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Chapter 800 Deadlines for mandates

Early morning.

Wild Mountain City, North Gate.

Because Long Fei was a little lost, after circling half a circle, he originally went through the southern gate to enter the Wild Mountain City, but went in through the northern gate.

Ye Zichen walked into a normal hotel in the North Gate.

He left the carriage in the backyard and left the sarcophagus behind.

No one could steal it.

On the sarcophagus, the Yan Huang ancestor had set up one Boundary, which was four of them.

After bringing the three of them onto the bed, Long Fei carefully fed them a little of the water he found, allowing their bodies to fully absorb the water.

Following that …

Long Fei spent a fairy stones and asked the waiter to buy some of the Spirit Gra.s.s that he wanted.

Using green dragon tripod s to refine three healing pellets specially made by Long Fei, which were healing pellets with water as the main attribute.

The pills were injected into their bodies.

A few minutes later, Dao Ba and Hei Shan's breathing finally stabilized.

Long Fei looked at the Black Knife Uncle whose wound was festering, and the idea sank into his sea of consciousness. "Uncle, I will take back all the energy in your body, you must persevere and endure."


Yan Huang ancestor moved and summoned his Yin Soldier.

The Black Knife's body suddenly twitched, and fresh blood spurted out of its wound. Its face was as white as paper, and it looked as if it was about to die immediately.

Long Fei's heart sank, and said: "Uncle, you must endure it."

"My eight Vajra cannot lose you."

"I was still hoping to sweep through the entire G.o.d's martial continent on the day that the eight great Vajra Body was gathered. We should act tough together."

"You have to hold on."

Black Knife s were much more tenacious than Long Fei had imagined.

In just half a minute, he was able to stabilize himself.

Yan Huang ancestor slightly said: "This man's willpower is the most tenacious one out of all the people I have ever seen, it's too terrifying."

Long Fei's heart relaxed, "Finally it's settled."

His tensed nerves also loosened up, and his whole body collapsed. From the moment he entered the city until now, he had not rested for even half a second, not even drank a single drop of water.

The moment he saw them stabilize, Long Fei's body loosened up and his entire person fell into the bathtub, "I also need to rest for a bit."

The bathtub was filled with all kinds of Spirit Gra.s.s and medicine.

It could quickly restore Long Fei back to his normal state.


He slept like this for two days and two nights.

… ….

In the Desolate Spirit Family's manor.


"Can't find it?"

"Did they disappear into thin air?" "There's only one way into the Sunset Valley into the Wild Mountain City, they won't be able to return the way they came. Their water source can't last that long."

A man said, "Big brother, it's been three days. They haven't appeared yet. Will they die in the desert?"

Another elder said, "Even if the Xi Li desert's super strong warriors do not have water, they will not be able to leave. It is very possible that they will die in the desert."

If he did not die, he would have already rushed to Wild Mountain City.

It was impossible for them to not know.

Zhang Qitian's face sank as he asked: "What's the situation with Little girl Xin Yue?"

A man immediately said, "The maidservants she sent out also returned empty-handed."

Zhang Qitian's brows relaxed a little as he asked, "How much time do we have left to send people to Setting Sun Valley?"

"Tomorrow morning at the earliest."

Zhang Qitian calculated the time, "Tomorrow is the fourth day, and the day after tomorrow is the family meeting. Even though there are no ancient gold corpse s left, but … Zhang Xinyue, you probably want to obtain the ancient gold corpse more than me, right? "

"I'll drive you out of Wild's Family first!"

Without the whereabouts of the ancient gold corpse, he could only put it aside.

Right now, the focus was on how to get rid of Zhang Xinyue, the little girl.

They could only let him go on stage.

Without the ancient gold corpse, if he could obtain the power of the dragon's body inside the dragon's body, he could similarly bring the Wild's Family to the peak of perfection!

There is no tomb in this world that can stop Wild's Family!

They were natural tomb robbers.

No tomb escaped their control.

For the tomb robbing.

They were professionals!

… ….

It was exactly as Zhang Qitian had said.

Zhang Xinyue was even more anxious than him.

Orchid's face was dark as he said: "I'm sorry miss but I'm useless."

Zhang Xinyue shook his head and said, "You've already helped me a lot."

"Right now, the only thing that we can rejoice of is that Zhang Qitian also did not obtain the ancient gold corpse.

Orchid said: "But Miss, the day after tomorrow is the family meeting, Zhang Qitian will definitely use your failure as an article, he will definitely target you."

"I'm worried that he will join hands with the Elder Pavilion to remove you from the position of Patriarch."

Zhang Xinyue's eyes trembled a little.

As a woman, the pressure on her was simply too great.

Zhang Xinyue clenched both his fists tightly, and said: "There is still a day's time left tomorrow, I will definitely spare no effort to convince the Elder Pavilion to stand on my side. Even if you want to remove my position of Patriarch, you cannot let Zhang Qitian become Patriarch."

She knew in her heart.

The ancient gold corpse was gone.

However …

Wild's Family still had a secret.

It was also a 'dragon body tomb' that she had coincidentally discovered 6 million years ago.

She was worried that Zhang Qitian would activate the Dragon-Body Tomb again.

In that case …

Would the pressure from the Long Family descend once again?

Zhang Xinyue was extremely worried in his heart.

The Dragon Body Tomb was the top secret of the Wild's Family, and also the secret that the Wild's Family guarded for six million years.

Three million years ago.

The elders of the Wild's Family wanted to steal the dragon's body tomb, but before they could succeed, they were suppressed by the Long Family s of the strongest families.

From that time onwards, the Wild's Family disappeared without a trace.

Rumors had it that the Long Family warriors had ma.s.sacred the entire family overnight.


The purpose of this rumor being released by the Long Family was to forever keep the secret of the Dragon Body Tomb.

At that time, the current patriarch of the Wild's Family had promised the Long Family that his clansmen would never touch the grave.

Time pa.s.sed.

The Long Family was weak, Zhang Qitian had taken a fancy to this point, even if he stole the dragon body tomb, the Long Family wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

Long Family had already fallen to a point where no one knew about it.

This was also a chance for Wild's Family.

Compared to the unknown ancient gold corpse, in Zhang Qitian's heart, he valued the Dragon Body Tomb more, because that was the body of the Dragon Clan's strongest warrior.

If he could fuse that kind of power …

No one could defeat him!

This was also what Zhang Xinyue was most worried about.

… ….

In a small hotel.

Long Fei opened his eyes wide, "Phew …"

He let out a deep breath.

At this moment.

Dao Ba and Hei Shan walked over. The two of them had already woken up yesterday, and when they saw Long Fei wake up, the two were incomparably shocked.

Dao Ba's heart relaxed as he said: "Master, you are finally awake."

Long Fei asked: "How long have I been asleep for?"

Dao Ba said, "Three days and two nights."


Long Fei's face slightly tilted to the side, as he cried out in his heart.

And then …

He immediately checked the system, "The escort mission … "Today is the deadline. If we don't finish it today, then we will really be blind!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 800

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