The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 777

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Chapter 777 - Poisonous Dragon Returning

Even the Golden Dragon s.h.i.+eld was unable to withstand the corrosion of the ocean of venom.

Golden Dragon Master couldn't hold it.

"Boss, hurry up and open the Seal. The golden dragon can't take it anymore."

Long Fei was shocked, and immediately replied: "Understood."

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And then …

Light spread in all directions as a powerful formation shot into the sky. An angry dragon covered in venom roared out from the formation.

A dragon's roar shook the heavens.

After being struck by the Seal for more than two million years, he was finally free.

He felt indescribably excited.

A few seconds later.

The Poison Dragon Ancestor landed and bowed, saying respectfully, "Greetings, boss!"

Poison Dragon Ancestor.

It was the Dragon Clan's Poison Ancestor, Poison Pellet, Venom, all the poisons in the world, they were all under his control and they were all incomparably ferocious, and he was also the thirteenth warlord of the Yuan Long.

Long Fei said: "There's not much more to say, let's return to our position."

"Yes sir!"

The poisonous dragon let out an excited cry as its figure flashed and rushed into Long Fei's body.


"System Notification: Poison Dragon Ancestor has returned!"

Inside Long Fei's body, Poison Dragon Patriarch let out an excited roar.

The Azure Dragon Ancestor said, "What the heck are you trying to say? You're still the Dragon clan's Poison Ancestor, so how could you be taken over by a little snake?"

"You almost took our boss's life. Do you want to become a sinner for eternity?"

"Big Brother Azure Dragon, you're here too?" I thought I was the first to return. " The Poison Dragon Ancestor became even more excited. When he felt the existence of the Azure Dragon Ancestor, it was as if he had seen his family. That sort of excitement was indescribable.

More than six million years.

Seeing his clansmen again was an exciting feeling.

"You're the first one?"

"Old Poison, you're the last one." The blood dragon said disdainfully.

The Poison Dragon Patriarch grew excited again. "Big brother Blood Dragon."

The Black Dragon coughed and said, "Me too."

Poison Dragon Patriarch said, "Big Brother Black Dragon."

Ghost Dragon's ancestor also followed, "Old Poison, I feel like you should keep all of this venom. If Boss has any problems, I really won't forgive you."

Poison Dragon Patriarch started laughing loudly, "Brother Ghost Dragon, hahaha... Since we're all here, then the eight Golden Dragon Brothers must be here as well, right? "

The eight golden dragons shouted in unison, "Old poison, how have you been?"

Poison Dragon Patriarch was so excited that tears were about to fall from his eyes, "All my brothers are here! Hahaha..." After more than six million years, we have finally reunited. "

"This is too exciting."

The Azure Dragon Ancestor said, "Let's not talk about this for now. First, we have to collect these poison spring's venom."

Poison Dragon Patriarch laughed and said, "What kind of bulls.h.i.+t poison spring water is this? This is the urine I've poured over six million years, hahaha... "

Azure Dragon Ancestor: …

Black Dragon Ancestor:...

blood dragon ancestor was also dumbstruck, "You f * cking dared to let boss soak in your urine?"

Ghost Dragon asked: "Are you crazy?"

None of them were worried. After all, they were inside Long Fei's body and not soaking in them.


The only one who was soaking in the water was the eight great protective golden dragons.

The eyes of the eight golden dragons widened as they stared at the Poison Dragon Ancestor with a strong killing intent.

The Poison Dragon also realized that he had said the wrong thing as he smiled awkwardly, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I couldn't hold back my happiness any longer."

Golden Dragon Master said: "Hit him!"

After that, the twelve Dragon clan forefathers ganged up on the old man, beating him so hard that his entire face was swollen like a b.l.o.o.d.y dragon.

The old ancestor didn't cry out in pain but was laughing excitedly.

In the past, he loved to teach people a lesson, especially these twelve generals, the Dragon Ancestors.

This feeling that he hadn't felt in a long time made him happy.

He smiled excitedly.

As he smiled, his tears started to drip down his face, "I've missed you all to death for the past six million years."

All the dragons froze.

Six million years, that's really been a long, long time.


How many dragons did the dragon race still have left?

They don't know.

The only ones that could survive through that calamity were the dragons in the Seal. As for the other dragons, no one knew if they could survive.

This relations.h.i.+p was like wine. The longer it went on, the thicker the fragrance became.

The Poison Dragon's Ancestor said, "Big Brother Azure Dragon, the calamity is almost here again, right? Was there a way to deal with it? Boss, how come your cultivation is still at Arrogant Immortal State? How can someone at this level possibly withstand a tribulation like this? "

"This time, if our dragon race loses we will never have a place to stand."

The Azure Dragon Ancestor's expression darkened and he said, "All of our hopes are placed on him. We have to believe in our boss. We have to believe that he will definitely be able to do it."

"I believe him!" blood dragon ancestor said in a deep voice.

Ghost Dragon said: "I trust him too."

Black Dragon Ancestor said: "She and I will last the longest. She will definitely be able to withstand this calamity, and she will definitely be able to bring us back to the peak of the Dragon Tribe and return us to the divinity!"

After what happened at Dragon Head Mountain, they were even more determined to kill Long Fei.

He is the Yuan Long.

The Yuan Long was him.

Six million years ago, when he was reborn, he would definitely be able to block this storm.

They firmly believed in this!

As they were discussing, Long Fei had already drilled out the venom's' water 'surface. If he knew that this was the venom dragon's urine that had acc.u.mulated for more than six million years, he would have definitely cut it off.

He nearly died from the poison inside.

Returning back to the valley, Long Fei filled a pot with poison spring water, then looked towards the direction of the G.o.d emperor academy and muttered: "We should be able to make it in the last half a day."

The Poison Dragon's Ancestor said, "Boss, what do you need my urine for?"

The Azure Dragon Ancestor's eyes widened, "Old Poison, you are indeed just like six million years ago. You are mentally deficient."

Long Fei's eyes flashed, and he immediately shouted. "What did you say just now, poison spring is your urine?"

"You …"

"Poison Dragon, come out. I'll definitely cut your dragon." Long Fei felt unwell all over.

The old ancestor immediately said, "Boss, I'm joking."

Long Fei said: "Are you joking?"

The Poison Dragon's Ancestor continued, "Not only is there urine, there is also …"

Long Fei immediately became disgusted: "You can't be s.h.i.+tting inside, right?"

Poison Dragon elder could not hold it in and said, "Boss, you're too smart. No wonder you're the boss. You've struck it with a single guess. Awesome!"

Long Fei had completely collapsed.

Long Fei roared: "You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, get out here right now, get out here right now, I'm going to wring your head off."

Too disgusting.

The Azure Dragon Ancestor looked at the Poison Dragon Ancestor with an expression of helplessness.

Yan Huang ancestor asked: "Why are you so angry?"

Long Fei scolded: "If you knew that you were swimming in the latrine while others were paddling, and yet you were drawing dung and urinating, what would have happened to you?"

Yan Huang ancestor said: "I will definitely pull that person down and let him drink all of the sh * t and urine back."

"Brat, just now, you couldn't have …"

"Hahaha …" Yan Huang ancestor could not help but laugh out loud.

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 777

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