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Chapter 866 - Super Big Riche

Long Fei could understand blood lineage s and Emperor Armour.

What needed to be fused should be fused together as well, but when he randomly glanced at the holy spirit blood, without even thinking, the idea moved.


The system beeped out a prompt.


"The attributes do not match, it is impossible to fuse them?"

Long Fei was shocked, "What do you mean by attributes do not match, and can not fuse? What the h.e.l.l? "

Long Fei fused again, but the result was the same, the attributes did not match, and the fusion was impossible.

Then, Long Fei opened up the system to check the attributes of the 'holy spirit blood'.

Item: holy spirit blood

Strength: 10 stars

Speed: 10 stars


Description: The fusing must be non-human, non-demon, non-ghost, non-demon …

Description 2: The user can gain the power of the Holy Spirit and increase his or her power by 100%.

Description 3: The host must be the Son of the Holy Spirit.

After reading the description given by the system, Long Fei instantly became excited, "Hahaha... 'Heaven spirit, sky spirit, isn't this something specially prepared for heaven spirit? "

"He's the only one who isn't human, ghost, demon, or demon."

"Son of the Holy Spirit, what the f * * k! Awesome!" Long Fei looked at the holy spirit blood with incomparable excitement and muttered in his heart, "Li Yuanba's Giant Spirit Corpse."

"Son of the Holy Spirit of the Holy Spirit."

"They have special powers. The other King Kong must have special powers as well. Wakaka, aren't my eight great King Kong too cool?"

"I like it!"

Long Fei thought that the Giant Spirit Corpse's appearance was a coincidence.

However …

The first time was a coincidence, but the second time was definitely not a coincidence. Transue was such an awesome person;

He was simply unable to refine this drop of holy spirit blood. From the beginning to the end, the energy that he exploded forth with was the mutated power of the calamity, and it did not contain the strength of holy spirit blood at all.

In other words, he was not the son of the Holy Spirit and could not be fused!

In this world, if there were any inhuman, non-demonic, non-demon, non-demon, it would definitely be a Heavenly Spirit.

Long Fei's Eight Great Vajra Body all had powerful Inherent Skills, and Long Fei had to look for these Inherent Skills.

"Heh heh …"

"Holy Spirit, just wait for the heavens! Hahaha!" As long as you fuse with the holy spirit blood, your big grudge will be easy. " Long Fei did not forget the deep hatred that the Heavenly Spirit Realm had towards him, nor did he forget the request that the Heavenly Spirit Realm's mother had given him.

Brother's business was his business!

The holy spirit blood, I left it for you.

As Long Fei was looking through all of this, the Lost Continent shattered piece by piece, and the sky also crumbled.

The entire continent was supported by the powers of the Transue emperor. After he died, the energy source disappeared, and the Lost Continent that had been silent for millions of years began to crumble as it could not withstand the pressure of the deep sea.


"The situation isn't right, this place might collapse." The Blood Dragon looked at Ancestor Yan Long, whose physique was several times larger than theirs. If it hadn't been for the fact that they had personally seen him, they would have definitely thought that he was a Flame Dragon.

Sea Dragon King replied, "We have to quickly leave this place."

At the same time.

A Golden Dragon Master came back from the beach, carrying a unconscious song qianqian and Ling Long on his back, and said: "Boss, let's go."

Long Fei regained his composure. Seeing the sky crack and the earth fall, the scene looked as though it was the end of the world as he secretly became anxious in his heart.

Helpless, she shouted, "Let's go!"

He really didn't want to leave.

Transue empire's treasures had yet to be collected, he needed money, he needed immortal crystals to cultivate.

"Sigh …"

"My life is probably going to be filled with poverty. I've missed another opportunity to make a fortune." Long Fei complained in his heart. Looking at the Transue empire which was quickly collapsing, his heart ached.

Yan Huang ancestor listened to his complaints, and said: "If someone else were to hear your words, I'm afraid they would really want to give you a slap."

"What do you mean by poor?"

"You made a whole one thousand and three hundred Variant Crystal Nucleu, forget about those high grade crystals, just the energy of the first grade crystal core is three times more than the immortal crystals. I estimate that other than the big tyc.o.o.ns with the fairy stones's essence mines, there is probably no one else in G.o.d's martial continent who is richer than you."

"You're a tyc.o.o.n now!"

"Super tyc.o.o.n, if you add on 18 mutated monarch sets, using your usual phrase, who the h.e.l.l else would it be?"

Yan Huang said in disdain, he really wanted to kick Long Fei a few times.

How infuriating.

This trip to Transue could be said to be his greatest gain.

Just these mutated immortal crystals were much more valuable than the treasures found in the Transue empire.

However …

The Yan Huang ancestor also enjoyed the meal. Right now, he ate the crystal core like a peanut, one on the left, one on the right.

His life was even more comfortable than that of a tyc.o.o.n.

Who was afraid of too much money?


These Variant Crystal Nucleu s were useful to Long Fei. Its energy could cause a person's cultivation to increase explosively in an instant, and without any side effects.

In this year's Academy Compet.i.tion, Dao Feng and the others would definitely need this type of crystal core.

And then there was that.

If this kind of Variant Crystal Nucleu shone brilliantly in the academy compet.i.tion, Long Fei could seize the opportunity to have the Fengyuan Merchant Union hold a separate auction.

This would allow the Fengyuan Merchant Union to raise their reputation and increase their influence in the G.o.d emperor city.

These thousand more Variant Crystal Nucleu were simply not enough.

Not to mention the fact that there was still a large group of hungry Shadow Soldiers within the Death Calling G.o.d Seal, Long Fei really wanted to give him 1.8 billion crystal cores.

When Long Fei heard the words of the Yan Huang ancestor, he replied, "Ancestor, there's food at home, so there's no need to panic."

"What happened to me?"

"I have more than a thousand ghost soldiers to eat, and a ghost eater to eat. Do you think I can stop suffering? Can I stop suffering?"

"If you have the guts, don't eat it."

Yan Huang ancestor's eyes froze for a moment, then laughed out loud: "Brat, you are better than everyone else, it's just an old saying, there is no mistake, you can just suffer a little more, as for the happiness, leave it to us."

Long Fei was speechless.

Now it was he who wanted to give the ancestor a few ruthless kicks.

However …

He also knew that the Old Ancestor's power was growing stronger, and he needed more energy to cultivate. Even though the Old Ancestor had been eating, he had been cultivating as well.

In the h.e.l.l corps.

Most of the resources the ancestor ate were allocated to these ghost soldiers for cultivation.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for these ghost soldiers to break through so quickly.

Just as Long Fei and the Yan Huang ancestor was talking, the sky suddenly darkened as a strong power engulfed everything.

Sea Dragon King shouted loudly, "Everyone, be careful!"

The Azure Dragon Ancestor quickly replied, "Boss, the power of the divine retribution's backlash, this Transue empire is a special s.p.a.ce which is supported by the divine tribulation's Force of Variation. Now that the power has collapsed, the power of the divine retribution's backlash followed, I'm afraid... I'm afraid... I'm afraid all of us will die here! "


The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 866

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