The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 92

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### Chapter 92 - Magic Serpent


"Failure, proficiency + 1"


"Failure, proficiency + 1"

… ….

Long Fei spent the entire afternoon cultivating the beastmastery.

At night, he continued to cultivate.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for levelling up! Current level: Level: 2!"

"Huff …"

"The success rate is too low."

In more than ten hours, he had only succeeded three times. It had to be said that the success rate of the beastmastery was outrageously low.

It would be even more difficult to control a demon beast with a certain level of intelligence like the Fire Eagle. The level of the beastmastery had to be raised a bit more.

At the same time.

Long Fei had also done many different experiments.

Every cultivation technique had its own unique characteristics. Whether it was offensive skills or auxiliary functions, they all had certain attributes. As long as one could feel through them, it would be much easier for one to cultivate.

The nature of Alchemy Techniques to master spirit gra.s.s was like the time in a pill furnace.

The talisman techniques, the mastery of the demonic beast's blood essence, the use of the true breath, and the mental foregone thought, these were all unique attributes.

And the unique attribute of the beastmastery is.

The idea s communicate!

Forcefully crus.h.i.+ng!

As long as you were able to communicate with these two attributes well, and guide the thoughts of the demon beast in front of your brothers and friends, the idea would be much easier to deal with.

And then again.

Unless he met some cowardly and fearful demon beasts, he would let them be controlled. Otherwise, the personality of the demon beasts would be wild and unyielding. Under normal circ.u.mstances, they would not let him control their thoughts.

The former was too difficult.

The latter is equally difficult.

As long as the weaknesses of the demon beasts were found, these two problems would be easily solved.

If he wanted to control the demon beasts, he had to understand them first.

In the past, Long Fei could slowly understand it, but now … He didn't have much time left.




… ….

Long Fei did not try too hard. What he wanted now was the proficiency, to continuously release the profound energy, to dry up the true breath and to consume the true pill. In short, he wanted to raise the Level Increase of the beastmastery.

Early morning.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for levelling up! Current Level: Level: 3!"

Long Fei looked at the properties of the beastmastery.

Skill Path: beastmastery

Level: 3

proficiency: 0/5000 points

"d.a.m.n …" A five thousand point proficiency is too darned. " Long Fei cursed, "Seems like I have to go and fight, if I want to level up beastmastery now, it will be too late."

In here.

The true breath s were also a problem.

Five thousand proficiency s was equivalent to fifty thousand true breath Points, he simply did not have that much, and true pill s did not have that much.


The true pill was a lifesaving true breath Pill and it could not be used carelessly unless it was at a critical moment.

In an instant.

Long Fei quickly moved and stood on top of a tree. He looked at the sky in search of traces of the Fire Eagle.

"Wow …"

"Caw …"

A sharp cry of a fire eagle sounded out. Long Fei was overjoyed, "We finally found it!"

At this moment.

The Fire Hawk swooped down like a fighter plane, its claws flas.h.i.+ng under the blazing sun as it grabbed onto its feet like three sharp blades.

A few seconds later!

"Rumble …"

A towering tree collapsed with a loud bang, and soon after, a huge Rhinoceros was caught.

"Holy sh * t!"

"three-rate monster and beast, Raging Flames Rhino?"

Long Fei was stunned, "Isn't that just too powerful?"

That Rhinoceros didn't have the slightest temper. In front of the Fire Hawk, it was like a dead dog, giving up even the least bit of struggle.


He grabbed the Rhinoceros and flew towards a cliff.

Long Fei was also quickly chasing after it. No matter how strong the Fire Eagle was, he had to try because this was the only way he could think of to save the leopard girl.

No matter what.

The Long family would never give up.

After chasing for half an hour.

Long Fei was standing on top of the cliff. There was a cave about 4 to 5 meters under his feet.

"I have to think of a way down."

beastmastery's cast range was the limit, two meters, and the closer they were, the better. If they wanted to catch the Fire Eagle, they would have to enter the cave, otherwise it would not be possible.

"Fire Eagle still has some time to return to the cave. I have to hurry."

Long Fei glanced at the dried up wood at the entrance of the cave and said, "I'll give it my all!"

He jumped down.

With one hand grabbing onto the dead tree, it began to creak loudly. Long Fei was so scared that he almost peed his pants, and said: "Teacher Bo Duo, bless me!"

At a height of a few thousand meters, even if Long Fei had the Battle Dragon Armor and King Kong s.h.i.+eld s, he would still fall to his death if he fell.

Maybe it was a prayer.

The dead tree did not break. Long Fei said gratefully in his heart, "Bou Ye, I am your loyal fan. I have collected all of your movies. This is power. Thank you for your blessings. Hahaha …"

He carefully climbed up, only to see a head popping out.

"Hiss, hiss …"

"Hiss, hiss …"

A huge python as thick as a person's thigh spurted its lightning fast snakes as it rushed out. Long Fei was so scared that he almost fell off the cliff.

"Fire Rock Giant Snake!?"

"Peak rank 3 beast!"

Furthermore... The Fire Rock Giant Snake and the Fire Hawk were enemies of the world, the kind that didn't give up until one side died.

These were all none of Long Fei's business.

He just wanted to catch a fire eagle.

Right at this moment, the Fire Hawk let out a mournful cry, flapped its wings, and dove over.

"Holy sh * t!"

"The heck, my luck is that good?"

Long Fei hung on the cliff. He couldn't go up, he couldn't go down. There were Fire Rock Giant Snake in front and a fire eagle behind him.

The Fire Hawk was extremely anxious.

So much so that it gave up on catching the Raging Flame Rhino. The rhinoceros fell down and directly smashed into a pile of meat paste.

"Another fight between deities!"

"Who did I offend?"

Long Fei forced it. If he was on flat ground, he would not be afraid of these two beasts, but he was hanging on a cliff. If he were to go up, he would be swallowed by the giant python in one gulp. If that fiery eagle clawed at him, his life would be nothing more than a pile of meat paste like that of a Rhinoceros.



The cries of young eagles came from the cave.

The Fire Rock Giant Snake turned around and suddenly rushed into the cave.

"No wonder the Fire Hawk was so anxious and didn't dare to attack. So it actually had a cub inside."

Long Fei's heart trembled.


"I have to make a choice too."

"Fire Eagle, I hope your intelligence can let you know how to repay favors!"

The giant python at the mouth of the cave disappeared. Long Fei seized this chance and flipped his body, immediately standing at the mouth of the cave. The idea moved, and said without caring if the Fire Eagle understood or not: "I will save your child, don't attack the cave!"


He immediately summoned his dragon salyer and rushed into the cave.

He grabbed the Fire Rock Giant Snake's tail and fiercely pulled. The dragon salyer slashed and shouted: "Die!"

The Fire Rock Giant Snake turned its body, and the snake's tongue was like lightning. Fear towards the dragon salyer appeared in its eyes, but... It did not give up.

His throat was churning.

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A small fireball sprayed out.

"Holy sh * t!"

"Magic snake?!"

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 92

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