Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess Chapter 289 - The Vicious Belle Plum

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Chapter 289 The Vicious Belle Plum

“Marriage? What are you talking about?”

Baiji stamped her feet and blushed. She was the oldest among them and she naturally understood Lin Mengya’s intention.

However, marriage was something that they talked about behind doors. Why was the master so bold to talk about it publicly?

“Why should you be shy about this? Getting married is the natural course of our lives. Do you want to stay by my side and be a spinster all your life?”

Apart from Baisu, the rest of them were commoners. Baisu would enter the palace within this year. If things did not go according to plan, she would become a free woman soon.

The pharmacy of Sanjue Hall was doing well enough to provide for the three maidservants’ dowry.

Although they might not marry into large, reputable families, it was more than sufficient for each of them to marry someone decent. Moreover, Lin Mengya would need to deal with people from all strata of society when running Sanjue Hall.

Lin Mengya did not think that a life of bloodshed suited her three maidservants. She would much rather they get married and live a blissful life.

“I’d rather stay by your side with Baizhi, Master. Although I’ve heard that Elder Sister Baiji is engaged to be married, I wonder which young man has his eyes on Elder Sister Baiji.”

Baishao put her arms around Baizhi, and together, they started teasing Baizhi.

Lin Mengya looked at Baiji, astonished. How did she not know about Baiji having a fiance?

Baiji blushed with embarra.s.sment and turned to Baishao, saying, “How dare you make fun of me! I’m going to tear up your mouth, lest you continuing spouting nonsense.”

Baiji, embarra.s.sed from the teasing, started laughing and fooling around. Baizhi, who was the youngest among them, just trailed behind and watched.

“They’ll all leave, and we might not see each other again. Are you sure you won’t regret remaining behind with me?”

Lin Mengya directed her question at Baisu.

At first, Lin Mengya had persuaded Xiaoyu to bring Baisu with him to Lie Yun, but Baisu had insisted on staying by her side.

“I’m your servant, Master. I’m not going anywhere without you.”

Baisu usually did not speak much, but what she said today touched and warmed Lin Mengya’s heart.

She turned around and held on to the la.s.s’s hand as a shy smile appeared on Baisu’s face.

“All right, let’s wait until Xiaoyu comes back. Since we’re a family, one day we will meet with each other again no matter which corner of the earth we are in.”

Baisu nodded vigorously. Following her master might mean that she would never return to her homeland again.

However, she was willing to do so because this was where her home was.

“Oh, I thought Princess Yu’s maidservant would know how to behave. Look at the way you are fooling around. Are you treating this place like an oven in the village?”

Suddenly, the voice of mockery sounded through the air.

Lin Mengya stopped smiling immediately as two girls walked toward her.

The one who was mocking them was the shorter of the two. She had refined eyes and brows, but Lin Mengya got the sense of an unscrupulous businessman. On the other hand, the girl by her side was more outstanding.

“Hmph, this is the prince’s mansion. It’s not a place where you have a say in anything, given your dubious background. I think you’re the one who is misbehaving. Can you afford to offend my master?”

Baishao was in no way inferior. She instantly stepped in front of Baiji and Baizhi in a protective manner.

She was the sa.s.siest girl in the entire mansion. Those who were more aware would know better than to provoke her.

“Do the princess’s maidservants behave this rudely? I see that your behavior is worse than the women was.h.i.+ng vegetables in our restaurant!”

As Baishao looked at the girl who was half a head shorter than herself and snorted, she thought that she really was not afraid of death.

“I can’t be bothered with which restaurant you are working in as a servant, just listen carefully. Once you have entered the prince’s mansion, regardless of status, all guests have to adhere to the rules of the prince’s mansion. If you were to offend my master, I will give an order to have you beaten to death, even if you were a fairy serving heaven.”

Baishao glared at her as she spoke with an overbearing tone.

The little la.s.s did not expect to meet such a strong first rival. She had no choice but to back down, although she was apparently not very happy from the reluctant look in her eyes.

Baishao also toned down her imposing manner a little. She was considered to be half a steward in the prince’s mansion. Or normal days, even the men would give in to her due to being afraid of her. It was not so much because of borrowed plumes from Lin Mengya, but more importantly, she was a formidable character of her own.

At the same time, Lin Mengya, as the master, could not stand her maidservant suffering a loss.

“I’m very sorry, Sister. Xu’er has behaved ignorantly by talking back to you. Please bear with her for my sake.”

The voice that rang out was sweet and clear, like a bird chirping.

When Lin Mengya saw the girl before her eyes, her heart tightened. The beautiful lady wore a veil on her face and appeared demure, but the pattern of a plum flower embroidered at the hem of her skirt was what was making Lin Mengya’s heart ache.

Given that the plum flower on her hem was exactly the same as the one on the sedan, she had to be the beautiful woman sitting in the sedan.

She had not restrained her maidservant because she had merely wanted to test Lin Mengya.

What a scheming beauty. Was she already pitting herself against Lin Mengya even before she entered the gates of the prince’s mansion?

Baishao knew to mind her manners. She decided to let it go after the master of the rude maidservant spoke politely.

“That is an overstatement, Miss. Please excuse my lack of manners.”

Compared to the other maid who behaved like a sore loser, Baishao surely knew when to advance and when to back off, which was exceptional. She bowed and retreated to Lin Mengya’s side.

Although they were both maidservants, it was easy to tell who was more n.o.ble and superior.

“This must be Princess Yu. I, the daughter of an ordinary family of Plum, greet you, Princess Yu.”

As Lin Mengya had expected, this lady was none other than Master Plum from the North Tower. Lin Mengya’s heart tightened once again. The shadow that appeared on the window that night flashed across her mind once again, and the image was even clearer now.

To Lin Mengya, the lady in front of her was the one who shared his bed, while Princess Yu was merely his wife by name. She thought she was like a sad joke.

“Please do not stand on ceremony, she is my maidservant and she did not mean to offend. Please make yourself at home.”

Lin Mengya nodded, turned, and pa.s.sed Miss Plum to leave with her maidservants

“Miss, the princess didn’t appear to be someone ferocious. Why did Master Bamboo forbid you to provoke her?”

Xu’er looked on as the princess and her company disappeared from her view. To her, the princess was merely a silly little girl and was in no way as charming as her master.

“Bamboo has her reasons. Unfortunately for her, I’ve set my mind on being Princess Yu.”

Master Plum fixed her eyes in the direction where Lin Mengya departed. She heard from the people in the prince’s mansion that the Liuxin Courtyard, which belonged to Princess Yu, was one of the most plush houses in the entire city.

Sadly, would such an insipid la.s.s be able to maintain a hold on Long Tianyu?

“Bear in mind that you’re not to breathe about my trip to Prince Yu’s Mansion today.”

A scheming look flashed across her eyes. Despite Bamboo warning her time and again not to have presumptuous thoughts about Long Tianyu, she was sure that she was the only one who could measure up to such a fine man!

“Just wait and see, Princess Yu!”

“I don’t understand, Master. Why are you giving in to that woman? To me, she and her maidservants all look the same.”

Baishao began complaining the moment they stepped into their courtyard.

Earlier, did Jiang Ruqin not finally gave in to her master after kicking up a big fuss? How could Miss Plum, who tried to hide her face behind a veil, make such presumptuous advances?

“She indeed has some relations.h.i.+p with the prince, so it’s natural for her to treat you frivolously. Please instruct our people to treat Miss Plum politely whenever they see her, rather than make things difficult for her.”

Perhaps Miss Plum might eventually become the mistress of the prince’s mansion. She did not want to make things difficult for everyone. After all, she would not be able to fend for all the people in the mansion.

“Master, you— So what if she has some relations.h.i.+p with the prince? Jiang Ruqin was once the prince’s cousin, and look at how she had reaped the evil she had sown.”

Despite Baishao’s indignance, Lin Mengya did not try to explain further. Baishao sighed and pa.s.sed on Lin Mengya’s instructions to the people in the mansion.

“It will be New Year’s Eve in a few days. I’m going to send my good wishes to Concubine De. Come along with me, Baiji and Baisu. Baizhi, would you go take a look in the kitchen to see how the preparation for the refreshments has been going these few days?”

The four maidservants submitted to Lin Mengya despite the doubts in their hearts.

Master had been behaving somewhat differently since she came back a few days ago, but they were unable to pinpoint what exactly was amiss.

Their master used to be like the brilliant suns.h.i.+ne, but now, she was calm and steady like the moonlight. She might have a smile on her face, but she looked quietly gentle.

Even Snow and the baby tiger were lying by her feet lazily instead of being lively as was their usual manner.

Approaching the Art Courtyard, Lin Mengya fixed her gaze on the garden ahead of her.

She had not visited for quite some time and the Art Courtyard seemed to be rather cold and cheerless.

She heard that Concubine De had dismissed a number of maids. She had caught a cold earlier and had since been recuperating in bed.

Long Tianyu, despite keeping very quiet, was actually very concerned. He had engaged a number of famous doctors to come to see Concubine De.

Earlier, the mother and son had been at loggerheads. However, recently, their relations.h.i.+p had turned for the better.

“Go into the house to inform Concubine De that Princess Yu is here to pay respects to her,” Baiji instructed the servant at the entrance.

The servant gave Lin Mengya a strange look before she hurried through the entrance of the Art Courtyard.

Soon after, the servant who went into the house came back to inform Lin Mengya that Concubine De had invited her in so she could speak to her.

The three exchanged knowing looks. It seemed that many strange things were happening in the mansion today.

Usually when Lin Mengya came to pay her respects to Concubine De, she would be turned down eight out of 10 times. To her surprise, Concubine De must have somehow come round to have allowed Lin Mengya in straight away.

The moment Lin Mengya stepped into the courtyard, she smelled strong medicine. Along with the smell of medicine, there was a suffocating but fragrant scent.

Lin Mengya frowned slightly. Although it was not surprising that there was the smell of medicine in the house of someone who had fallen ill, it was weird that there should be a fragrant scent.

Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess Chapter 289 - The Vicious Belle Plum

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