A Thousand Years Of Separation~Today, I Shall Be The Villainess~(WN) Chapter 25

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"Master William—?!"

Lewis, hearing William's call from behind, slowed down a bit.

"Why are you here?" Lewis inquired, though William ignored it, while walking up to Lewis.

"Just a while ago, I met Arthur. Where's Lady Amelia?" William's expression hardened. Lewis responded as calm as possible while staring at his Master's profile.

"I'm sorry, I lost sight of her. But, just before, I heard Ms. Carla's scream—"


"—right away!"

With Lewis' words, the two speeded up.

There was the sound of water—the field of view opened—

—and there was…


Not too far away from the two, Carla could be seen slumped on the nearby cliff.

When Carla heard William's voice, she limply lifted her face—a pale, panic-stricken face.

William and Lewis rushed to Carla.

"Carla—! What happened—!? Is Lady Amelia with you—!?"

William, impatient, shook Carla's shoulders. Towards that inquiry, Carla's whole body shook even though it wasn't winter. She whispered as she clung to William's chest;

"She… to the river…"

William broke the embrace and quickly looked down the cliff, however, there was no longer any sign of Amelia.

"…I'm sorry …I'm sorry, William-sama—when I was about to fall, Amelisama helped me, and in my place, she—I'm, sorry…" Burying her face into William's clothes, Carla trembled.

Hearing that, William was completely stunned.

At the appearance of the two, Lewis was irritated. His eyes turned dark.

—the water flow was fast. The weight of her dress would make it impossible to float. Even if she was fortunate enough to wash up somewhere near the sh.o.r.e, her soaked body would be too weak to move.

"Alright then, William-sama, you can take care of Carlsama while I search for Amelisama downstream."

Lewis stared at William. However, at such a strong gaze, William shook his head.

"…I'll come with you."

"No need. You'll only slow me down."


Although his lips spewed such cold words just now, Lewis' gaze certainly contained the will and hope of ensuring Amelia's safety.

Lewis' att.i.tude made William upset.

"Lewis …you dare—" William muttered, albeit, before he could finish, Lewis had already gone.

—the wind is ugly.

—where am I…?

"—A! …—ria—!!"

—someone is calling my name…


—the breeze on my cheeks feels comfortable… the sun is too bright…

—the sound I heard just now, …how very nostalgic.

—yes, that's right, this place is…

"Julia! You were asleep in this kind of place again?"

I woke up at the familiar voice.

In front of me was a beautiful forest and a lush meadow—and beyond that… a familiar city.

"…ah." As I confirmed so, my feet wobbled. "—whoops."

Dangerous. It seemed like I had fallen asleep. I rebalanced and looked down at the voice.

"Hey, Julia!"

There was an innocent boy whom was about ten years old looking up here. He looked troubled as he screamed my name from under the tree.

—now, you've done it!

After confirming his appearance, I deliberately puffed my cheeks.

"If I were to fall, then your shouting is to blame!" I jumped down from the tree while saying so. Then he approached me, looking unsatisfied.

"Why would you fall asleep on a tree, anyway… for girl to climb that high, what if you fell and got injured?"

"Because I'm waiting for you, why else?"

"…Well, that's… sorry, not that I can help it, I have to watch the store."

"Sorry excuses! Well, I brought you strawberry jam, but now, I won't give it!"

I looked away. …Not that I really meant it, I just wanted to bully him a little.

—strawberry jam; his favorite jam that my grandma always made around this time of the year. After harvesting strawberries from behind the house, she would use the wooden casket to make it. The taste was a little sour, but also very sweet—I, too, loved it very much.

When I glanced at him, he looked thunderstruck—he was really honest.

I laughed and picked up the basket I had placed in the shadow of the tree I had climbed.

"Just kidding~! Here, of course I'll give it to you." I took a bottle of red jam from the basket and waved it in front of him.

Then, he finally showed a relieved face as he received it and then showed a carefree smile.

"Thanks, Julia! I really like your grandmother's jam! Of course I have to thank you for this—Julia, is there anything you particularly want?"


His smile truly appeared like the sun. Chestnut-colored hair and jade-colored eyes—even when his forehead glittered with sweat, under the strong summer sun, his appearance was too dazzling.

My chest tightened.

I love this person immensely…

"Julia? What's wrong? Your face is red."

That was when I realized his face was too close. He peered into my face. I was rendered vulnerable by such gaze.

"N, n, nothing at all!? More importantly—"

—I already knew that this love was one-sided. Or rather, it was this person who wasn't interested in love. So I haven't told him of this feeling …yet.

But, at the very least…

…I stared at the jar he held in his hand.

"Um, that jam…"

"…?" Following my gaze, he raised the jar in his hand.

"I—I'm the one who made it!!"

—I finally said it.

That was the first jam I had ever made, and it was for you.

"Eh? Julia made it?" His eyes widened, causing my heart to leap.

—does he dislike it…? Does he prefer the one my grandma makes? I don't even know whether my jam is delicious or not…

Oh no… okay, I get it, act like nothing happened and swap it with grandmother's… I brought her's in the basket…

However, in the next moment—

"—thank you, Julia! I'm so happy!"

—at his radiant smile, my unease disappeared in an instant.

***T/N: And the Champion that reached Amelia first and earned the t.i.tle ‘True Male Lead' is …NO ONE!!! But Lewis sure is on the roll tho. And finally, we will learn why Amelia is so hung up over William????

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A Thousand Years Of Separation~Today, I Shall Be The Villainess~(WN) Chapter 25

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