Coming of the Villain Boss! Chapter 1371 - The Supreme Killer (15)

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Chapter 1371: The Supreme Killer (15)

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More accurately, he found the corpse of the doctor.

It was thrown in the wilderness.

The police hadn’t found the killer.

Since the doctor was once the Host’s attending doctor, the police came to look for Ming Shu.

They asked her a few questions and found her innocent.

Lawyer Jiang felt that someone killed him to shut him up.

The first person he suspected was Shu Hang.

“If it is really Shu Hang… Miss Shu Ran, you might be in danger…”

“We can just ask him for an answer.”

Lawyer Jiang: ???

How would they ask him?

Lawyer Jiang felt that as a lawyer, he needed to remind Ming Shu that she must not do anything against the law.

“Miss Shu Ran, don’t do anything illegal.”

“Don’t worry. I’m a reasonable person.”


He didn’t feel at ease at all.

How did Ming Shu ask Shu Hang?

She went to look for him, of course. She couldn’t use telepathy, right?

Ming Shu looked at the district in front of her. Shu Hang seemed to be quite rich.

He had so many houses.

Ming Shu evaded the security and climbed her way in.

Block 5, room 2506.

Ming Shu looked at the room number. It was correct.

She pressed the doorbell. After some time, a s.e.xy lady opened the door. She looked impatient as she complained, “Who are you looking for in the middle of the night?”

The lady saw the person standing outside the door after she finished speaking.

It was a young girl that looked like a good student.

Ming Shu smiled at the lady. “I’m looking for Shu Hang.”

The woman frowned. Why was a young girl looking for Shu Hang in the middle of the night?

The lady looked at her a few times. It was not a friendly look.

However, she still called Shu Hang in the end.

“Shu Ran? Why are you here?” The worst situation Shu Hang could think of was Shu Xue finding him. He didn’t expect it to be his niece.

“I have something to ask you.”

Shu Hang asked the lady to go to the bedroom first. The lady kept looking back before she finally entered the room.

Shu Hang’s face turned dark. “How did you know I’m here?”

“I will know what I want to know.” Ming Shu scanned the surroundings. “Do your wife and daughter know that you are having fun outside the home?”

Shu Hang: “…”

Why would he let his wife know about this?

Shu Ran’s expression changed immediately. He looked at Ming Shu kindly. “Ranran, don’t believe other people. I’m your relative.”

Shu Hang felt that she became like this because someone said something to her.

There must be someone guiding her.

“When your parents died and left you alone, I should have taken care of you. Your aunt and younger sister went slightly overboard…”

Ming Shu raised her hand to stop him. “I’m not here to talk to you about this. Stop wasting time. You have work to do later at night.”

Shu Hang: “…”

Although she was right, Shu Hang felt embarra.s.sed.

“What do you want to ask?”

Ming Shu smiled brightly. “Did you kill the doctor?”

“Doctor? Kill him?” Shu Hang was confused. “What are you saying?”

Ming Shu repeated herself.

“The attending doctor that you found for me is dead. Did you kill him?”

Shu Hang’s expression changed. “He’s dead?”

The living room turned eerily silent. Shu Hang felt as though someone had grabbed his throat.

“I didn’t know.”

“How did he die?”

“How would I know?”

Shu Hang threw a few questions at Ming Shu.

After he left the villa, he did go to look for the doctor. He was afraid that the doctor would expose him.

Why was he suddenly dead?

Shu Hang was puzzled too.

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. “You don’t know? Didn’t you order him to make me into a lunatic? Didn’t you kill him to shut him up?”

Shu Hang felt a chill down his spine.

“Shu Ran, I’m your uncle. Why would I do this!”

Shu Hang was agitated but he maintained his facial expression.

As long as he didn’t admit it, what could she do to him? She didn’t have any evidence.

The doctor was dead too.

There was no witness.

Shu Hang felt relieved thinking about this.

Ming Shu touched her wrist. She got up and smiled. “Seems like I need to talk some reason with you.”

Shu Hang said, “What do you want?”

Ming Shu’s smile got brighter.

Ming Shu hit him without any mercy.

Even though Shu Hang was a man and was stronger than Ming Shu in terms of physicality, he couldn’t win against Ming Shu when it came to beating people with technique.

Shu Hang was kicked to the floor. Ming Shu sat on the armrest of the sofa and stepped on Shu Hang’s back so that he couldn’t get up.

Shu Hang was frustrated. He panted and shouted angrily, “I really don’t know who killed him!”

“Besides you, who’d want to kill him?”

Shu Hang screamed, “How would I know?”

Ming Shu pressed her foot down. Sweat appeared on Shu Hang’s forehead. He started trembling.

He took much effort to look up.

The person in front of him was not a little girl. It was a devil.

Fear engulfed him from the depths of his heart.

“I don’t know… I really don’t know…”

Shu Hang spoke with difficulty. He told her everything he knew.

Ming Shu thought for a moment. She suddenly asked, “Did you order the doctor to turn me insane?”

Shu Hang: “…”

“Silence means consent.”

Shu Hang: ???

Only panting could be heard in the living room.

Shu Hang’s eyes turned red. He seemed to be furious, but his eyes showed fear.

“How did you know all this?” Shu Hang gave up. “Who told you all this?”

“No one told me.” Ming Shu smiled arrogantly. “I was enlightened.”


Shu Hang didn’t believe her.

Ming Shu shrugged. “I can’t do anything if you don’t believe me. I wish you good luck in the future.”

The Host was able to live peacefully because she could only inherit the family fortune after she turned 18 years old.

Shu Hang had to wait until she was 18 years old before taking the inheritance from her. If not, it would all be donated to charity.

Shu Hang wanted to force the Host to become a lunatic so that he could coax her into giving him the inheritance.

If not, he could take over the fortune when she couldn’t take care of herself.

No matter which option it was, he would get the fortune of the Shu family.

Ming Shu left the small district and sipped her yogurt drink. She stood outside the district and saw Shu Xue and her mother charging into the district. The security was unable to stop them.

Shu Xue and her mother didn’t catch Shu Hang in bed with another woman.

However, he was in a woman’s room.

His belongings were found in the room too.

This was enough to prove that he cheated on his wife.

Although Mother Shu was a rich lady now, she was just a normal person before this. She didn’t have a good upbringing.

When she argued with the lady, it was as though they were filming a drama.

Mother Shu taught the lady a huge lesson. If she could, she would have taken off the lady’s clothes and paraded her on the streets.

After Mother Shu realized that Shu Hang bought this house, she went berserk.

Shu Hang was angered by her and ended up in the hospital.

Coming of the Villain Boss! Chapter 1371 - The Supreme Killer (15)

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