Harem Tales Of A Reincarnated Elf Prince Vol 5 Chapter 4

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Published at 15th of July 2019 05:22:43 PM Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Street Chase in the City

I was completely done by Glynis’s intense twerking .

As a result, I couldn’t move for a while .

Not good, we’re still inside the Country of Demons .

As I thought so, the woman who has wrung up my s.e.m.e.n called out .

“What now? You look tired”

“Quite so, with all that intense movements of yours……”

If any chance a hostile Demon attacks us now, we have no choice but to escape .

If it’s the usual, whatever the opponent is, I have the confidence to overcome them, but now……

“So, you can’t move anymore, huh……Fufufu” 

Glinnis gave another smile, this time in amus.e.m.e.nt .

But upon seeing it, I felt somewhat unpleasant .

“Hey, can you take me to a place where you rest? I want to recover my strength as much as possible”

I urged to go, but Glinnis only tilted her head .

“Eh? Why would I take you?”

“Well, I can’t move right now . It’s because Glinnis has squeezed almost everything out of me”

Are you trying to play dumb this late in the game? Give me a break .

Glinnis looked around the surroundings for a moment .

Why the h.e.l.l are you searching for something now?

“If you can’t move right now, then I’ll just take this!”

And just like that, my luggage was grabbed .

“What the…… Give it back!”

I reached out my hand towards my bag, but she slipped away .

Her movements really is like a skilled harlot warding off a nasty guy .

When it escaped from my hands, she turned around and waved to make fun of me .

“Such a shame! Be careful when walking down the street next time, okay?”

After that, she disappeared on the other side of the alley .

d.a.m.n, her goal was to steal from me form the very beginning!

This is bad…… there is the branch of the King Tree in that luggage,

It’s difficult for ordinary people distinguish them for ordinary branches .

If it gets thrown away, it will be a disaster .

“I have come this far to go back from the starting line!”

I put my remaining energy to my hips and stood up .

I can’t let her escape .

“I really like to ask for Cecil and the other girls’ help, but I cant……”

Because I have walked this path all by my self, I can’t just retreat here .

I have to solve this by myself……

However, the fact that my luggage is taken means my sword is also taken .

I explored my pocket for remains, but all I have now is a dagger for self-defense .

Well, it’s better than nothing .

“Okay, let’s do this”

After confirming that the dagger is good, I began running after Glinnis .

I was definitely sure she went to the back of this alley .

However, the structure of this city is messy and hard to understand .

If that’s the issue, then I just have to chase from an obvious place .

I reached my hands on a window of a house nearby, then jumped with all my power .

In a while, I was able to reached the roof of the house, and from there, I began to run .

From roof to roof and house to house, I pa.s.sed all the ways looking for Glinnis .

“Where, where are you……?”

If I lose her here, I won’t be able to find her anymore .

Glinnis had an easy-to-recognize orange twin-tailed hair, so there should be someone with that kind of hair color .

Luckily, I saw her go into one of the buildings .

It seems she was trying to hide it with a hat, but it didn’t fully able to contain her hair .

If it wasn’t me, I might have missed it .

“And that’s where you get wrong this time”

I got off the roof and went after her .

She went in, where it seemed like a tavern .

There is still time before the sun goes down, but it is already crowded with people’s voices .

In any city, these places are always lively .

“Now then, where did Glinnis go?”

While hiding my face so as not to be sensed by her, I looked around the store .

Then, I saw a woman going up the stairs . She’s over there!

I walked through the store in a fast pace, and climbed up the same stairs .

But when I reached the second floor, I heard strange noises from the surroundings .  

Added to that, are people panting and moaning…… and there’s even coquettish voices mixed in as well . Wait, can it be?

I see, this place is a tavern and a love hotel!

Indeed, it’s a place where a succubus would likely set a base here .

“Now then, Glinnis is……”

When I focused my ears, I heard a door closing at the back .

As I advanced while relying on the source of sound, it led me to a room that was separated from the corridor .

As I approached the door while hiding my footsteps, I focused my ears and listened .

“Wow, to think I really acquired it just like that . What a letdown-“

I knew it, it’s Glinnis!

I took a distance from the door, then breached it with a kick .

Taking advantage of the momentum, I invaded the room with force .

“Glinnis! I’m here to claim my luggage back!”

I pointed the dagger I had at the succubus who was now sitting on a chair of the room .

She was taken aback by the sudden intruder, but immediately regained her calm .

“W-well, aren’t you quite the man! How come did you find me here?”

“Where is my luggage?”

I looked around the room, the dagger still pointing .

It’s a frugal place for a hotel, is it really just a room to have s.e.x?

Well, at least the walls here are thicker .

If one does not have a good ear as I am, he or she won’t be able to hear any sound next door through these walls .

The only window in the room was flung open .

I, still cautious of Glinnis’ movements, took a peek from it .

However, there was no presence of anyone below .

When I turned my gaze back to the room, I reached for Glinnis .

“There is something important in that luggage . Can you at least give it back to me?”

My emotions are raging, but I was able to keep them from blowing up somehow .

If I decide to get hostile here, the negotiations will definitely go awry .

It is better to be friendly as much as possible .

“Unn, that luggage? You see, I already hid it with magic” 

“Magic? You can use magic?”

“That’s right! Even though I look like this, I’m still a magic user at one end!”

Even though there’s a dagger being pointed at her, she still had that att.i.tude of hers .

Maybe it’s true that she used magic .

After all, Effie also said that some Demons can also utilize them .

I was told they excel at combat magic at most, but I still wonder if a succubus would need such things .

Even that, I cannot discard the probability that there are still non-combatant magic-users out there .

If that happens, then I won’t be able to use Temptation Magic either .

A powerful magic-user will surely notice and defend itself, or attack me if worse .

As I wondered what to do, Glinnis spoke to me .

“Supposed that you want me to return it, how about dropping that dangerous thing you’re pointing at me, and penetrate with that other dangerous thingyou are holding into me instead?”

While she pointed my dagger with one hand, she s.h.i.+fted the shoulder straps of her costume with the other hand .  

A little more and the strings will come off, and her big t.i.ts will overflow .

“Aren’t you doing the same trick again? I won’t be deceived by that anymore!”

I admit that I am l.u.s.tful person, but I am not that of a fool .

You can’t play the same card more than twice .

“Wait wait wait! I’m really serious here! I’m really regretting it if I can’t do it with Allan!”

“Was it so good to have s.e.x with me?”

“Yeah! When I do it with men other than you, he will definitely be down right away . Even the best human being I had didn’t even last from my hips at once”

I’m not sure if it’s just me but, her eyes show an earnest pa.s.sion about me .

This is the first time I’ve been sought for pure pleasure – without even using magic .

“……If that’s s true, and we have s.e.x, you will show me where my luggage is?”

“Yes, I promise! Therefore, please……”

Glinnis, who averted the dagger to the side, leaned and snuggled towards me .

“have a really good s.e.x with me, alright?”

With a smile full of immorality, she invited me to the bed .

Harem Tales Of A Reincarnated Elf Prince Vol 5 Chapter 4

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