His Royal Highness, Wants A Divorce! Chapter 1

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“Your Highness, we are about to enter the State of Yue's borders, do you need to take a handful of the soil from our motherland along with you?”

Upon hearing the voice, Yan Ke slowly opened his eyes and looked at the darkening sky outside. He wearily replied, “There's no need to. Go and inform Su Yu, if he doesn't want me to die during this journey, then allow the troops to take a rest.”

The maidservant on the outside was in a difficult position, “Crown Prince, General Su has ordered the convoy to continue forward. As the Crown Prince has tarried for some days along the way, Yue's marriage emissary has already grown impatient. The journey will take another day, so please endure it for a little longer.”

“Do not annoy the marriage emissary of Yue.”

Yan Ke, “…….”
Yan Ke looked at his bound legs and hands and sighed. My girl, you're sitting in the carriage, of course you won't find a day's journey to be hard to bear, but…. think of me! I've been tied up for three days and three nights, can't you just let me rest for a moment?!
He had originally thought that it was really a good thing to be alive again after he had died and transmigrated, and what's more, he became a prince at that! How wonderful!

In the end, after transmigrating, he had been bundled up and sent to this backward State of Yue – which the State of Chu had deemed to be a G.o.d-forsaken, frozen land – for a marriage alliance.

That's right!

They specially sent him, a Crown Prince, to enter a marriage alliance, marrying a man like him off to another man. As a heteros.e.xual guy, Yan Ke could not accept the fact that from this day onward he had to live a life being intimate and loving with another man.

Over his dead body!

So…… he fled.

It all ended the same way without exception; he was caught and dragged back. After he had attempted to escape thrice, he was finally tied up by the leader of the troops, Su Yu, and thrown into this carriage.

Su Yu was the brother of Imperial Consort Su from the State of Chu. According to the memory of the original owner, it seemed like the original owner had harbored a different kind of feeling for this Su Yu.

So, Imperial Consort Su had engaged in some pillow talk with the Emperor and swayed him into agreeing to this marriage alliance. When he found out that he would be sent away under the protection of Su Yu to the State of Yue for a marriage alliance, the original Yan Ke went to the Su Residence on the same night to look for Su Yu.

What he said was really childish.

“If you dare to send me to the State of Yue, I'll die in front of you!”

The original Yan Ke initially just wanted to express his feelings, but Su Yu saw through him and pretended to be oblivious as he ridiculed and taunted him.

His gla.s.s heart shattered into pieces in an instant. And in a dramatic showdown, he actually really went and banged his head against the entrance of the Su Residence.

He died.

And he also returned to life, except…… the one who returned to life was him.

A Yan Ke who came from the 21st century, and who had the same name, same surname, and even the same looks as this Crown Prince with a gla.s.s heart.
Yan Ke gave a sigh. When he woke up in the original owner's East Palace, the wedding date had already been decided. The second day, he was forced into the carriage with this big b.u.mp on his forehead – proof that he had died for love.

They had traveled for more than half a month. He had never rode a carriage before and could not withstand the long journey, and so he had vomited all the way.

His attempts to run away three times seemed to have angered Su Yu. Initially, General Su would still worry about his health, but these days, using the excuse that the Yue's marriage emissary had been hurrying them, they had pushed on for several days without any rest or sleep.

In the midst of it all, they had hired several more carriages and split into two s.h.i.+fts; one in the daytime, and one at night.

Although this was nothing to them, it was torture for Yan Ke, who nearly vomited his guts out in the carriage.

In the early hours of the morning, when Yan Ke felt as if he was going to be tortured to death by Su Yu on the way to the wedding, the procession suddenly stopped.

Su Yu, “Stop and rest for a moment.”  

Yan Ke was immediately startled awake and he struggled to rise from the divan of the carriage. As he was prepared to lift the curtains to see where they had stopped, he heard Su Yu's voice outside.

Su Yu had came to the carriage Yan Ke was in after he had ordered the convoy to stop and reorganize.

The maidservant outside the carriage saw him coming and hurriedly made way for Su Yu to enter. 

Su Yu lifted the curtain of the carriage and looked at the Crown Prince who was sitting inside. He looked as if he was on the verge of death. Su Yu could not help but burst out laughing.

Su Yu said, “Crown Prince, I've told you to learn some martial arts to keep yourself fit so that you can protect yourself, but you wouldn't believe me.”

Yan Ke widened his eyes and bellowed internally, Exactly! Yan Ke! Crown Prince! You're seriously at a disadvantage for not knowing marital arts! If you didn't leave me a weakling with this body, perhaps I could even take revenge for you!

See, the way things are now, surviving is already hard, let alone talk about revenge.

Yan Ke said, “Let me rest for a moment before we set off again.”

Yan Ke's gaze was calm and unwavering, which made Su Yu see him in a slightly different light.
Su Yu mulled over it in his mind; it was as if he had became a different person ever since he regained consciousness after knocking himself out that other time.

Previously, this Crown Prince would follow behind him and address him as Brother Su Yu in that soft spoken voice of his. Now, he would call him General Su if he was in a good mood. If not, he would omit his name and replace it with just a ‘you'.

Playing cat and mouse with him?

Su Yu looked at Yan Ke. This Crown Prince had been good-looking since young, and he was renowned for his looks in the State of Chu. The only thing was that his health had been bad for a long time, and thus his body was frail.

Now, after half a month of travel on the road, his complexion was deathly pale, and he looked utterly sick.

Su Yu looked at the feeble appearance of this sick beauty and stretched out his hand towards Yan Ke to straighten the hair hanging off both sides of his face.

Su Yu, “This is for your own good. If you leave the State of Chu, you would be far away from all the conflicts. So, stop stirring up trouble.

Seeing Yan Ke's silence, he opened his mouth again, “I was too harsh that day, but you should really curb that stubborn temper of yours. Discuss it if you need to, there is no need for you to threaten to kill yourself.”

Yan Ke opened his eyes. Was he trying to coax him thinking that he was the original owner of this body? Since this Su Yu was trying to curry favor with him now, he should take advantage of the situation and trick him into untying the rope around his hands.

Yan Ke said, “Aren't you trying to kill me during the journey by tying me up like this?”

Su Yu frowned, “What are you saying? If it weren't for your disobedience, would I need to tie you up? At first, your health was bad. It wasn't as if I didn't ask the imperial physician to look at you, but what did you do? You wouldn't drink the medicine, you wouldn't eat your meals and you only wanted to run away, so why are you acting like a spoiled child in front of me now?”

Yan Ke, “……”
Acting…… like a spoiled child? Buddy, aren't you thinking too highly of yourself? I totally couldn't eat at all at that time, alright?

Su Yu, “It's fine to make a fuss over some matters once in a while. I'm aware of your feelings. But keep that feelings of yours down, don't let others find out and use it against you.”

Yan Ke listened to Su Yu's hypocritical remarks without any emotion.

But somehow, his heart was thumping non-stop, and an ambiguous patch of red actually appeared on this pale white face.

Yan Ke, “………!”

What the heck am I blus.h.i.+ng for? Also, why is my heart beating so fast?!

Suddenly, Yan Ke felt a stabbing pain in his chest. He leaned over the side and spat out a mouthful of blood. His heart….. it hurt like h.e.l.l.

Su Yu anxiously called out, “Yan Ke!”
In his state of grogginess, Yan Ke felt his lips moved on its own. As he drifted off into unconsciousness, he heard the the words, “Brother Su Yu”.

“Meng You!”
A young man was standing in the rain. A few strands of long black hair at the sides of his face were drenched by the rain and clung onto his face. His das.h.i.+ng eyebrows were long and straight, his sharp face was fearless and imposing, and his eyes were unyielding and cold.

He was giving off a dangerous “do not come near me within a ten meters radius” vibe just by standing there.

“I'm not marrying him!” Meng You almost shouted.
“This is not a matter of whether you want to or not. You have to marry him.” A deep, vibrating male voice resonated from inside the palace.

Meng You was full of rage. Ever since he found out that he was going to marry a man, he had been causing a stir at his Imperial Father's palace for almost half a month.

The answer was always no, he would have to marry!

Meng You said, “A man marrying another man, I'm ashamed for him even if he is not ashamed!”

After the Emperor of the State of Yue heard this, he gave a cold laugh and opened the palace doors.

The Emperor said, “What do you know? The State of Yue has long been no match for the State of Chu. It's a good thing that their Crown Prince was sent to enter a marriage alliance with us!”

“Beside, a Crown Prince is submitting himself to you, what grievance is there for you to complain about?!”

Meng You turned his head with reluctance written all over his face, “Have Your Majesty ever considered that there might be some ulterior motives for them to send a Crown Prince to enter a marriage alliance with us?”

“Take ten thousand steps back and think about it, even if there's no conspiracy, what else can a Crown Prince who can be sent away to enter a marriage alliance be useful for?”

The Emperor pondered for a moment over Meng You's remarks. Under the current circ.u.mstances, there was no longer any room to save the situation. This Emperor of Chu specially named his eldest son to take care of the Crown Prince, so there was no way he could refuse.

“Shu Li

His Royal Highness, Wants A Divorce! Chapter 1

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