was also speeding up the refining of the array Seal, but the level of his array was too low, it was impossible for him to hold on for too long.

Dao Feng said, "Junior Sister Han, you must succeed!"

"What's the situation with Big Sister?"

"Why hasn't it recovered yet?"


The Undead Creatures at the city gate was retreating, Dao Feng asked excitedly: "Han Xueji succeeded?"

At this moment.

A loud sound was heard from the center of the city. "Boom!"

Han Xueji's body fell down from the city wall, his face pale white, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth. He looked at Dao Feng and the others and said with great difficulty: "Run, quick, quick, run."

At this moment.

On the hillside.

Long Fei's eyes lit up, looking straight at the center of the Immortal City, "Wow, what a dazzling golden light!"

"A super big BOSS!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 733

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