The Fantastic Super Vision Chapter 68 The Obstruction To External Strength

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"Then what are you gonna do?" He Tian asked, who was ready to hear out w.a.n.g Feng's opinions.

"Since we now are also not sure whether he is the murder or not, we consequently have no choice but to take a quiet approach to deal with him. Without evidence, we could not act recklessly. If there were some mistakes, Bei Family would get us all exposed by all means." w.a.n.g Feng said, who did not tell any lies.

Though Bei Yunxue was his nominal girlfriend, if they killed a second in command of Bei Enterprise, it would be a strange thing for real if they did not suffer crazy retribution.

Till then, possibly Bei Yunxue's words would not be of any effect at all.

"Then how much do you know about Bei Enterprise's homeowner?" w.a.n.g Feng asked, who intended to know about his respected future father-in-law.

"Then, he is a great character." Upon hearing w.a.n.g Feng's words, He Tian also took a breath and said, "This Chairman of the Board of Bei Enterprise has shown out his iron hands since he started taking control of this family. Within only half a month, he was totally in charge of the family, without anyone daring to say no to him."

"Moreover, since he became the Chairman of the Board of Bei Enterprise, he has conducted many reforms, destroyed the old and established the new, which made the production value of Bei Enterprise increase by several folds. Many groups collapsed because of him, which however dared not to retaliate."

"Moreover, I hear that this Chairman of the Board of Bei Enterprise is also a master in martial arts. His skills perhaps had already reached the level of External Strength, even the Internal Strength." He Tian said, which made w.a.n.g Feng confused.

"How is it?' w.a.n.g Feng questioned closely.

"Hehe, this is just a tale I have heard of. Since I have not met him in person, of course, I have no idea as for whether he is a master in practicing Qi or not. All in all, I only want to tell you one point, this person is pretty horrible. The means he has adopted is pretty merciless. No one in Bei Enterprise dared to be disobedient to him. This man could be counted as a hero of a generation."

"Then compared with the old man, who will be better?" w.a.n.g Feng asked, who was pretty interested in what He Tian had said.

Giving w.a.n.g Feng a hard look, He Tian showed out a reverent look on his face and said, who naturally knew who the old man w.a.n.g Feng had mentioned was, "As for the energy of our master, you could not imagine it now. As long as his respected elder is willing to, perhaps within less than a month, this Bei Enterprise will have no choice but to collapse. If I explain it in this way, could you get my point?"

"F**K, could it?" He Tian previously had referred to Bei Yunxue's father as a hero of a generation. However, upon inquired by him further, Bei Yunxue's father directly became trash.

Judging from He Tian's tone, perhaps it would take Gui Jianchou less than a month to deal with Bei Enterprise and get it collapsed.

As for Bei Enterprise, it was indeed a real huge monster in the China region. Especially in recent days, people from Bei Enterprise had stretched their influences to all walks of life, who rarely had opponents against them.

For such an empire-like group, He Tian claimed that Gui Jianchou could get it collapsed within one month.

If he had not known Gui Jianchou personally and he had not witnessed his great ability, w.a.n.g Feng would think people who speak this sentence out was a fool.

At the same time, he was also astonished at Gui Jianchou's strength, which could be that huge. As thus, could it be that he had no opponents in the domestic country?

"By the way, Brother, is there anyone under your charge whose name was Brother Long?" Putting Bei Family's issues aside at this time, w.a.n.g Feng asked.

"Brother Long?" Upon hearing w.a.n.g Feng's words, He Tian showed out a few thoughtful expressions on his face and said, "As for this, I can't remember it well. I now rarely deal with the underworld on my own. I now let the people under my charge deal with them."

"Why? Did this person provoke you?" The look on He Tian's face suddenly turned cold. He showed out an intention to kill.

"No. Here it is, last time I came into several gangsters and the people called by the counterpart knew me. According to their saying, it was a whatever Brother Long who had shown them a whatever picture of mine. I am just a bit confused secretly." w.a.n.g Feng said smilingly.

"Oh my G.o.d, it is this simple thing. It was me who had handed out your portraits. Since you are my Younger Brother, of course, I have to take good care of you, in case some situations where the flood dashes against the temple of the dragon king would take place in later days."

"Then, I have to be grateful for Brother's good intention." w.a.n.g Feng replied smilingly.

"It's nothing but a petty thing. You don't need to bear it in mind." He Tian waved his hands, who did not care about it that much.

"Well, by the way, Brother, I feel that my current strength is already excellent. How could I be called an authentic External Strength master?" w.a.n.g Feng asked at this time, which made the expression on He Tian's face turn heavy.

"Some accurate distinctions are outlining for External Strength. But I can not explain to you clearly in such a short time. Let me take you to master and let him enlighten you." He Tian replied. After pondering for a while, w.a.n.g Feng also said, "OK!"

Gui Jianchou now was living in the ancient room. So the moment when He Tian pushed the door open, w.a.n.g Feng instantly saw Gui Jianchou.

Some golden lights were enshrouding Gui Jianchou's body at this moment. He looked like a divine G.o.d. Upon seeing him, w.a.n.g Feng felt dizzy.

If w.a.n.g Feng had not already got into touch with the practicing, he would perhaps have thought that this old man in front of him was exactly a living G.o.d.

When he was practicing, there were only some white lights enshrouding him at most. While for Gui Jianchou, the lights enshrouding him were light gold while he was practicing. This was too horrible. They two were simply not at the same level.

"Master." He Tian called him respectfully at this time.

"Master." Following He Tian, w.a.n.g Feng also called. In front of He Tian, he could call Gui Jianchou, an old man. However, while in front of Gui Jianchou, he dared not to act recklessly.

He was simply a living G.o.d. If he could acknowledge him as his master, he would enjoy endless benefits.

"Xiaotian, you go out at first." Opening his eyes, Gui Jianchou said to He Tian slightly.

"OK." He Tian dared not to question further regarding Gui Jianchou's words. He straightly retreated. He even dared not to stand at the entrance of the door.

"Do you think you are going to be elevated into External Strength?" Gui Jianchou landed his eyes on w.a.n.g Feng at this time, who was pretty calm and who gave out no indications of his emotions.

While stared by him in this way, w.a.n.g Feng only felt that an enormously huge burst of pressure had engulfed him. Without any shadows nor any shapes, the pressure did exist.

Always holding a straight face, this Gui Jianchou was always like this, who did not smile at all. Whoever getting along with him perhaps would not feel pleasant.

"Yes, I do." w.a.n.g Feng nodded and then said, "I want to know how to tell External Strength and Internal Strength apart exactly?"

"By exerting Qi in your pubic region and allowing your mind to go blank, you can sense the obstruction to External Strength." Gui Jianchou replied lightly in a somewhat illusory voice.

However, upon hearing his words, w.a.n.g Feng did not hesitate at all. He directly closed his eyes and started exerting the art of Qi Gathering. Slight lights were enshrouding w.a.n.g Feng's body. A short while later, w.a.n.g Feng said with a somewhat pale look on his face, "Is it the entrance to External Strength?"

"Yes, it is. To be an External Strength master, you have to use your pubic region to reserve the force. This is also where the reason why the External Strength master is far more horrible than the ordinary people lies in. I will naturally impart you the methods of practicing till the time when you have rushed out of the External Strength." While talking, w.a.n.g Feng also knew what Gui Jianchou was going to do. Standing up hurriedly and bowing to him, w.a.n.g Feng then retreated out of the room.

Previously, when it came to External Strength, w.a.n.g Feng had always been in a vague state. He now finally understood clearly how on earth could he become an External Strength master.

Before they became External Strength, the Essential Qi all existed in every corner of the body freely, which would fade away pretty fast. However, once they became External Strength, then they would be reserved in the pubic region, which could be connected through the whole body.

From the current science's perspective, this thing seemed to be incredulous. However, when w.a.n.g Feng exerted his power in the way Gui Jianchou had instructed him, he felt the great obstruction power.

Then it should be where the obstruction which prevented w.a.n.g Feng from being an External Strength master lied in. As long as he could break out of this layer of limitation, he could instantly become an External Strength master!

There were endless secrets in a human's body. Even in current times, when the technology was so advanced, there was still no way to a.n.a.lyze a human's body completely. A human's body was like a limitless treasure, which could be exploited endlessly.

"Younger Brother, how is it now?" He Tian came up at this time and inquired.

"Perhaps there still exist some distances between External Strength and me." w.a.n.g Feng shook his head with a bitter smile all over his face. Originally he had thought that he would soon become an External Strength master. However, upon judging his current situation, w.a.n.g Feng felt that it seemed that there existed a quite big gap.

"Hehe, Younger Brother, you can't be frustrated. You have to know that back to my days; it had taken me a full more than five years to practice myself from an ordinary person into an External Strength master. Because you have made current progress in such a short time, you are indeed far more amazing than me. So I think highly of you." Patting w.a.n.g Feng on his shoulders, He Tian said a bit admiringly.

"Well, by the way, since you will soon be elevated into an External Strength master, then I will give you some gifts." He Tian said, who seemed to have thought of something.

"You two now take up my collections." He Tian said while waving to the two underlings standing at the entrance of the door.

"What is it?" Seeing He Tian acting in this way, w.a.n.g Feng also felt pretty surprised secretly.

"As for that, you will understand later when you see it." He Tian responded, making no explanations at all.

Soon the two underlings came back. However, they now were dragging a huge box. Judging their laborious looks, w.a.n.g Feng could tell that the box seemed to be pretty heavy.

"What is it?" w.a.n.g Feng asked confusedly.

"Hehe, there are some medical herbs filled with abundant animation I have collected over these years inside the box. At first, I planned to enjoy them on my own; however, because perhaps my strength could not be elevated further, I might give them all to you as well." He Tian replied and then gave his two underlings a wink.

Upon understanding their master's intention, the two underlings opened the box. There were pitch-black medical herbs placed in the box. For these medical herbs, they already got withered. However, compared with the ordinary withered things, they were different. There was no moldy smell giving out from the box but a burst of refres.h.i.+ngly peculiar fragrance.

"From now on, you take one medical herd every day. It can help you reach the level of External Strength faster." He Tian said, with a somewhat dull look on his face.

He had originally planned all these things for himself. However, since his age was already far beyond the optimal age for practicing, he could not elevate his strength anymore, even for just a bit.

So if w.a.n.g Feng took these medical herbs, at least they could still help him take fewer detours in later days.

"How should I take them?" w.a.n.g Feng asked and felt speechless. It was a bit difficult for him to be appet.i.tive when faced with such a box of pitch-black stuff.

"Then it is all up to you. You can stew them, steam them and also fry them. Anyway, as long as you like it, you can cook it in any way you like." He Tian responded and then said, "Younger Brother, don't make light of the things inside this box. They were the stuff finally gained after I have spent at least ten years collecting them, among which, there was no lack of authentic spiritual things in the world."

"Then these things are pretty valuable, aren't they?" Upon hearing that He Tian had been collecting these things for ten years, w.a.n.g Feng also felt astonished secretly. At first, he had thought He Tian was joking. However, it did not occur to him that He Tian had been collecting these stuff for ten years.

"Well, as for this, you can leave it out. Anyway, these things are beneficial to your body if you take them, which can help you elevate yourself into the level of External Strength within a shorter time." He Tian said, walked to the front of the box and then caught the box single-handedly.

With his single hand, He Tian lifted a box which could be difficult and strenuous for two grown-up men to move. Moreover, judging his look, he seemed to have not felt any weight at all.

The two underlings by his side both showed out admiring looks on their faces. People who possessed such power could be called a man of unusual strength.

"Go. Younger Brother, I will walk you down." He Tian said and then took the lead to walk into the elevator.

The Fantastic Super Vision Chapter 68 The Obstruction To External Strength

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