The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 878

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Chapter 878 - Open Dragon Domain's Heart Level 2

A battle between heaven and earth, what was a battle between heaven and earth?

Everything happened in a world invisible to mortals.

Many things happened in just a few seconds, but no one knew what happened.

At least.

Long Fei didn't know.

The scene that he wanted to see the most did not appear, and he was a bit depressed, "Why didn't they start fighting? This is such a failure! "

He wanted to take the opportunity to swallow the two Bosses, but it seemed impossible now.

supreme G.o.d smiled and said: "Master of Magic Tribe, can we leave now?"

western devil lord snorted, and didn't say anything.

supreme G.o.d looked at Long Fei and a surge of energy held them back as he said faintly, "Let's go!"

The void moved.

In the blink of an eye, Long Fei and the rest landed on the endless mountains's teleportation circle.

The supreme G.o.d did not stop at all and walked into the teleportation circle.

… ….

Demon City.

western devil lord's face turned scarlet red and the aura from his body suppressed down. He let out a heavy breath and muttered, "I didn't expect that palace question of G.o.d's supreme G.o.d was actually an Immortal Peak Realm."

"palace question of G.o.d is truly worthy of being called the master of the ears of the G.o.d's martial continent."

"If it's that old fart Gu Tongtian, I'm afraid that he would have already stepped into the high level of the Flying Immortal Stage, right?"

The Sea Demon stepped forward and asked gently, "Lord Master of Magic Tribe, what happened just now?"

He didn't know.

At the same time, he couldn't see any 'Empyrean battles' either.

Master of Magic Tribe trembled slightly, and said: "Send down my order, watch over Long Fei closely. Once you discover his location, you must stop his powerhouse at all costs."

"The Secret Treasure of the Dragon Domain is the only hope for us to be able to dominate the G.o.d's martial continent."

He was very glad right now.

It was fortunate that he did not kill Long Fei earlier out of anger, otherwise, he might have regretted it now.

Magic Tribe looked to the east and muttered, "palace question of G.o.d, hehe … Let's see who can laugh till the end and who can obtain the Dragon Domain's Secret Treasure. "

And then …

Master of Magic Tribe turned around and used a force to lift Zhou Lie up. He said slightly, "Lie'er, I will reform your body from a new start. I will make you the number one person in G.o.d's martial continent."

Zhou Lie said weakly: "Ancestor, I want song qianqian, I want her, I must have her, she is my woman."

The center of Master of Magic Tribe's brows sunk as he said indifferently: "powerhouse can obtain whatever he wants, but if you want to obtain everything, then you better become stronger. Become an existence that can crush anyone, including Long Fei!"

"A mere song qianqian?"

Master of Magic Tribe laughed coldly in disdain, "Don't worry, she will definitely be your woman!"

… ….

A white light flashed.

Because it was from supreme G.o.d, song qianqian was also brought back to G.o.d emperor academy.

The moment supreme G.o.d returned to the teleportation circle of the G.o.d emperor academy, he gave Long Fei a heavy look, and immediately revealed a concerned expression. "Don't worry, no one will be able to kill you."


He turned into a ball of light and disappeared into the horizon.

The moment he returned to the palace question of G.o.d, "Pfft …"

He could not take it anymore and spat out a mouthful of black blood. His entire body was trembling and he kept holding it in, afraid that the Master of Magic Tribe would see through him.

He couldn't help it now.

Every inch of his body was in intense pain.

It was also at this time.

The moment he landed, Gu Tongtian saw the s.p.a.ce between the brows of the heavily injured supreme G.o.d tighten as a strand of energy entered his body.

supreme G.o.d said gratefully, "Master."

Gu Tongtian said: "Don't talk, first stabilize your injuries, or else your martial arts training will become unstable. You are currently an Immortal Peak Realm, you cannot have the slightest mistake, or else you will never be able to advance another step."

He circulated his energy to heal his injuries.

After three hours.

Only then did Gu Tongtian slightly retract his strength.

The injuries on supreme G.o.d's body were also being controlled, and he immediately said, "Thank you, master."

Gu Tongtian said: "Seems like I underestimated western devil lord."

The supreme G.o.d said slightly: "His cultivation should be between the first and third stage of the Flying Immortal Stage. His cultivation is slightly weaker than yours."

Gu Tongtian laughed bitterly: "My cultivation is indeed higher than him, but in terms of lifespan, I am much lower than him. The more war goes on, the faster my lifespan will be consumed. If I am injured, my lifespan will be even less. "


It was the greatest shackle of all human beings.

There was no way to break through!

Gu Tongtian was already at his limit. The reason why he had not come out from seclusion for all these years was to avoid any unnecessary battles, so even if he used up a bit of energy, it would affect his lifespan.

What he lacked the most now was time!

He placed all his hopes on Long Fei.

The supreme G.o.d immediately said: "master, this time Long Fei has obtained a Dragon Body Tomb, and is entering his body from the sea. I believe that the time for his Open Dragon Domain is not far away."

Gu Tongtian's eyes became excited, "That's good, that's good."

"Right now, the G.o.d's martial continent is only missing the power of the dragon tail. He hasn't fused it yet."

supreme G.o.d immediately said, "Rest a.s.sured Master, I will definitely get someone to find the location of the Dragon Tail Tomb as soon as possible. I will definitely do my best to let Long Fei a.s.similate this power as soon as possible."

Gu Tongtian laughed with satisfaction: "You don't have to be too anxious either. Even though my lifespan is about to run out, there are still a few more years left."

"You have experienced the strength of the western devil lord, you must also make your preparations earlier."

"Let's start with the academy's tournament."

supreme G.o.d immediately replied: "Yes sir!"

… ….

western devil lord stared at Long Fei.

palace question of G.o.d was also secretly staring at Long Fei.

They knew everything that had happened around Long Fei like the back of their hands.

They all wanted to obtain the Dragon Domain's Secret Treasure.


This was their chance to change their fates.

At this moment.

After Long Fei finished handing in his mission of 'Nether King's Sea G.o.d's Blood', and successfully registered for the Alchemy compet.i.tion, he brought the weakened song qianqian back to logistics department.

song qianqian was resting.

Long Fei let out a light breath and took out the Dragon Domain's Heart.

The first step had already been opened!

He needed the Sea Dragon King's Essence Blood to open the second step.

Long Fei secretly tensed up, and said: "It's time for the second level of the Open Dragon Domain's Heart."

"The people of the palace question of G.o.d are looking for the Dragon Domain, and the Western Magic Tribe is also looking for them. What exactly are the secret treasures of the Dragon Domain? Or is it a secret art of eternal life? " Long Fei was a little excited as he took out the Sea Dragon King's Essence Blood and dripped it onto the 'Dragon Domain's Heart'.


After the Dragon Domain's Heart absorbed all of the Sea Dragon King's blood essence, it released the sound of gears turning. A series of mechanical like sounds came out, and Long Fei also became slightly excited.

Opening the first layer of the Dragon Domain's Heart, Long Fei obtained the heaven opposing cultivation technique, 'turn Yan Long into G.o.d'.

Then, what would he get from opening the second layer?

This was like opening a chest in a game, and it was opening an ultimate treasure chest!

Long Fei's heart became more and more nervous, "Just what is it, and what are the good things?"

A long half a minute pa.s.sed.

The heart of the Dragon Domain suddenly stopped moving.

The system beeped.


The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 878

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