Harem Tales Of A Reincarnated Elf Prince Vol 5 Chapter 7

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Published at 18th of July 2019 02:17:38 PM Chapter 7

I pulled my d.i.c.k out of Glinnis, panting as I catch my breath .

Her meat pleats still tried to entwine around to stimulate me, keeping me amazed by its ability .

Her v.a.g.i.n.a from which the foreign material was extracted is now gaping, and her insides from where my s.e.m.e.n e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed is now dripping .

Even I who witnessed it personally could tell that I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed quite a fitting .

If it’s the norm, one should already be satisfied with this……

“But I’m not expecting anything for a succubus like her . Also, my l.u.s.t hasn’t even settled at all”

That body which can attract all the men in the world . I want to taste it even more now that I have tasted it once .

Those fellows who can’t go against this has likely been swallowed by the desire until they withered completely .

But still, I dared to jump into it .

You won’t get the cub if you won’t go inside the tiger’s lair .

“I’m sorry to do this while you’re still resting, Glinnis, but I have to keep going”

“Haa, fuu……mmh? Allan?”

It seems that this girl is still lost in her own whirlpool of pleasure, after climaxing and being c.u.mmed into .  

Even the succubi has a series of climaxes they couldn’t keep up .

“Just telling you this, but I still can keep going . You guys love s.e.x the most, right? So…”

While telling her that, I flipped her body .

For the second time, Glinnis fell from the back again .

I turned my eye on a rope nearby .

This is probably a tool used for S&M plays, but it’s still quite the good quality .

“Sorry again, but I have to seal your movements . I know that above the bed is the succubus’ main territory”

I tied up both hands of Glinnis, who is now facing down, with the rope behind her back .

Now that it has been done, she won’t be able to use her hands now .

I feel temporarily relieved, then took position to violate Glinnis again .

“Now then, shall we go for another round?”

I lifted her hips while letting her stand on the knees .

Then, I brought my c.o.c.k to her most intimate place once again .

“…… . Allan, It’s enough already . Just let me rest a little, please”

“Oh, is your consciousness back already? That’s unusual”

“You who can make a succubus faint in s.e.x is more unusual!”

Glinnis shouted at me with criticism .

Though her usual tone is back, her breathing is still rough as ever .

Probably because her wet insides are still in recovery from being ‘melted’ earlier .

“So, did that small talk bought you some time to recover?”

“Uuugh……if you already know then you should have bought along with it at least”

As soon as I looked at her, I saw Glinnis with tears in her eyes already .

If someone were to her in these eyes, any man would get into temptation and become ensnared by her for sure .

“It’s a shame though that it is me . I’m always surrounded by extraordinary beauties every single day . A normal temptation like this won’t even make me waver at all”

Glinnis is beautiful, and it’s true . But a person like me is used to seeing beauties like Cecil and the other girls on a daily basis .

This, I think, made me more resistant to women, or I should say it made my standards higher than the norm .

“Are all those girls you were with, all Allan’s women? Eh? no way……”

“Of course! And they are also the reason why your usual temptations are ineffective……Here I come!”

“Hiuu! It-it went inside me again!”

I pushed my still hard d.i.c.k inside the now limp Glinnis .

That v.a.g.i.n.a of hers is still melting from the climax as I expected .

In that case, then I can violate her with my d.i.c.k as much as I want!

“I really can’t do this anymore! I already said this before, Allan, please……ugyuu!”

Glinnis, who’s arms are tied now, tried resisting with her legs, but she couldn’t even make a single kick as I’m holding both of them down .

While receiving such resistance, I moved my waist slowly .

I concentrated, especially around the back that was a pretty sensitive area for her .

“Hiyauu, Aaahan! Noo, stop teasing me there!”

“Oh, you feel good over here? Then let me make you feel good even more . Just relax and entrust yourself to me, Glinnis, and I’ll make you experience the best fun you’ll ever have!”

“ahh……To think that a succubus like me was defeated by an elf……”

Glinnis vexed in defeat .

However, contrary to her att.i.tude, her v.a.g.i.n.a is still trying to constrict me .

I knew it, her body is becoming honest to pleasure . And it seems that it’s not able to resist that pleasure any longer .

“How is it, are you now addicted to having s.e.x with me?”

“Uuu…… It still feels so good though……”

Even though she’s already tired along with her p.u.s.s.y and is now leaking a lot of hot sighs, Glinnis still looked conflicted on what I have said .

“If you become my woman too, I’ll be loving you as much as you like”

“Uuugh, uuuuugh! Although my heart just skipped a beat, I’m still a succubus! I live to squeeze s.e.m.e.n from a lot of men after all”

“Heee, to think you have such commitment, that’s a surprise” 

When speaking of succubus, I thought they are just hedonistic creatures with only fun and s.e.x in their minds . It seems I’m wrong this time .

“Anyway, we succubi are Demons too, you know? Having s.e.x is equivalent to having a fight for us”

“And, the match is decided depending how many men you’ve held victim?”

“That sort of . Besides, even though I’m like this, I’m the Succubus Queen, you know?”

“The Queen? That’s amazing”

I have been wrung by her lopsidedly and it was frustrating, but to think she was already the queen……

It also meant that she has the most erotic body and have the highest-grade techniques among all the succubi . The best among the best for short .

“I’m the one who should be amazed, all the more that you made me fall like this” 

All my female companions came from different races and places, and their variety was evenly spread out in a good way .

Now that I have come this far, I want to get a female Demon too, to achieve that balance as well .

“Really, Allan is just too greedy that I can’t really decide if you are an elf or not……Ahn!”

“Isn’t that a good thing? And here I think I have plenty of luck to make up for it”

After I said so, I made my waist movements more intense than before .

The aim of this s.e.x is to make this woman, Glinnis surrender .

I will engrave to her body that I am the most suitable to be her master!

“Nhaa, hafuu! It’s becoming intense agaaaaiinn! No, please, my p.u.s.s.y, my p.u.s.s.y will breeeaaakkkk!”

That v.a.g.i.n.a of yours which has melted already, I’ll make her remember my d.i.c.k’s shape permanently!

I deeply implanted my hard c.o.c.k, changing the shape of her insides like striking a hot iron .  

“How is it, is this enough to prove that I’m the right one for you?”

I continued slamming her hips in a quick manner .

“N-No, my insides, my insides will be carved out if you do that……Noooh……haahiiinn!”

Glinnis is enjoying pleasure while shedding tears . It is not an act this time .

It seems that she finally broke after her v.a.g.i.n.a’s being violated non-stop .

“You will no longer be satisfied by having s.e.x with other men, so you have no choice now . Come on, admit it . Admit that you have become mine already . ”

“N-no, noo way! But at this rate I……Noo, I’m becoming his own! All of me, he’s making me his owwnn!”

While she pressed her face against the bed further, her whole body shook in sync to my waist in fear .

Apparently, her next climax is already approaching .

I stopped the movements of my waist at once, then called out to Glinnis .

“If you declare that you will be mine, I will make you come – in the most pleasant way you can ever imagine”

“Haahaaa……what if I don’t say it?”

She who heard it looked back, and listened carefully .

“Let’s see……how about I cast a magic spell that no one will be able to notice your presence no matter how hard you try?

“I-in this tied-up state? That’s like telling me to die! I really want to c.u.m right now!”

She opened her eyes wide in panic .

Well, it would be really painful for her if I left her unattended in this condition .

It’s not easy to calm down if her body is burning like this .

So, what will you do now, Glinnis?”

When I asked her that question, she, as though she have resigned herself, finally nodded .

“I will, I’ll become Allan’s woman! Therefore, hurry up, hurry up and make me c.u.m!”

Upon hearing those words, I smiled in happiness .

“I’ve been waiting for that answer . Now then, let me send you to heaven”

Inside Glinnis’ tightening and quivering p.u.s.s.y, I plunged my hard d.i.c.k with all my strength .

“Ahiiii! This, I’ve been waiting for thisssss!”

Glinnis shook from the impact, as if I have skewered her whole body .

Probably because she couldn’t use her hands, her body slipped from above the bed .

And, her legs that have been supporting her waist until now has also lost all of its strength .

“Hey hey, are you still a succubus?”

“It’s Allan’s fault for being too good! Your thing is too addicting, I can no longer go back without this!”

“Then it’s fine, you won’t get embraced by another man with this”

Her body lost its power, leaving only her v.a.g.i.n.a clamping my d.i.c.k with all its strength as her body convulsed with it .

“You can’t move anymore, yet you still try to squeeze a man of his essence up to the last minute . A true succubus till the end . I’m c.u.mming, so receive it all”

“Ahhn, c.u.mmming, Im c.u.mming, agaiiinnnnn!”

“Ooh, let me see your o-face as you c.u.m”

“………uu! Cguuuummmmmiiinnnnggggg!!”

Dobyuu, byururururu!

I pushed the head of my d.i.c.k all the way to her womb entrance, then spurted it all inside, making Glinnis’ a.s.s bounce in the aftermath .

Spraying like a pump, my sperm filled in her v.a.g.i.n.a and her womb at once .

“Haha, ahahhaha! I lost, I really lost to you……”

Glinnis muttered her final words, then crumbled on to the bed as it is .

I, just as exhausted like she was, lowered my waist and sat on the bed too .

It’s good that I’ve finally managed to make Glinnis fall, but what will happen in the future?

I want to get the branches of the King Tree back as soon as possible .

Harem Tales Of A Reincarnated Elf Prince Vol 5 Chapter 7

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