The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 835

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Chapter 835 - Treasure Map, he was about to make a fortune!


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Magic Tribe' for obtaining 15,000 experience, 1000 power of celestial and 10 Energy Values."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Immortal Crystal': 1."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining the 'Sea in h.e.l.l's Treasure Map'."

And then …


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for levelling up. Current Level: 'First Rank of the virtual Immortals'."

He had levelled up!

After fusing with the 'Illusory Celestial Root' and stepping into the virtual immortals stage, the power in Long Fei's body crazily changed as the power of the virtual immortals stage poured in.

Clenching his fists tightly, a powerful aura gushed forth from him.

Not just his own strength.

The power of the 'Yuan Long head' in his sea of consciousness also increased a little. Under the stimulation of the power of the dragon head, a strange power started to surge out from his body.

He had never felt such power before.

After Long Fei broke through the virtual immortals stage, his heart trembled because he felt a different kind of energy within Long Fei's body, and he became excited, "It's about to awaken!"

"It's about to awaken!"

Black Dragon Ancestor also became excited, "It's really about to awaken."

Ghost Dragon asked: "What's about to awaken?"

The Golden Dragon Master also did not understand, "What exactly are you two talking about?"

Aside from the Azure Dragon and Black Dragon, no one else understood.

They weren't able to sense that there was a bizarre power awakening within Long Fei's body, even though it was still just a tiny bit of the starfire right now.

However …

As long as he opened the path of awakening, there would be a day when the Wild Flame Fang would burn everything in the world.

green dragon ancestor replied excitedly, "The dragon's power in boss's body."


Poisonous Ancestor muttered: "Boss doesn't have any Dragon Blood Activation, shouldn't I open the Dragon Domain's Gate in order to activate the energy in its body?"

green dragon ancestor laughed: "Wrong!"

"In his body, it's not that his Dragon Blood Activation is zero, it's just that his Dragon Blood Activation is a hundred times higher than normal. It's just that no one, no apparatus or anything, can sense it."

"The boss merged with the power of the dragon head and has already activated the power in his body, following that is the dragon body, the dragon tail, and finally the claws of the attack. Once the boss is done integrating all of this, with a breakthrough in his cultivation, he will be able to activate all of his power and become the king of the Dragon Domain." The more the Azure Dragon spoke, the more excited he got, as if that day was about to arrive.

Black Dragon Ancestor let out a light sigh, and said softly, "But … The amount of time left for Eldest Brother is too little. Five years is too short. "

"Even if the eldest is able to activate the dragon race's strongest power, he would only be able to recover to the peak of six million years ago. At that time, he wouldn't be able to withstand the tribulation. But now …" The Black Dragon did not continue.


Six million years ago, it couldn't withstand it, but now, can it?

Black Dragon Ancestor's words were like a bucket of cold water being poured over them. All the other dragons fell silent.


Long Fei was still just a virtual immortals stage, not to mention resisting the tribulation, it was hard enough to reach the peak of the Yuan Long s six million years ago.

How could he be an opponent? How could he resist that sort of powerful tribulation?

He couldn't block it!

… ….

Long Fei could not hear what they were saying.

He looked at the ancient treasure map from the s.p.a.ce Ring and asked excitedly: "The Transue's treasure map? Are there many, many treasures? "

Linglong was stunned for a moment, and said: "Senior Brother, you mean the Transue's Lost Continent?"


"Lost Continent?" Long Fei was startled and asked: "You know about this?"

Linglong said: "Secret History Pavilion has many ancient books. I have read them and the Lost Continent of Transue has some records too, but these are all events that happened millions of years ago. The records are very vague."

"It was only the strongest empire in the west of the Transue that held faith in the G.o.ds. It was also because of the great calamity that sank the continent that the Transue was in, causing it to be buried in the ocean forever. None of the members of the Transue escaped, and this calamity was known as the G.o.d's punishment."

"I don't know what it means."

Long Fei looked at Linglong and said, "A secret history from millions of years ago, that was the book on the sixth floor of the Secret History Pavilion. Linglong, can you read the book on the sixth floor with your power?"

The Sixth Floor of Secret History Pavilion required a huge amount of energy to flip through the books. Long Fei at least had not reached that level yet.

The last time was also song qianqian. He had barely been able to flip through the clan rankings, but Long Fei did not expect Linglong to be able to flip through the books on the sixth floor.

Linglong giggled and said: "I used the power of the rosefinch blood vessel."


Long Fei immediately sagged for a while, and muttered in his heart: "The strength of the blood vein again, sigh … When will I be able to fuse a super strong blood vein? "

"Too self-conscious."

The further a blood vein's power was, the more it could be displayed, and a person's innate talent was mostly determined by the blood vein in their body.

Yan Huang ancestor said: "It's going to be soon, it's going to be soon, it won't be long. Brat, you can't eat hot tofu in such a hurry, why are you in such a hurry with me around?"

Long Fei muttered, and said: "It's precisely because you're here that I'm anxious."

Yan Huang ancestor:...

Long Fei continued to ask about the treasure map: "Little Junior Sister, do you want to go with me to search for treasures?"

The treasure map!

The lost continent of Transue.

The punishments of an Empyrean G.o.d.

Just these things alone made Long Fei a little unable to hold back. Furthermore, the most crucial point was that the Transue was in the Sea in h.e.l.l, and it might be related to the Dragon Body Tomb.

And then again.

Long Fei really needed money, the Yin soldiers had not levelled up for some time, if they did not rebel, Long Fei would become even more furious.

The Yin Soldier's combat power was too strong, and it could easily become a pair of scissors, a fatal knife!

If possible.

Long Fei really wanted to train them into flying immortal Peak Realm, and sweep through all of Heaven realm!

Linglong asked excitedly, "Can I?"


"The Transue's Lost Continent, maybe it has many unknown Spirit Gra.s.s, maybe it has some mysterious pill formulas." Ling Long only had pills in her eyes.

Her hobby was Alchemy, she who had the rosefinch blood vessel chose Elixir Martial Arts Branch, not rosefinch martial art college.

Hearing her words, Long Fei became even more excited, and said: "Maybe there really is. The super pill formulas from millions of years ago, when that time comes, we can change the entire pattern of pills in the entire continent."

Treasure Map!

Without treasures, how could it be called a treasure map?

"I never thought that Berserk would actually drop such a good item." Long Fei was excited and he muttered: "There are no treasures in the Ancient Giant Coffin, this Transue's treasure map definitely has some hidden treasures."

"Ancestor, just wait for the Heavens!"

"My h.e.l.l corps, all of you, prepare to ascend to the heavens."

"Hahaha …"

At this moment.

As if hearing Long Fei's words, h.e.l.l corps started to slaughter even more frantically, the system beep in Long Fei's body continuously rang out …

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 835

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