The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 747

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Chapter 747 - The Motivation of Strengthening

Since he had to do it, Long Fei would definitely be the best.

In the Team Ranking Tournament, there will definitely be blood for blood!

… ….

Long Fei returned to the logistics department's residence.

leader sun and the others had long heard of what happened to Long Fei in the Quest Hall.

Just as Long Fei returned to his residence, leader sun and the others walked up and said: "Long Fei, blood skeleton is not an ordinary team, you should be careful."

Fan Tong said: "blood skeleton has the support of two more elders, so it's possible that their ranking tournament this time will take another step forward. If they enter the top three, they will be protected by the Academy, at that time …"

If we offend them, they will do everything they can to protect us. If we can't do it on the open or on the dark, then we can't do it on the dark, and if we can't do it on the dark, then we can't do it on the dark. In short, they cannot lose, and only they bully people, and no one dares to bully them.

"Even the first few teams don't dare to provoke them."

Although they were janitor disciples, no one knew more about the academy than they did.

They are the channels of information.

As for the members of the various college of martial arts training s, they all knew their strength like the palm of their hands.

Long Fei looked at leader sun and the others, their concern filled him with grat.i.tude, and said: "Don't worry, if blood skeleton isn't strong, I wouldn't be interested in him."

"The stronger you are, the more fun it will be."

Everyone was taken aback.

The sun datou said: "Long Fei, since you have decided to do it, then we will give you our full support. We will not be able to help, but we will help you gather information regarding various aspects of the blood skeleton."

Long Fei said: "Thank you!"

sun datou said: "We are all brothers, where is the need for thanks?"

"Hahaha …"

During this period of time, Liu Ba had still not appeared. From the looks of it, he would never appear again.

logistics department was also very happy, and it could be considered to be a joyous laughter that he hadn't had in a long time.

In the dead of night.

Long Fei did not stay idle and entered the forest at the back of the mountain.



The G.o.d's devil body appeared, took out the G.o.d's devil token and entered the G.o.d's devil s.p.a.ce to cultivate.

Especially the 'Big Day Tas.h.a.gata', it was such an overpowered damage.

However …

The consumption of power of celestial for Long Fei was also extremely huge. Other than the 'turn Yan Long into G.o.d' that he was still unable to use, the consumption of power of celestial was the greatest.

All of a sudden, you emptied all the power of celestial in your power of celestial Slot.

Long Fei was after all, not a character within a game, he was a living person, and the instantaneous hollowing out of the power of celestial would greatly affect both his mental strength and his physical body.

The coma in the Immortal City was also a normal effect.

Yan Huang ancestor said: "The stronger the divine arts, the stronger the energy consumed. If you want to stop fainting, the only thing you can do is to continuously strengthen your body."

"There's only one way to train the body."

"That is to continuously crush and break one's own limits. Although your current physical body is a Saint Body, you are still too weak."

Long Fei said: Cultivating my physical body requires a lot of time, I don't have much time left, I do not have much time to cultivate my physical body, and since the Big Day Tas.h.a.gata can make me unconscious, then I will continue to cultivate, to break through, reducing the time spent in this kind of coma, or disappear.

Zhang Xuan was moved.

Long Fei shouted loudly, "Big Day Tas.h.a.gata!"


With a loud noise, the entire G.o.d's devil s.p.a.ce felt like it was about to explode.

The power of celestial in Long Fei's body was also instantly emptied out, his mental force withered, and his body sank again. The sky and earth spun, and he lost consciousness.

It was too hard.

His brain couldn't bear it.


It was just too exciting.

The power of this move was too strong.

Half an hour later.

Long Fei woke up, "How long was I unconscious for?"

Yan Huang ancestor said, "Thirty-three minutes."


Long Fei let out another furious shout, and released the Big Day Tas.h.a.gata once more. His body sank even deeper as he fainted.


This kind of training was also a type of physical body training.

If Long Fei was unable to improve his physical body in a short period of time, then he would let his physical body get used to this feeling, and slowly decrease the amount of time he lost consciousness.

Then he wouldn't be unconscious.

He had never considered himself a genius.

Be it in terms of talent or potential, Long Fei did not consider himself to be a genius who needed to work hard to quickly break through.

The only thing he could rely on was his hard work.

He was going all out!

He put in all his effort, going completely mad.

… ….

Early morning.

When Long Fei walked out of the small forest, he was like a frosted eggplant, he did not have the slightest bit of spirit.

He fetched a bucket of water from the well and poured it over his head.


The iciness was bone-piercing, causing Long Fei's exhausted body to have quite a bit of mental energy.

After changing into a clean set of clothes, Long Fei headed down the mountain.

It had been almost half a month since he entered Deep Academy. Elder Qiu and that old man in green should have already recovered from their injuries, all that was left was the recovery of their cultivation.

Long Fei kept this matter in mind.

Two hours later.

Long Fei walked into qiu wandao's courtyard.

At this moment.

The moment Long Fei walked into the courtyard, Fatty Chen came over, "Boss!"

Man Tuoluo's eyes flashed with a bright light. Seeing Long Fei's happiness, she smiled lightly and said: "Young Master Long."

Xiao Ying was also there, and upon seeing Long Fei, he immediately shouted, "Young Master Long is mighty!"

All three were there.


Compared to half a month ago, their cultivation base had improved by quite a lot. Especially the defensive aura exuding from Fatty Chen's G.o.dly armor, it gave off the feeling that it had missed something.

It was very thick.

holy-armor king kong were just not the same!

Long Fei said: "Everyone is here!"

Today was also the appointed time, so Xiao Ying and Man Tuoluo were fine, Fatty Chen had sneakily ran out, this time he would definitely be punished, but he was already used to it.

From the very first day he entered the Profound college of martial arts training, Xiao Tianwu had never stopped punis.h.i.+ng him, and she would also heavily punish him with small matters.

If you couldn't find an excuse, you could just create something out of nothing. In other words, you wouldn't have the time to train or learn.

Xiao Tianwu had sought him out several times, asked him to leave Long Fei, and cut off their relations.h.i.+p.

Fatty Chen did not even bother to answer, he just said one word, "Scram!"

Xiao Tianwu punished him even more harshly.

The more he punished, the more determined he became. He had to become stronger, even stronger.

Compared to Long Fei, Fatty Chen knew clearly that he was far from enough.


Long Fei did not know about any of these.

Seeing the excitement in their eyes, Long Fei thought that they were all doing well.

It was just that …

What he did not know was that Fatty Chen was punished everyday. Man Tuoluo was like a medicine boy in the Spirit Poison Academy, he did not teach her what she wanted to learn.

Xiao Ying was more or less a servant in college of war Martial arts, running errands and carrying items, he was like a servant, but his ident.i.ty was slightly better.

They did not let Long Fei know about any of this.

All obstacles would become the driving force behind their growth.

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 747

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