Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess Chapter 637 - Childish Game

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Chapter 637 Childish Game

“Try this. This is your favorite crab tofu.” At the dinner table, Long Tianyu had a pampering expression on his face. With a spoon, he scooped a spoonful of yellow tofu and carefully placed it on the plate in front of Lin Mengya.

The people at the table had already got used to such a scene. The Tenth Prince Long Yinghua still didn’t understand the love between men and women. He looked at his third brother and sister-in-law with a little grievance in his big eyes.

Lin Mengya had not paid much attention to him since returning home, and this kind of neglect made Long Yinghua, who liked Lin Mengya very much, feel a little bit jealous in his heart. “Lin Mengya, this is my favorite shrimp meat, and I will give it to you.”

The little guy was busy putting his favorite shrimp on Lin Mengya’s plate. Seeing him give her the largest shrimp, Lin Mengya smiled sweeter.

She immediately stretched out her hand and gently pinched Long Yinghua’s tender face. “Thank you very much! The shrimp you gave me must be the best.”

Seeing this child, Lin Mengya realized that since Long Yinghua had come here, she had thrown him away and asked others to take care of him. No wonder this kid was so flattery.

She had brought Lin Moyan back home from Yun State. It seemed she must stay at home and spend some time teaching the children. Lin Mengya was coaxing the child, but Long Tianyu was jealous.

But he still maintained calm on the surface, keeping adding food to Lin Mengya’s plate. As a little kid, Long Yinghua regarded this behavior as a game.

The two began to compete with each other in putting food on Lin Mengya’s plate as if it was a great pleasure. In the end, and the food had been piled into a hill on the plate. Under Lin Mengya’s intense stare, this childish game finally came to an end.

Lin Mengya, who never liked wasting food, struggled to eat all the food on her plate despite she was stuffed. After all, no one could resist the eager gazes of two handsome men, one big and one young.

Alas, she did want to gain some weight, but it couldn’t be accomplished in one single meal! After the painful but happy dinner, Lin Mengya had a round belly. She had no choice but to wander in Prince’s Mansion to help digest, holding Long Yinghua’s little hand. And Long Tianyu, one of the culprits, nodded in satisfaction and went back to the study to deal with business.

He had not noticed his wife’s extremely obvious resentment, who was almost stuffed to death. Prince’s Mansion was running smoothly under everyone’s efforts.

It was late spring at this time, and the flowers were blooming in an orderly manner under the care of the gardeners. Although it was getting late and the light was getting dimmer, there was a different kind of beauty.

Long Yinghua was more energetic after having dinner, seeking beautiful and peculiar flowers everywhere. And when he found one, he would take Lin Mengya to enjoy it as if offering a treasure. “Slow down! Watch your step!”

The evening breeze was gentle, and it brought them the fragrance of flowers. Lin Mengya was a little tired, so she decided to rest in the pavilion in the garden for a while.

Hongyu and Baiji were following her. So was Qinghu, who was indispensable like a sticker, unable to part with her for a single minute. The biggest hidden danger in the mansion had been removed, so Lin Mengya no longer needed to live vigilantly.

However, across the garden was Art Courtyard where many things had happened before. Now, under the cover of layers of flower shadows, it looked less gloomy but a bit lonelier. “Madam, since you mind that place, why don’t we refit it?”

Baiji smiled and said softly. Baiji knew Lin Mengya very well. At a glance, she got to know what Lin Mengya was thinking.

If it weren’t for the fake Concubine De, Lin Mengya would not have been so tired. Lin Mengya’s eyes fell on the dim courtyard, and she shook her head faintly.

“Change it to a place for the children to study. I think it would be better to change the name too. Let’s just call it Study Courtyard.” The reason why a person became a devil was that he had unjustified desires in his heart.

Only by restraining the desires could people live in peace. She hoped Long Yinghua and Lin Moyan, as well as her future descendants, could all understand this truth.

Otherwise, they would bring about their destruction.

“Got it. I will do it tomorrow.”

Baiji nodded, and she would take this matter to heart. After all, this was related to the future little master.

“Look! I found a small wildflower in the corner. There are so many flowers in the garden, but it is the only one that blooms in such a big cl.u.s.ter!” Long Yinghua’s excited voice suddenly attracted all the attention of the people in the pavilion.

Lin Mengya turned her head, smiled, and caught the small boy who was rus.h.i.+ng over into her arms. Those little plump hands were holding a small yellow flower.

“Yes, although it is not cultivated by the gardeners, it is blooming the most vigorously. Long Yinghua, I hope you to become the strongest flower in the garden too.”

Long Yinghua didn’t understand the meaning of Lin Mengya’s words, but seeing the smile on her face, he knew she must like this flower too. He immediately put the flowers into Lin Mengya’s hands and excitedly went looking for other rare things.

Looking at the small yellowish flower in her hand, Lin Mengya smiled, but no one knew what she was thinking. “Girl, aren’t you afraid you’re taking a crocodile as a pet?”

Qinghu said in an indifferent voice. Even when Qinghu was talking about something serious, he still looked leisurely and dissipated. Although Lin Mengya had reproved him many times, it did not work.

However, he behaved like this only in front of her. “I’m not afraid. I think the soberest and smartest person in the palace is Concubine Xian.”

From the first time she had met Concubine Xian, Lin Mengya could feel it. Compared with the other women in the palace who were always fighting for power, Concubine Xian had seen things thoroughly.

Her family was not as prominent as that of the Empress and was even slightly inferior to the Jiang family.

However, she could climb to the position of the Imperial n.o.ble Consort and give birth to the child safely. It proved that she was not a simple person. Since the day she had sent her child to Lin Mengya, Lin Mengya had already known Concubine Xian’s greatest expectation of her child.

She didn’t want him to become a venerable emperor nor a prince with a distinguished backer. The reason why Concubine Xian could endure the pain of parting with her child was just that she wanted him to be safe. If Long Yinghua could grow up in Long Tianyu’s mansion after Long Tianyu had his son in the future, Long Yinghua would be his closest uncle, and they would have a brother-like relations.h.i.+p.

This kind of calculation was sad, but at the same time, it was the greatest protection for her child. Qinghu said, “You’re right. Although this woman is sophisticated, she is a person who has self-knowledge. Women are pathetic. They can give everything to their children. That’s why I hate children.”

He stretched out his hand and mischievously pinched Long Yinghua’s tender face heavily. Long Yinghua felt hurt, and tears welled up in his eyes. Then he turned his head quickly, intending to bite Qinghu’s big hand pinching his face.

It was a pity that Qinghu immediately withdrew his hand. And there was a wicked smile on his face, which made Long Yinghua’s teeth itch with anger. And he began jumping around Qinghu, intending to revenge.

“Women are all like this, and every mother is great. I think Lin Moyan and Long Yinghua should be thrown to you, and we will see if you can still make such sarcastic remarks then.”

Lin Mengya rolled her eyes at Qinghu. Even though he looked irresponsible on the surface, he had taken a good take of Lin Mengya back then. Judging from his carefulness and familiarity, Lin Mengya could guess what Qinghu’s past was like. This guy always used that frivolous look to cover up his battered heart.

Maybe everyone she knew had sad memories. But no one’s past was as tragic and humiliated as that of Qinghu. Therefore, even though she often scolded and joked with Qinghu, she cared about his dignity the most.

“Don’t! if you throw them to me, I’m afraid I will be annoyed to death in just one day.” Qinghu immediately put on a serious face and looked at Lin Mengya bitterly with begging eyes.

Lin Mengya said, “Well, I’m kidding. If I leave them to you, I’m afraid they will starve to death sooner or later. Let’s go and see Lin Moyan. It’s getting late now, and you guys should also go to rest.” Long Yinghua, who had been jumping for a while, was also mollified at this moment.

This was what a child was like. Once getting distracted, they would forget what that happened before. Lin Mengya led him to see his new nephew.

Because the maid who looked after him had told him that Lin Moyan was Lin Mengya’s nephew, so he also regarded him as his nephew. Since he had been a little uncle, he naturally had to take care of that baby.

So, when they arrived at the side yard, Long Yinghua spontaneously moved his short legs faster and ran into the room through his familiar route. “Ms. Tian, ​​where is my little nephew?”

Long Yinghua asked Ms. Tian in a tender and childish voice. Ms. Tian had just taken Lin Moyan back from the nanny. She immediately raised her head with a motherly face and greeted this lovely little prince.

During this time, they had been getting along very well. Long Yinghua looked very cute, so Ms. Tian liked him very much. Ms. Tian, who liked children, had long regarded this little prince as a darling.

Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess Chapter 637 - Childish Game

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