The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 899

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Chapter 899 - Refinement Successful

People who become big don't care about small matters.

To achieve great things, one must be vicious in heart and use any means at all.

pan zhan was such a person.

His way of doing things was insidious and ruthless. As long as it was an enemy, he could use any means at his disposal to attack them.

Long Fei had been training with all his might this entire month.

Then he would definitely not let Long Fei have it easy!

… ….

logistics department.

When Long Fei came out of the G.o.d's devil s.p.a.ce, his eyebrows were tightly furrowed, "I can't do it, I can't do it, I've tried over three thousand times, but I still can't do it, I can't control it at all."

Although the Destiny Changer used the Yan Huang ancestor's words to find subst.i.tutes for Spirit Gra.s.s of the same attribute, it would not miss a single strand of control over the attributes of the eighteen types of Spirit Gra.s.s. It was truly difficult to fuse them together, and Long Fei did not have that much power to control them.

Even if he could control it, even if Long Fei could succeed in refining it, so what?

If this pill was not produced using energy, it still would not work, and would not achieve the effect that Long Fei wanted.

He had to improve it to the point where even the elders of the drug race could easily refine it successfully. Only then would he be able to ma.s.s produce Destiny Changer s and earn money crazily.

Yan Huang ancestor said slightly: "Don't be in such a rush to improve it, you have to refine it first. Only by refining it successfully can you learn from your experiences."

Long Fei exhaled, and said: "Mn, I will do my best."

"There are only two days left!"

Long Fei was also starting to worry.

He was not afraid of the Alchemy compet.i.tion at all, he was just afraid that he would not be able to complete the super divine evaluation.

Returning to his residence.

leader sun walked over and reported a few things, "eighteen great matrial halls has formed a unified alliance. Yong Master Long, the Battle Team Ranking Tournament you partic.i.p.ated in, Personal Qualifying Fight, and even the Alchemy Battles have all received special care."

"green dragon matrial hall, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, and White Tiger have formed the strongest eight teams to block you with all their strength."

"The other fourteen college of martial arts training s will also do their best to stop you. This time, you are the only one they will target, and we will be facing the entire G.o.d emperor academy."

leader sun slowly said.

The situation had developed beyond their imagination.

To fight against the entire G.o.d emperor academy?

This had never happened before in the history of the establishment of the G.o.d emperor academy, so no one had ever succeeded!

Long Fei did not feel surprised, so what if the whole world treated him as their enemy? If they stopped him, they would only become the driving force behind his efforts, and he would only be able to step on them.

Long Fei asked: "How are Dao Feng and the rest, any news?"

leader sun said: "I went over this morning, and they are still in closed door cultivation. presbyter qiu said that they will definitely come out before the compet.i.tion."


"Arrogant Dragon Squad can't rely on me alone, so I need them too." Long Fei was very clear that a single person was not strong in a team.

What kind of effect would a full two months of seclusion have?

Long Fei was very much looking forward to it.

Long Fei couldn't help but ask when he didn't see Ao Ya in the logistics department, "Where are Ao Ya and the others?"

The leader sun replied, "They left in the morning. I don't know where they went. Yesterday, Elder Ao Ya said that her Insight into Sword Method had already matured.


Long Fei muttered softly, and said: "leader sun, there are still two days' time. After they return, tell them not to go out again."

Who knows if it will be dangerous or not?

No one was allowed to get into trouble at this time of day.

leader sun replied, "Alright."

… ….

When Long Fei returned to his room, his mind was still thinking about the refining of the 'Destiny Changer', and his mind was constantly working on the deduction, "How do I refine it successfully?"

"It's too difficult!"

"green dragon ancestor, do you know how to refine it?"

The green dragon ancestor said slightly: "Boss, everything depends on you."

"Fine, pretend I didn't ask." Long Fei brought this upon himself. He clearly knew that green dragon ancestor would not tell him, he could not help but ask.

Sea Dragon King muttered, "Azure Dragon, do you know how to refine it?"

The Black Dragon Ancestor nodded his head and said, "Sea Dragon King, have you forgotten that the Azure Dragon is the dragon race's number one Alchemy master? That's why he was sent to the Powder Tripod by the Seal. "

Sea Dragon King disdainfully replied, "Then you definitely know of it, right? If you know, just tell me. "

green dragon ancestor became silent.

blood dragon ancestor followed: "Alchemy said it won't kill you right? Big Brother Azure Dragon, can you not be so persistent? "

Everyone looked at the Azure Dragon.

As the number one Alchemy Technique of the Dragon Clan, Azure Dragon naturally knew where the key point of the Destiny Changer was.

There was silence for half a minute.

green dragon ancestor relaxed a little and said: "Boss, try going against the rules!"

green dragon ancestor's voice suddenly sounded.

Long Fei was shocked, "Retrograde?"


His limited thoughts suddenly opened, "d.a.m.n, so that's how it is, hahaha..." Destiny Changer are pills that can defy the heavens and change fate. Even Chaos Realm's Destiny Changer are hard to refine, so the lack of high level Spirit Gra.s.s in G.o.d's martial continent is definitely even more difficult.



"Hahaha …" Long Fei became extremely excited and said, "Azure Dragon, thank you!"

His thoughts immediately broadened.

The more you think about it, the more you get stuck in your mind, like a bull's eye. If you can get out of your mind, you might be able to see a different effect from another perspective.

The Azure Dragon's words woke Long Fei up.

It made everyone's blood boil in an instant.

And then …

Long Fei closed the door and faintly said: "Let's try out a new set of Alchemy techniques."

Half a minute later.

Long Fei was shocked, "Just a little more, just a little more."


"Refining failed..."

This failure did not make Long Fei depressed, but instead made him incomparably excited. He had already touched the threshold of success, "Again!"


"Refinery failure."


"Refinery failure."

Every failure made Long Fei feel like he had taken a big step forward. Every failure made him realize the flaw in refining Destiny Changer.

Two hours later.


"Congratulations player 'Long Fei' for creating 'Destiny Changer' with 10,000 experience, 1000 power of celestial, 1000 points, and a special reward."

Pellet: Destiny Changer

Grade: Superdivine

Description: Raise the's sea of consciousness by one fold. The user will be able to absorb the surrounding spiritual energy in a crazy manner for a short period of time, allowing the's sea of consciousness to expand significantly.

"Hahaha …"

Long Fei was boiling, "I finally succeeded, I finally succeeded."

After a full month of desperately cultivating, he finally succeeded. Long Fei was incredibly excited in his heart.


This was only the first step.

He was at the ninth stage of the immortal stage to succeed, but the elders of the drug race s were not at such a high realm, how could he control them?

After success was improvement.

It was inevitable that the Destiny Changer would cause a sensation, but how could it be improved?

This was the most crucial point.

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 899

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