The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 769

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Chapter 769 - Brothers Beat Up

"Has Young Master Long come back yet?"

"It's already been half a month, why hasn't he come back yet?"

Zheng Qingsong asked anxiously in the courtyard of logistics department.

He was very anxious.

Not just him.

w.a.n.g qingshan, Han Xueji and the big size man beside Han Xueji were also extremely anxious, there were a few new wounds on the big guy's body.

The sun datou asked: "What exactly happened?"

During this period of time, they practically came everyday to ask Long Fei if he had returned.

logistics department had never seen so many official disciples, and a few of them were high ranking Senior Brother s. This made them feel fear and trepidation.

Zheng Qingsong said: "It's useless to tell you, did he tell you when he would be back?"

w.a.n.g qingshan shouted, "Qingsong, pay attention to the tone. Senior Brother Sun entered the academy earlier than you did, you should call him Senior Brother."

The sun datou immediately said: "It's fine, Long Fei didn't tell us anything after he left, and I'm not sure when he'll be back either."


"What should we do?"

Zheng Qingsong was burning with anxiety, and said: "It's still three days away, but we still lack over a hundred points to qualify to enter the Ranking Tournament."

"But …"

"If we do not gather all the points within three days, we, the Arrogant Dragon Squad, will not have the qualifications to partic.i.p.ate in the ranking tournament."

"d.a.m.n, the blood skeleton Battle Team is really too despicable." Zheng Qingsong cursed fiercely.

w.a.n.g qingshan and the others were also silent.


Before, they did not understand, but now, they finally knew how despicable the blood skeleton Battle Team was.

In another place.

White Tiger college of martial arts training.

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

Xiong Feng laughed out loud, "? The dead dog squad is pretty much the same, you think you can go against us blood skeleton? "You can't play with him!"

"Brother Feng."

"You heavily injured Dao Feng this time, and he won't be able to complete the mission. As soon as Dao Feng falls, the Arrogant Dragon Squad will lose its dragon claw, and they will lose more than 100 points to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament. In three days, their registration will be stopped, and they will definitely not be able to gather enough points, and at that time, they will really become a dead dog squadron."

"Hahaha …"

A few members of the blood skeleton Battle Team laughed out loud.

Xiong Feng slightly said: "This still requires our boss. With just a little bit of power, he managed to make Han Xueji, w.a.n.g qingshan and the others unable to leave the G.o.d emperor academy."

"If we're grounded, how are we supposed to complete the team quests?"

"How do I earn task credit?"

"Hahaha... "Play with me, I'll play with you until you die." Xiong Feng laughed complacently.

Zhou Ling said slightly: "Brother Feng, I want another Long Fei as well, if he takes out a mission …"

The corners of Xiong Feng's eyes turned cold, and he laughed in disdain: "What is there to worry about when you're at the first stage of the Berserk Immortal Realm? "Even if he was given a year, he still wouldn't be able to complete the 100 points mission."

"Don't worry."

"Arrogant Dragon Squad will definitely be trampled to death by me." Xiong Feng said in disdain as he thought to himself: "Moreover, that Long Fei kid still has his weakness in our hands."

"If he dares to act recklessly …"

Xiong Feng smirked, "I will break the bones of those two old fellows."

Everything was under control.

blood skeleton was like this. In order to reach their goal, they would use any means available!

Regardless of whether you're strong or weak, once you've been identified as an enemy, there will be no room for you to spare. You will definitely not have any chance to threaten them.

In this year's blood skeleton Battle Team Ranking Tournament, they must definitely enter the top three.

No one could stop him!

… ….

"Holy sh * t!"

"G.o.d Emperor Mountain is really high. I almost fell down from exhaustion."

Carrying a few delicacies, Long Fei finally climbed up the mountain peak and walked towards the logistics department.

When he walked into the courtyard of the logistics department, he was stunned, and said: "You are all here?"


"You guys didn't know that I brought back food to guard here, right?" Long Fei muttered, but looking at their expressions, it seemed that something was wrong.

When Zheng Qingsong saw that Long Fei had returned, he immediately pounced on him as if he had seen his father. "Young Master Long, you're finally back."

Han Xueji also followed and said, "You d.a.m.ned ghost, where have you been these past few days? "I missed you so much."

w.a.n.g qingshan also let out a sigh of relief, and said: "Long Fei, you're finally back. We're all going to die of anxiety."

All of a sudden.

The yard was in an uproar.

Long Fei asked: "What happened? It's almost dark, what are you guys doing here? Are you trying to clean me up? "

Zheng Qingsong said anxiously: "Young Master Long, you're still in the mood to joke? Something big has happened and Senior Brother Dao Feng has been beaten up."


Long Fei was immediately enraged.

Dao Feng was a person who valued friends.h.i.+p and friends.h.i.+p greatly. Furthermore, he did not put on any airs, so the sixteenth ranked holy-sword troopers wrote him off immediately.

Long Fei valued them a lot.

Hearing that he had been beaten up, the rage in his heart burst out.

Zheng Qingsong said: "blood skeleton's Xiong Feng, he was the one who planned all of this."

"blood skeleton again?"

Long Fei's brows tightened, "Where is Xiong Feng? "Take me with you, I'll cripple him."

He couldn't tolerate it for even a moment.

Zheng Qingsong immediately became excited, and pulled Long Fei along, wanting to head towards the White Tiger Courtyard. He was stopped by w.a.n.g qingshan and said: "Qingsong, can you not cause a ruckus?"

Zheng Qingsong was startled, but also immediately stopped.

w.a.n.g qingshan looked at Long Fei and said: "I won't be able to explain it to you in a while. Young Master Long, our Arrogant Dragon Squad Points are still a hundred and thirty points away before we can fill five hundred points, and there's still three days until we have to register. If we don't gather all of the points within three days, we won't be qualified to partic.i.p.ate in this Ranking Tournament."

w.a.n.g qingshan continued to speak: "Originally we could have completed over a hundred points, but we don't know what kind of relations.h.i.+p the blood skeleton has with them, we are all grounded."

"That means we can't leave the G.o.d emperor academy and can't complete the mission."

Zheng Qingsong interrupted: "blood skeleton is really too treacherous."

Han Xueji said: "blood skeleton is backed by the White Tiger college of martial arts training, one of the four matrial halls s. Their power is very strong, as long as we use a little of their connections, we will not be able to complete the mission."

"All, you are the only one left in our Arrogant Dragon Squad."

Everyone looked at Long Fei.

All hope was placed on Long Fei.

w.a.n.g qingshan said slightly, "Senior Brother Dao Feng will be staying in the G.o.d emperor academy for the last year, and next year, they will graduate and leave the G.o.d emperor academy."

"This is his last ranking tournament."

"He always wanted to enter the top ten teams."

The words were heavy.

Suppressing the anger in Long Fei's heart, he calmed down and asked: "How is Senior Brother Dao Feng now?"

Han Xueji replied: "Right now, there's no danger to his life, but he needs to rest for at least two months before he can recover. If he can enter the Team Ranking Tournament, he should be able to recover before the Ranking Tournament."

If he rested for two months, that would mean his injuries were extremely severe.

Long Fei clenched his teeth and roared loudly, he thought to himself: "If you dare touch my brother, I will sacrifice your ancestor's grave!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 769

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