The Venerable Swordsman Chapter 5 The Hidden Realm!

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The scene was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.


"Ye Xuan challenges the great elder!"

The whole of Ye's Manor was shocked.

"In Ye's Manor, the most powerful man is naturally the patriarch who is in secluded meditation now. The second one is Ye Qing, the guardian elder of the Ye's Manor, but Ye Qing is not in the Manor now. The third is the great elder."

"But now Ye Xuan actually challenged the great elder!"

"Was he over-confident?"

Some people thought so, while some others thought that Ye Xuan was not without the ability to fight.

Ye Xuan used to cultivate under the full support of Ye's Manor. Besides, unlike the great elder who reveled in a high position and indulged in comfort all year round, he lived on the edge almost every single day. He had the kind of fort.i.tude, courage, and uprightness which the great elder didn't have.

In the eyes of everyone in Ye's Manor, although Ye Xuan was only in the fifth self striving realm, if he put up a desperate fight, he still had a small chance to win!

In front of Ye Xuan, the great elder gazed intensely at Ye Xuan because he didn't think that Ye Xuan would actually challenge him!

"To accept it or not?"

If he didn't accept, this would spread and he would lose so much face! Not just that, his prestige would be greatly reduced in Ye's Manor, and he was afraid that someone would refuse to obey his orders in the future.

"Accept it?"

At the thought of Ye Xuan's fighting capacity, he was a little hesitant. Although his realm was higher than Ye Xuan's, he hadn't fought with an enemy for many many years, he only occasionally sparred with someone in Ye's Manor which usually stopped before it became dangerous. But Ye Xuan was different, each of his fights outside was a matter of life and death.

He knew very clearly what it meant!

Moreover, even if he won against Ye Xuan, the others would only say that he was bullying him. While if he lost, it would be a huge loss of his face. By that time, even his position as an elder couldn't be guaranteed!

The great elder's face was terribly gloomy!

Originally it was Ye Xuan's desperate move, but at this moment, Ye Xuan forced him into a desperate situation!

At this point, a voice suddenly came out on the scene. "Don't you and I have an appointment one month later?"

Everyone looked toward the voice, and nearby, Ye Lang slowly walked towards here!

Ye Lang, the current Heir Apparent of Ye's Manor!

The great elder was about to speak. Suddenly, his eyes widened and were full of disbelief. "Ye Lang, you, have you already reached the Qi varying realm?"

"The Qi varying realm!"

Everyone on the spot was dumbfounded.

In the eyes of everyone, Ye Lang nodded slightly. "I was worthless, it took me ten more days to reach the Qi varying realm which was too slow."

Hearing what he said, everyone gasped in shock.

"Is this too slow?"

"One must know that before Ye Lang awakened, Ye Lang was only at the fourth level, the internal and external refining realm, and in just ten days, Ye Lang actually reached the Qi varying realm! As far as cultivation speed is concerned, it can be said that he is without parallel in the history of the Ye Family!"

Upon hearing Ye Lang's words, the great elder suddenly burst into laughter. "G.o.d bless our Ye Family, haha..."

In Ye's Manor, everyone went into rapture. With Ye Lang's cultivation speed, the Ye Family could definitely become a great clan in the world!

Ye Lang's eyes fell on Ye Xuan, he smiled and said, "What qualifications do you have to challenge the great elder? You will be qualified to challenge the great elder only if you beat me. Our life and death appointment is less than twenty days away, isn't it?"

Ye Xuan glanced at Ye Lang, he smiled and said, "You see, I almost forgot."

With this, he looked at the great elder. "Great elder, I have offended you. Hmm, after I finish the compet.i.tion with your grandson, I will compare notes with you, great elder. Now, I've got to go!"

After that, he turned away immediately with Ye Ling.

"Hold on!"

At this moment, the great elder was suddenly angered, "You have killed an elder, in this case..."

Ye Xuan suddenly turned to look at the great elder. "Great elder, how about you take me on now? Or, your grandson can compete with me now to decide the life and death appointment. Or, are you so afraid of me that you deliberately sent Ye Ku to trouble me, then you can find an excuse to kill me? If it is so, then great elder shouldn't have to worry so much, the two of you can come together, I am definitely not able to beat you!"

"You!" The great elder's face became blue.

At this time, Ye Lang looked coldly at Ye Xuan. "You can go, twenty days later, I'll see you on the life and death platform."

Ye Xuan shrugged his shoulders. "Great elder, it seems your grandson is more reasonable, while you just get more confused with age!"

After he said that, he took Ye Ling with him, turned away and left.

The great elder's face turned purple with anger. He seemed to think of something all of a sudden. He looked at Li Mu and the others, and fumed. "Keeping you good-for-nothings, you actually saw the elder being beaten without lending a hand. Somebody come, drag them out and flog them to death right on the spot!"

When Li Mu and the others heard this, their faces suddenly went pale.

At this moment, Ye Xuan who was not far away, stopped immediately. He turned and looked at the great elder. "Great elder, let me kindly remind you that this Li Mu and the others are the patriarch's bodyguards. Though you are the great elder, the patriarch is not dead yet. You are now punis.h.i.+ng his bodyguards, this..."

Speaking of this, he pretended to be shocked. "Could it be that the great elder, you want to deal with the patriarch... You..."

"How dare you!"

The great elder growled, "Ye Xuan, if you dare speak one more word, I will kill you today even it means risking my own life!"

Ye Xuan smiled, "Great elder, calm down. I am just reminding you, don't let anger spoil your body. Otherwise, I'll be only too glad, I mean, too sad."

After that, he turned away with Ye Ling.

Li Mu and the others glanced at Ye Xuan, their eyes filled with grat.i.tude. If it were not for Ye Xuan's words, they would be dead today.

The great elder's whole body was still shaking, and everyone around him did not dare to speak.

Seemingly thinking of something, the great elder suddenly looked at Ye Lang. "Why didn't you just start the life and death compet.i.tion with him? Why did you put it off until 20 days later?"

Ye Lang glanced at the elder and said indifferently, "Because I am going to break through to the Qi harnessing realm right away!"

Hearing these words, the great elder was suddenly stunned. The next moment, he asked zealously, "Really?"

Ye Lang nodded slightly. "The breakthrough is imminent. Otherwise, I would have killed him just now. It's not a suitable time to start a fight at this moment. I won't affect the breakthrough which is my priority now, because of this ant-like existence."

The great elder nodded quickly. "Exactly, exactly, let this Ye Xuan live for a few more days. Anyway, this person is already a waste!"

Ye Lang nodded a little. "He is now a desperate dog who tries to jump over the wall. During this period, don't provoke him, lest others may say that I am afraid of him such that I deliberately pick on him, and then I can find an excuse to kill him!"

The great elder said in a deep voice, "This time, it was my lack of consideration, trust me, I won't let anyone trouble him in the next 20 days."

Ye Lang nodded. "By the way, I may need a large number of Spirit Stones for my cultivation."

The great elder was somewhat embarra.s.sed. Spirit Stones were a precious gem containing spiritual Qi. Even the Ye Family didn't have many. Not just that, Spirit Stones could only be used by the patriarch and the Heir Apparent. But Ye Xuan never used Spirit Stones, which was quite natural, because they kept it from him.

"Is there any problem?" Ye Lang asked.

The great elder shook his head, "No problem, it's just, there might not be many Spirit Stones."

Ye Lang smiled and said, "Be at ease, it is just the Qi harnessing realm which doesn't need too many Spirit Stones."

Hearing him say that, the great elder immediately breathed a sigh of relief. "That is good!"

Ye Lang looked up at the sky, and there was a trace of sarcasm in the corner of his mouth. He whispered in his heart, "A remote and poor place... But it is still okay to take advantage of it for the moment..."

Ye Xuan took Ye Ling back to his courtyard. Just when they returned, Li Mu and the others hurried here.

Ye Xuan took a look at Li Mu and the others. "It's not good for you to come here at this point."

Since his Heir Apparent t.i.tle was deposed, he had barely seen almost all the brothers who had been fighting those b.l.o.o.d.y battles with him because they knew that the future owner of the Ye family would not be Ye Xuan, but Ye Lang.

Li Mu cupped his hand at Ye Xuan. "Bro Ye, thank you for the previous incident."

Ye Xuan nodded slightly. "You didn't make your move, I should thank you instead. Just go back, if the great elder's men see you, you will get in a lot of trouble."

Li Mu hesitated a little and then said, "Bro Ye, if you need me in the future, please just let me know, I and the others won't decline."

After that, he turned away with several guards.

Ye Xuan shook his head slightly. Seeing Ye Xuan shake his head, Ye Ling held Ye Xuan's arm and asked gently. "Brother, don't you believe them?"

Ye Xuan said with a smile, "If your brother was strong, what they said will be true. While, if I am weak and have no chance to turn the tables, then everything will be false."

Ye Ling looked at Ye Xuan and said very earnestly, "I'm for real, I will always stand on my brother's side!"

Ye Xuan smiled, and he took Ye Ling and entered his own courtyard. When he entered the courtyard, Ye Ling's body started to tremble fiercely. Not only that, her body also sent out a current of cold draught!

Ye Xuan's heart was shocked such that he hurriedly took Ye Ling to the bed. Then he took out a white jade bottle, poured out a white Dan pill and fed it to Ye Ling. After Ye Ling took the Dan pill, her face looked slightly better.

Ye Ling slowly opened her eyes. Her right hand firmly held the hand of Ye Xuan, and she said with a voice as soft as a mosquito. "Brother, I, I feel that I may not live for much longer. If, if I am to die, can you carry my ashes with you? I want to stay with you, you..."


Ye Xuan suddenly scolded, and he stared at Ye Ling, "You will not die, brother will never let you die. Believe in your brother, brother will definitely cure you! When brother achieves the Qi harnessing realm, brother will take you to the imperial capital, is that okay?"

As he said that, his voice gradually softened. "You are your brother's only family, please stay alive even if it is only for me, okay?"

Ye Ling looked at Ye Xuan, and her tears just flowed down.

Ye Xuan gently rubbed the tears on Ye Ling's face away. "Don't cry, you won't get pretty if you cry more, you have to get married in the future!"

Ye Ling shook her head. "I will not marry anyone, I only like my brother!"

Ye Xuan smiled, "A little fool. Come, brother will tell you a story... There used to be a mountain, there is a temple on the mountain..."

After 15 minutes, Ye Ling fell asleep.

Looking at Ye Ling in bed, Ye Xuan's face darkened like still water, because Ye Ling's sleeping time became longer and longer. Moreover, there were less than three Dan pills in his jade bottle!

A moment later, Ye Xuan put away the jade bottle. He gently tucked Ye Ling into the quilt, and then he entered the Prison World Tower.


What Ye Xuan should do now was to crazily upgrade his strength to reach the Qi harnessing realm as soon as possible, and then take Ye Ling to the Imperial Capital. In addition, the Ye's Manor had already had an intention to kill him. If he was defeated in the life and death compet.i.tion on martial arts twenty days after, not only would he die, but his sister Ye Ling would also die.

Ye Xuan was looking for that shadow to practice. At this time, the voice of the mysterious woman suddenly sounded, "You can cultivate the hidden realm now."

Ye Xuan was shocked, "The hidden realm? What is the hidden realm?"

The mysterious woman said, "The human body realm is divided into six realms from the first rank to the sixth rank. However, many people do not know that after the sixth Qi varying realm, there is one more realm which is the golden body realm. After that, it is the innate Qi harnessing realm."

Ye Xuan's brow was slightly wrinkled. "The golden body realm? Predecessor, why haven't I heard about it?"

The mysterious woman smiled lightly, "I have told you it is the hidden realm which means that the ordinary people do not know it at all. If you achieve this golden body realm, your overall strength will at least be doubled. Will you practice? If you don't practice, you can find the spiritual sword in the future and then you can also cross this realm and go directly to the innate Qi harnessing realm."

Ye Xuan said with excitement, "Double my strength? Really?"

The mysterious woman said, "Really!"

Ye Xuan quickly said, "Let's practice, I will practice!"

The mysterious woman said, "You already have the Sword Qi in your body. Although you can't flow the Qi out, you can still use it to stimulate the meridians and the five internal organs in your body. You have cultivated your human body from the outside before, you are now cultivating your human body from the inside. It is only once you refine your body both internally and externally, can you be fully refined. However, there will be a little bit of pain."

Ye Xuan waved his hand and said with exuberance, "A little bit of pain is nothing, I am going to get started."

The mysterious woman said, "Okay, it's very simple. It is to move the flow of the Sword Qi and let them automatically spread in all your limbs and bones."

Ye Xuan immediately did it as she said. But just when he started, his eyes flew open, "Ah..."

At this moment, Ye Xuan felt like he was p.r.i.c.ked by tens of thousands of needles inside his body, and he almost fainted.

"Predecessor, this is not a little bit of pain!"

"Is it very painful? I thought it was only a little bit..."

"Predecessor, don't tell me that no one has cultivated this hidden realm before!"

"A long, long time ago, there was a man who had cultivated it. However, he died instantly at that time. I thought it was for other reasons..."


"Even though I look at you in such pain, I still can't help you. I can only express my guilt with my smile. Hehehe..."

Ye Xuan, "..."

The Venerable Swordsman Chapter 5 The Hidden Realm!

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