I Am Being Chased By A Perfectionist Man Prologue

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"I seem to have developed feelings for you. Will you give me the honor of going out with me? Ms. Hina Uzuki?"

Inside the dimly lit office, he confessed to her in a business-like manner. The gleaming neon lights from the brake lights of the car outside emanated through the windows and illuminated Hina's face.

She was dressed in a freshly ironed black blouse paired with a light beige pleated pants. Her shoulder-length hair was styled into a ponytail for easier movement, and her bangs were smoothly tucked to the side with pins.

For a female, she was markedly masculine in appearance. She stared blankly at the guy who uttered those words as he closed the lid of his laptop.

“…Mr. Hasegawa, what did you say? A joke?”

“It would have been better if it was joke… Unfortunately, it is not. One way or another, I have come to genuinely like you. It may be a fact that's very difficult to accept, but a fact is still a fact.”

His words cut sharp as knife but it seemed like Hasegawa meant his love confession. But even though he had just confessed, he had a somewhat deeply-troubled look on his face. Seeing that expression, Hina blinked and furrowed her brows.

Kaoru Hasegawa. 32 yrs. old. Also known as the "Iron Mask of the Sales Department."

Despite being the ace of the Sales Department, Hasegawa always maintains an expressionless face, hence the nickname. He wears a silver thin-edged gla.s.ses which sits on top of his slender high-bridged nose and masks his sharp cut eyes. Even as a single guy, he always still manages to wear neatly ironed suits that seem to look brand new.

He was famous within the company for his stubborn perfectionism. He carries out tasks with great precision and accuracy. Even a single misprint in a doc.u.ment doesn't escape his keen eyes. His desk has to be left as is, and if anything was misplaced by even an inch, he's able to track down the perpetrator right away. Rumor also has it that the time and frequency of his coffee breaks are sharply determined.

That good-looking, strict perfectionist man, with a somewhat troubled expression, confessed his love to her in quite a monotonous tone.

Heaving a small sigh, Hina pinched her cheeks while trying to make sense of what just happened. Upon seeing this, Hasegawa surmised that she just became numb so she didn't reply right away, and then crossing his arms together, he lowered his voice in a seemingly angry tone and said, "So, what's your reply? To my confession, I mean."

“No, that's impossible.”

The moment Hina turned away, Hasegawa's face curled in surprise and he took a step away from her as his body trembled in shock.

“…Are you sure?”

“I'm sure. Well then, Mr. Hasegawa, good work today!”

Hina swiftly grabbed her bag and immediately left, as if she was running away.

I Am Being Chased By A Perfectionist Man Prologue

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I Am Being Chased By A Perfectionist Man Prologue summary

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