The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 759

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Chapter 759: Explode For Me

"Come on!"

"Come and kill me."

Long Fei was very proud.

Very wild.

His arrogance had thoroughly angered Yin Mo.


This was what Long Fei wanted. As long as he enraged the Yin Demons, causing her to be unable to control her anger and lose her reason, under this situation, all of her power would become attack.

He would not defend!

"One move!"

"I only need one move to create a bit of damage." On the surface, Long Fei looked very pleased and arrogant, but his heart was incomparably calm.

He was very clear on the strength he had. If he wanted to fight Yin Mo one on one, the chances of winning was almost zero.

Thus …

He wanted to suppress her in terms of IQ.

The Yin Mo was furious, the Yin Qi on his body condensed into ten thousand sword intents, crazily piercing Xiang Longfei. Long Fei roared in his heart, "Golden Dragon Protector!"

Golden Dragon Master shouted excitedly, "Understood!"

The Azure Dragon Ancestor reminded, "You still have ten seconds."

"Bang, bang, bang …"

The golden dragon's defense blocked the demonic's attack, but Long Fei still suffered some injuries.

"holy artifact defense?"

Yin Mo's eyebrows moved as he took a step forward.

The Azure Dragon Ancestor said, "There are still five seconds left!"

Long Fei was still standing at his original position, not moving an inch. Watching the Yin Devil's palm strike down, Long Fei said in his heart: "Hurry, hurry, hurry up …"

The Azure Dragon Ancestor said, "Two more seconds!"

"It's about to sink!"

song qianqian also loudly shouted, "Be careful!"

Yin Mo laughed crazily, "Brat, you can go to h.e.l.l with me, hahaha … … "Hahaha..."

Both of Long Fei's fists exploded, as he roared out loudly, "moonlit step!"


Bullet flew into the air, "Mountain-hit Fist."

At this moment.

All the steps in the Yin Surface collapsed. The Yin Eye too, fell apart.

Yin Mo looked at Long Fei who had leaped into the air, and continued to laugh: "It's no use, as long as you leave the Yin side, you will be engulfed, hahaha …"

"Is that so?" Long Fei grinned, the King Kong Fury Ape on his fists suddenly roared, and with a punch, it struck the Yin Demon's head.


Yin Mo's body sank as a bright red number floated above his head, "— 1!"

With the exception of MIS, it was the lowest number in history.

He had to say it.

This yin demon was too abnormal, when Long Fei used his full strength, he was only able to deal 1 damage.

Otherwise, everything would have been in vain.

Seeing the red coloured damage figure floating up, Long Fei moved, "Multiple Shadows Technique!"


At this time, Yin Mo grabbed onto Long Fei's leg and laughed wildly: "Go to h.e.l.l with me, hahaha … You have to die too. "

She was dead.

Even if the stairs did not collapse, she would not be able to hold on for more than a few minutes. With her Yin Eye destroyed, her strength would rapidly decline. No matter if she lived or fell, there would only be one outcome.


It was also because he knew this that Long Fei desperately wanted to create a bit of damage; one point was enough.

Seeing the Yin Mo grabbing onto Long Fei's feet, song qianqian's heart tightened, feeling extremely worried, "Be careful!"

Yin Mo's body fell down, laughing maniacally, "Let's go to h.e.l.l together."

"Hahaha …"

"Old thing Yuan Long, I've guarded your grave for more than six million years, in the end, it's still death. I hate you, I hate your entire Dragon clan."

"Ahh …"

It let out a mournful roar.

Long Fei also fell into the abyss of darkness along with her.

song qianqian's eyes darkened, his heart thumped, and he inexplicably felt pain: "Long Fei!"

It's over!

Falling into the abyss, it was impossible for him to slap it again. Moreover, this abyss had a powerful devouring force, so no matter how high his cultivation was, he wouldn't be able to fly.

Her heart also felt the same as Long Fei's after he sank into the abyss.

The corners of his eyes were wet and tears were streaming down his cheeks.

At this moment.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

One figure after another, Long Fei's figures frantically overlapped with each other in the darkness as ten thousand figures fell onto the ground together as fast as lightning.

It was as if a ray of light had shot out from the dark abyss.

The last figure had his arms wrapped around the stairs, and turned to look at the bottomless abyss. Long Fei laughed coldly, "If you want to die, you can go and die, I haven't lived enough."

Tens of thousands of figures were moving back and forth in the darkness like a swing.

Yin Mo looked at the ten thousand Long Fei s, and shouted unwillingly, "No, no!"

At this moment.

The clones could not withstand the devouring power from the abyss.

It was all gone.

"Ahh …" Yin Mo let out a pitiful cry as he fell down.

At this moment.

Long Fei lied on the stairs as he looked at song qianqian who was crying and flirting with him.

song qianqian looked at Long Fei and gave him a fierce glare.

Long Fei said: "Don't deny it, otherwise why would you cry?"

"Let me think."

"This is our first time meeting in G.o.d's phoenix pavilion, you wouldn't have fallen for me at that time, right? Could it be love at first sight? " Long Fei continued to tease.

song qianqian glared at him and said: "Can you not be so narcissistic?"

Long Fei replied: "No."

"Puchi …"

song qianqian could not help but burst out laughing. He was still that mischievous and adorable.

Her teary smile made the onlookers' hearts ache.

Long Fei then faintly smiled, and said: "Your smile is very beautiful, in the future you are not allowed to frown or frown anymore."

song qianqian's smile immediately retracted, and his eyes became cold again.

If she could not complete this mission, she would no longer be able to see her mother. Her mother was the only hope she had in her life.

Long Fei looked at her eyes that had turned cold and let out a long sigh, "What exactly happened? What a great girl, why does she always look so cold and worried?"

"It's been eight years, young lady. This should be the happiest time of my life."

song qianqian said slightly: "You don't need to care about my matters, hurry up and solve the secret in the Heaven and Earth Diagram."

Long Fei said: "Compared to the secret of the Qiankun Map, I care more about what you are thinking and worrying about in your heart."

"If there's anything you want to tell me."

song qianqian looked at Long Fei, and when she saw his serious expression, she revealed a cold smile. "Who do you think you are? Do you think you're the strongest person in the world? "

"Do you think you can solve anything?"

"Do you think that just because you're a member of the Long Family, you can do it?"

"You are just a chess piece in the hands of others …" song qianqian said loudly, as if someone had touched the reverse scale in her heart.

It was also at this time.

Long Fei's brows shook, and made a silent gesture towards song qianqian, and said: "Shhh!"

And then …

Long Fei closed his eyes, with a look of enjoyment on his face, his lips curled up and he said gently: "Explode!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 759

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