My Sister Told Me To Give Up My Fianceè Chapter 2

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02. Greed the Dragon

Neither the dress nor the jewels serve any purpose in front of the boiling magma.

Those who accompanied me and those who gave me, left me and ran away.

That is a matter of course huh.

It's so hot here it might burn your skin, so it's no surprise if a dragon will appear.

I was able to come here and accept the feeling that I would finally die.

Whether they said I was desperate, or I was stupid even though I'm a duke's daughter, I know that the other daughters were saying those behind the scenes.

But for me, being given the status of a fianceé was more regrettable than dying.

It's not like I fell in love with the Crown Prince.

After all He is a partner who I have met only a few times.

However, I could not forgive my sister, who did not make more efforts than myself, depriving me of my status because of selfishness.

And also about our father who accepted my sister's selfishness even though he knew it was unfavourable for him.

To me, father is the one who strictly told me that I should not shame our duke's house, nor do something that would hurt our house.

I couldn't forgive everything, and my body feels like it was tearing up.

Now my sister and the Crown Prince will get married, and even if the child is born, surely my niece will be someone more ugly.

It is impossible for me to be by her side keep looking at her, who will be the glorious mother of the country.

That's why, I decided to die.

The most honorable death for me, a n.o.ble daughter.

That is to die, by being the dragon's bride.

Even though my parents going as far to say something with their mouth, they didn't really try to stop me from being the candidate for the dragon's bride.

Oh, how enviable.

Only then did I realize that I was expecting my parents to stop me.

Whether if it's “Don't do such a stupid thing”, or “I love you so please don't go”, or hug me.

But there is no such thing, they sent me out saying that it was an honor for me to die.

Although my sister is the only one having her eyes wet, I know it's just an act to get the Crown Prince's love.

After all, we are sisters who have hardly interacted with each other.

If my sister really had a single drop of tears for me, it should have not been this way by now.

——Aah, I…

How foolish I was…

Just asking for someone.

I couldn't even say a single word of how I want to be loved.

Though that would have been wasteful to say anyway.

I drive myself to such a place, and regretting myself while standing at death's door.

It's too late.

Because I will die already.

I will go to a place where there's no jealousy nor regrets nor anything at all.

And then I ——— threw myself from the crater into the scorching red sea.

——— It's sunny today.

Greed¹ looks up at the sky from his crater, while having that carefree thoughts.

He's not a lazy sloth but, He just hasn't been in this volcano for many years now.

When he go outside, the small creatures outside will make a fuss, seeing that is annoying.

If it's in the volcano, there won't be a such thing as a hero to subjugate him.

And so, Greed have a deep sleep in his cozy bed, feeling at home.

At that time, something small and sparkling in his eyes, jumped in.

Apparently, it has fallen from the crater.

“I wonder what it is?” Greed was interested in it.

Liking sparkling things, is the characteristics of dragons like Greed.

Greed lifted up his large body, spred out his large wings and flew.

Outrageous wind pressure is created in the crater, and with an unbelievable speed, the red giant put the ‘glow' in his mouth.

When Greed spits out the ‘glow' to a place with ground, avoiding the magma, there was an animal with hands and feet. It turned out to be a small human.

The glow is actually a white silver hair ———The thing Greed picked up was a long-haired human being.

TL Note:

グリード (Gu-Rī-Do) – The Dragon's name.


TL Corner:

My Sister Told Me To Give Up My Fianceè Chapter 2

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