Rescuing The Supporting Character Chapter 26

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Published at 30th of July 2019 05:21:07 PM Chapter 26

The company’s cheapness wasn’t something one could easily swallow down .

When eight-year-old Wen Rus.h.i.+ was carried away by two strong mothers, got stripped, put into a tub, and then they began to rub her body vigorously . Her intestines almost went green with regret .

Ah! How well the file handed over to her by her a.s.sistant was written…

The leader of the wulin alliance‘s daughter . A charming innocent young lady was ten years old when she met the second male lead . The point was that he was her hidden bodyguard given by her father and he could only listen to her order .  (武林盟主; literally “master of the wulin alliance”) (wulin = community of martial artists)

There’s nothing more perfect than this . Childhood sweethearts, A waterfront pavilion gets the moonlight first (TL: the advantage of being in a favored position), and both of them were also innocent playmates . At last, she could finally enjoy a sense of accomplishment when she developed feeling with this cute young boy .

However, they didn’t mention at all that her host was a r.e.t.a.r.d! Even if she grew to one hundred years old, she would still be naive and innocence until she died! What’s more, the man who was known as “the first divine doctor in the world” had personally determined the pulse himself .

It would be alright if it’s someone else . She would return to normal whenever she wanted .

But if that’s what the emperor’s brother said, that was ‘Jinkou Yuyan’ . (TL: The words are correct and can’t be changed . ) Even if she was born wise, her father, who only thought of a career in his heart, would probably beat her into a r.e.t.a.r.d .

The file didn’t even state that her heartless father also had ten daughters who were as pretty as a flower and jade . Each daughter was a tool for him to gain a connection through marriage!

Wen Rus.h.i.+, who was soaked in the bathtub, felt grief and despair . Their fate was sealed by the imperial brush as they would be bestowed to any marquis or a high official anytime . They were like ten radishes buried deep in Marquis Wen’s backyard . At most, they were merely ten beautiful radishes .

There were five radish pits in this backyard at this time . The first one to be pulled out was only fifteen years old . What a jerk!

Whenever an honorable guest was invited, he would dig one out and present it . Afterward, the two of them would laugh and discuss something together .

What’s the big deal? Of course, it’s treason!

When she woke up in this wimpy brat’s body, she quickly opened the embed jade to know this body’s past and what was going to happen in the future . She felt like she was struck by a thunderbolt . It turned out that there was a reason why there’s a need to exterminate an entire family, but she also thought about how to save the fate of the Wen household .

Now, she wanted to save her a** . It’s foolish to stay in this house and die with the Royal family!

Holding her forehead in her hand, the gear in her head began to turn . At first, she didn’t want to get a task that others were unable to complete it, so she applied this task herself . Looked like it was her mistake . Fortunately, she must hold the female lead’s thighs tightly in the next few years so that she could seek help from the divine doctor’s older brother and she would need to bring the second male lead with her after there was an order to search her house .

If the divine doctor would be willing to find two more dead bodies . ” Tiangao Haikuo” wouldn’t be a dream .  (TL: 天高海阔 = wide sea and high heaven/ to be ambitious and broad-minded . )

Of course, she had to save her life and stay alive when they were on a run . Otherwise, her foolish loyal-to-the-extreme bodyguard would angrily go into the palace to kill the emperor and his brother . He would also killed himself in front of her grave in the end . That would be a game over for her .

Wen Rus.h.i.+ looked up at the sky . She could only weep in her heart . There were too many things to prepare for, but she was only eight years old now . She was mentally r.e.t.a.r.ded at the age of eight . How could she find her future sweetheart?

The two mothers took her out of the bathtub and brought her into the room . While wiping her little body with a big towel, Liu s.h.i.+ told her gently, “You’re going to move into a large house today . You’ll have to learn from your sisters in the future so that your Daddy will like it, you know?”

Wen Rus.h.i.+ resisted the impulse to roll her eyes, so she could only giggle at her wet-nurse .

She had to learn how to please a man so that her heartless father would sell her earlier? She’s not that stupid .

He would love and go to whoever he could get an advantage of . She didn’t want the kind of family’s relations.h.i.+p that made people feel more miserable .

Liu s.h.i.+ touched the little lady’s wet hair sadly . Poor child, her mother was dead since she was very young . All she wanted was for her father to come and see her . But how could Marquis Wen’s heart possibly be with them? They shouldn’t expect the man who killed his concubine because she suffered from dystocia and could not bear children for him .

However, she could only use this excuse to coax her, because the first word this child learned to say was “Daddy” .

There was no dead mother in her innocent heart . There was only this scoundrel .

“The housekeepers have arrived with a carriage . ” The doorman, who stood outside, shouted, “They haven’t even greeted you yet, but they all rushed to meet Tenth Miss in Beizhuang first . ” (TL: 庄 (Zhuang) = manor)

Liu s.h.i.+ felt angry in her heart . Everyone thought Ninth Miss was silly, so n.o.body paid her any respect .

Tenth Miss was only six years old . She didn’t know how to compete for a favor, or at least, Liu s.h.i.+ believed that she didn’t know it yet . It’s all those people who said malicious words about Ninth Miss in front of her every day . Even a little child didn’t take her sister seriously anymore .

“Let them wait in the front hall . We’ll go out after a cup of tea . ” Liu s.h.i.+ slowly dried the young lady’s hair and spoke coldly .

By the time she came out holding Wen Rus.h.i.+’s hand, the housekeepers had been impatient . If it wasn’t for Marquis Wen who paid attention to the upbringing of several daughters, they wouldn’t want to step into this place for the rest of their lives .

These subordinates only recognize the children from their mother . Only the Seventh Miss with her graceful demeanor and great talent could make them bow their head . It’s funny when a fool acted like a master!

But when he saw that she was wearing a light pink cotton ‘duì jīn‘ with her two adorable buns on her head, he slowly withdrew the rebuke that was about to leave their mouth .  (TL: 对襟 (Dui Jin) = b.u.t.toned Chinese jacket . )

Marquis Wen’s favor for his daughters was based on their beauty . The more beautiful they were, the higher the benefits he could gain . The housekeeper could already imagine what kind of smile Marquis Wen could have on his face when he first saw this silly child .

What did it matter if you weren’t right in the head? As long as she had a good appearance, with a lot of training and adjustment, there would be many men who liked it .

They didn’t expect a r.e.t.a.r.d to marry anyway .

The carriage was soft and comfortable inside . The weather outside was sunny and they could hear the birds singing in the mountain forest . But when the window cloth was opened, only the imperial guards with full armors could be seen on both sides .

Two little girls inside the long convoy were both heading to Wen household’s compound on the hillside .

Wen Rus.h.i.+ stared at the little girl who was sitting across from her in the carved jade seat . She was silently counting many kinds of ornaments on her body to pa.s.s the time . Although there was no kins.h.i.+p to speak of, Marquis Wen wasn’t stingy to waste money on his daughter .

Just look at the two perfectly rounded pearls that she put on her high bun, we could see how wealthy their heartless dad was .

“I heard you’re a fool . ” The tenth miss, Wen Suoyue, couldn’t help to open her mouth at last . The wet-nurse beside her arrogantly acted as if she didn’t think it was wrong for her master to be so rude .

Liu s.h.i.+ was shocked . She instinctively hastened to speak up and defend her young lady, “Ninth Miss is your sister…”

She hadn’t even finished speaking before Wen Suoyue interrupt her, “What are you? How could you interrupt your master when she’s saying something!?” Even if she had a round little face, she unexpectedly had an imposing manner .

“Mother Song, slap her mouth . ”

Liu s.h.i.+’s face turned pale when she heard her words, so she got up in a hurry and knelt . Wen household always had been strict in rank . She just said something wrong in a hurry and Tenth Miss used that against her .

Not to mention a few slaps, even if Wen Suoyue wanted her life, as long as her young lady didn’t open her mouth to save her, she would die . n.o.body would know if they threw her into the mountains and let those beasts chew her . This was the sadness of being a servant .

Watching Mother Song pull up her sleeve and look at her haughtily . Liu s.h.i.+ felt sickened of her sneering face . She could only kneel and didn’t dare to move .

“Sister, your pearls are beautiful . ” Wen Rus.h.i.+ suddenly opened her mouth . Her sincere face was so adorable and her big eyes were clear and full of love .

Wen Suoyue was stunned, but she raised her chin proudly . “Of course, I have several pearls like this . ”

Before waiting for her to show off triumphantly, Wen Rus.h.i.+ suddenly extended her hand and quickly retracted them . It was precise but ruthless . In the blink of an eye, a string of bead chains decorated on Wen Suoyue’s head fell into her hands with a thin strand of hair wrapped around it!

“I like it . Let’s go together . ” Wen Rus.h.i.+ holds the spoils of war and laughed charmingly .

She’s a fool . A fool should look like a fool .

It’s not bad to be a n.o.ble fool .

Wen Suoyue was dumbfounded as her hair was scattered all over the place on her head . A burst of lung-tearing cry broke out in the exquisite carriage .

After all, she was only six years old . The tenth young miss, who was spoiled rotten from childhood, couldn’t believe that somebody else dared to do that to her . People told her that she would be treated as a pearl in her sister’s palm .  (TL: 掌上明珠 = beloved person) It was all a fraud!

Wen Suoyue cried until the convoy reached the magnificent building halfway up the hill . Crossing the courtyard, she saw a group of the valiant guard, but none of them aroused her interest . She cried as if she was going to faint .

Marquis Wen, who was sitting in his seat, frowned and asked impatiently, “What’s the matter?”

Wen Rus.h.i.+ walked slowly to his side, raised the string of pearls to show him . She smiled brightly like a flower, “Daddy, you see, this is a gift from my sister, she is happy . ”

Wen Suoyue howled in a loud voice while nesting in her wet-nurse’s bosom, “She grabbed it, she grabbed it! Mammy’s going to beat her for me!”

How dared Mrs . Song do that kind of treacherous and inhumane thing in front of her master? Tenth Miss was a fool again . Ninth Miss was also Marquis Wen’s biological daughter . Even if he wanted to punish her, it’s not a servant’s duty to act like that . She had to hang her head and coax her young lady to let her calm down .

“Enough! Why didn’t you show respect to your elder? What a scandal!” One was his mentally r.e.t.a.r.ded daughter who was snuggling up to him now, and the other was a little girl who cried her heart out . Either was enough to upset him .

Marquis Wen waved and impatiently signaled to the housekeeper, “Take them back to their respective courtyards and start learning etiquette with the teacher tomorrow . Don’t let them come out until they pa.s.s the standard . ”

Rescuing The Supporting Character Chapter 26

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