Coming of the Villain Boss! Chapter 1373 - The Supreme Killer (17)

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Chapter 1373: The Supreme Killer (17)

“Mister, Shu Hang was caught.”

Someone reported this news to the man in a villa.

The man looked up slightly. His expression was dim. “Caught?”

The person nodded. “The police took him away. Shu Ran was the one who called…”

They spent so much effort to make Shu Hang work for them. Yet, the girl just called the police and locked him up.

He didn’t even know what to feel about this…

The man remained silent for a while.

Then, he raised his hand suddenly and swiped the objects on the table to the ground.

The person reporting got a shock. He lowered his head further.

The room turned eerily silent.

After some time, the man said in a low voice, “What happened to K?”

The man replied hurriedly, “Internal conflict. The person who took our job is the top killer of the organization. However, he hadn’t contacted us. We are not sure what is happening.”

The man’s voice was cold. “Find someone else to do it then. We must kill Shu Ran as soon as possible and take over the Shu family. We must find that thing!”

“Mister, do you think that Shu Ran knows everything?”

“Cai Yuanpeng didn’t say anything, right?” The man’s gaze was dark. If Cai Yuanpeng had given them some information, he would have an easier time.

“Mister… Cai Yuanpeng betrayed you. He might hide some facts from you.”

The man paused for a moment. “I want her alive.”


Ming Shu walked out of the police station with Lawyer Jiang.

Lawyer Jiang didn’t want to know where Ming Shu got the recording from.

He was just a lawyer.

His job was to make sure his employer got the most benefits!

Lawyer Jiang brainwashed himself many times before he resisted the urge to send his employer into the police station.

He turned back and looked at the logo of the police station.

Pardon me.

He heard that the medication Cai Yuanpeng had come from a powerful source.

Shu Hang would have a hard time getting out of jail.

Lawyer Jiang was still worried. “Miss Shu Ran, don’t you find it weird? If Shu Ran didn’t kill Cai Yuanpeng, who did?”

He felt that something strange was going on.

It was understandable if Shu Hang killed the doctor.

“How would I know?” Ming Shu sucked her milk. “Maybe the doctor’s enemies from the past did it. This is the police’s job. Don’t think too much. They will not reward you with snacks.”


There was no such coincidence.

Lawyer Jiang didn’t believe it, but Ming Shu didn’t seem interested.

Hence, he decided to shut up and investigate the issue himself.

Lawyer Jiang sent Ming Shu back to the villa.

“Miss Shu Ran, you should be careful from now on. Don’t go out alone.”

Lawyer Jiang couldn’t help but warn Ming Shu.

Ming Shu nodded. She waved her hand and entered the villa.

“Find a new person…”

Xuan Ge stopped talking when Ming Shu entered.

“Find what person?”

Yi Qiao moved away from Xuan Ge. “You said that you don’t like the color of your room, right? I found someone to paint your room again.”

“Where did you go today?” Yi Qiao changed the topic. “You didn’t go to school?”

“I sent Shu Hang in.” Ming Shu sounded as though she was talking about the weather.

Yi Qiao started to nod. He stopped suddenly.

What did Miss Shu Ran say?

Send Shu Hang in?

Into where?

Ming Shu walked up. Halfway through, she paused and leaned on the railing. “Tutor, aren’t you going to tutor me today?”

Xuan Ge looked up slightly and met Ming Shu’s gaze.

In that instant, Xuan Ge felt his heart beating faster.

This shouldn’t happen to him.

Yi Qiao regained his senses at this moment. “Young Miss, you…”

Ming Shu was too lazy to explain so she stopped him. “Uncle Yi, bring dinner up today. I’ll not be coming down to eat.”

The news would spread soon so he would find out anyway.

Ming Shu disappeared at the top of the stairs.

Yi Qiao frowned. He looked at Xuan Ge. “Where did she send Shu Hang to?”

Xuan Ge had regained his composure. “I don’t know.”

Xuan Ge walked up the stairs. Yi Qiao said softly, “Thank you.”

“It’s a fair trade. I help you protect her, you help me say a few words. We get what we want.”

Yi Qiao’s expression turned dark. “Do you know who wants to kill Miss Shu Ran?”

“The rule never changed. You should know that. We don’t know who the buyer is.”

Xuan Ge walked up the stairs silently like a ghost.

In the room, Ming Shu put her legs up and played with her phone.

Xuan Ge went back to his room to grab some studying materials. When he came in, this was the scene he saw.


Xuan Ge put down the books and sat in the chair. He said indifferently, “It’s Friday today.”

“I know.”

“You didn’t go to school.”

“Yes. You don’t have to emphasize that. I know I didn’t go.”

“You really don’t remember?”

Ming Shu put down her cellphone. “Mister tutor, what are you trying to say?” Why is he so weird?

Xuan Ge looked down. He opened his book. “Nothing. Let’s start.”

Xuan Ge explained some questions and then asked Ming Shu to do some examples.

Ming Shu always finished the questions quickly as though she was rus.h.i.+ng for time. However, the answers were all wrong.

“Didn’t I explain this to you the other day? Why did you get it wrong again?”

Ming Shu leaned toward him and looked at the question. “I’ll try to get it right next time.”

Xuan Ge: “…”

You always say that!

Xuan Ge explained the question again.

Ming Shu was leaning close to him. Xuan Ge paused a few times while he was explaining.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Ming Shu nodded. Her chin hit his shoulder.

Xuan Ge retracted his hand immediately. “You… do it again.”

He got up and went to the window.

Now, he would feel strange whenever he saw her.

Much less when she touched him.

This feeling…

The cold wind blew outside. The weird thoughts were blown away.

He took a deep breath and went back.

Ming Shu finished the last question. She threw her pen away and stretched her back. “I’m so hungry.”

She looked at the time. It was still early.

Normally she just finished school around this time…

Xuan Ge silently packed his things and prepared to leave.

Ming Shu grabbed him by the s.h.i.+rt. He turned.

She was looking at him gently. His heart started palpitating furiously again.


“Let me look at your wound.”

“It’s healed.”

“Let me look at it.” Ming Shu was still worried.

Xuan Ge: “…”

Xuan Ge took his s.h.i.+rt out and pulled it up slightly. His wound was revealed.

Ming Shu placed one hand on his waist and took off the dressing with the other hand.

The wound was healed.

“There is no need to change your bandage again.” Ming Shu softly touched the edge of the wound.

Her fingers were warm. Xuan Ge felt an unfamiliar sensation when she touched him.

There was a change in his relaxed gaze.

The change in his body caused his expression, which had remained the same for so many years, to change.

“You’ve seen it…”

Xuan Ge’s words got stuck in his throat.

The warmth on his waist seemed to have taken his breath away.

“…Let me go.”

He finished his sentence. However, it was so soft it was almost inaudible.

Coming of the Villain Boss! Chapter 1373 - The Supreme Killer (17)

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