Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess Chapter 893

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Chapter 893 Inquiry


Xiao Yixin must hate Long Mengru so much that he even didn’t want to be perfunctory.

She was indeed a person with the blood of the Shangguan family. Even if she was a princess, her power was still amazing.

“Didn’t you ask what Princess Tiancheng did to make Xiao Yixin so abnormal?”

Lin Mengya pinched the cake in front of her and smiled cunningly.

Qinghu knew that he could not hide it from her, so he said helplessly.

“It’s all because this princess is so restless that she visits around every day for her brother, the Crown Prince. I’ve heard that she has many subordinates. Now, she has become the most popular woman in Dajin.”

Lin Mengya knew that although Xiao Yixin was no longer the cold and arrogant young master who didn’t know the hards.h.i.+ps of the people, he still carried the elegance that was unique to scholars deeply in his heart.

How could such a person be interested in Princess Tiancheng who didn’t care about her innocence in order to achieve her goal?

However, would the princess really be so busy for that idiot?

“I think it’s better to send someone to keep an eye on Princess Tiancheng. I think it won’t be that simple. I’ve had contact with her before. She is very scheming and cruel. I guess she must be plotting something. I’m afraid that her brother and mother were blinded by her.”

Humans were, after all, animals.

Animals were always sensitive to the dangers.

At the first sight of Princess Tiancheng, Lin Mengya felt that she must be a tough opponent.

Now, the entire Shangguan family was her mortal enemy.

Of course, she would not let down her guard over this princess.

“Everyone from the Queen’s family is a troublemaker. There’s one more thing. Do you know the real ident.i.ty of the daughter of the Feng family who is about to replace you?”

Qinghu raised his eyebrows as if he knew that this matter would definitely poke into Lin Mengya’s heart.

However, he had no choice but to do such cruel things.

Lin Mengya’s eyebrows moved slightly, and she tried her best to maintain her calm.

But the cake in her mouth suddenly lost all its flavor.

“Who else could she be? She must be someone from the aristocratic family. Otherwise, how could she be the fiancée of the Prince Yu?”

Her words sounded a little jealous. She would never hide her true feeling in front of the people who were close to her.

But Qinghu shook his head with a feeling of showing off.

“You’re only half right. Miss Feng has a powerful background. She’s the daughter of Feng Cong, the Medical Emperor. She’s the owner of the Hundred Herbs Immortal Square. Now, do you understand?”

It was true that enemies were destined to meet. Lin Mengya looked at Qinghu in surprise and shook her head, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“I’m the disciple of the Saint of Poison, but Miss Feng is the daughter of the Medical Emperor. It seems that the Poison Sect and the Alchemy Sect are indeed incompatible. Besides, Feng Cong is one of my teacher’s enemies. His daughter is going to marry my husband. Alas, it’s really a long story.”

Her teacher had told her about the glory of the Poison Sect in the past.

Although she was holding the token of the Poison Sect, it had long become the past.

But the Alchemy Sect was extremely prosperous, especially Feng Cong, who was in a league of his own.

It was hard to say whether she was unwilling to accept it or she wanted to take the edge off the spirit of the Alchemy Sect for the Poison Sect.

Lin Mengya felt as if there was a breath of anger in her chest.

What should she do if she felt depressed that she didn’t ease her anger?

“What’s wrong? Are you going to kidnap the bride?”

Qinghu had always been a person who liked to watch the fun. When he saw the thoughtful look on Lin Mengya’s face, he knew the wedding would not be too smooth.

“Kidnapping? That doesn’t work. Besides, I haven’t figured out why Long Tianyu wanted to marry her. If he is willing to marry her, I will ruin their marriage in that way. Help me find a good chance. I want to find out by myself.”

No wonder she was his girl. Her words were always reasonable.

Qinghu smiled and left Lin Mengya’s room.

She tried her best for a long time, but she still threw the pillow on the heated brick bed to the ground angrily in the end.

Well, she admitted it.

She was not as calm as she looked on the surface. In love, she was just an ordinary woman.

She puffed up her cheeks and took a deep breath. If Long Tianyu really broke his promise to them, then just let him go to h.e.l.l.

Although she had a plan in mind, Lin Mengya was still awkward for the whole day.

By the time Qinghu brought her out of the village and took her to the Capital City, Prince Yu’s grand wedding had become the most popular event everywhere.

“Girl, your smile is a little fake.”

Lin Mengya had been trying hard to keep a smile on her face since she left her room.

In fact, she just didn’t want her family to worry about her, but she was tired after keeping such a fake expression for a long time.

In an instant, her smile faded away.

She looked a little depressed and uneasy at the same time.

Fortunately, she was dressed like a normal maid this time. Her yellow skin and the freckles on her face blocked her peerless beauty.

Baiji and Baishao had been arguing for the whole morning about this, intending to help Lin Mengya be unrecognizable.

But they did not want their Master to be too ugly. Fortunately, although she was not beautiful now, she was not ugly either.

Qinghu’s disguise was much more casual. Now, he was no longer as feminine and handsome as before.

He looked no different from an old man in his fifties or sixties.

Today, the theme of their disguise was the poor father and daughter who fled from the countryside.

“We’d better not to reveal the truth of some things although we have already seen them through. Wasn’t Miss Feng going to find a few maids at the last minute? Hurry up.”

Before coming out, everyone at home had already burst into an uproar.

Not only did they accuse Long Tianyu of his bad behavior, but they also gave her a lot of tricks.

Sometimes, Lin Mengya even wondered if it was because she always did some bad things so that the people in her courtyard totally had nothing to do with being simple and kind.

But she also knew that it was because everyone just regarded her as a member of their family.

She might not follow their ideas, but she would accept their kindness.

If she went straight to Long Tianyu, she would not be able to find out anything.

It would be better to start with Miss Feng.

Qinghu nodded and led her to the courier station where Miss Feng was resting. Meanwhile, he explained the information about her in a low voice.

“The name of Miss Feng is Feng Zidie, 19 years old. I heard that she has a good character and is very low-key. The reason why she looks for maids this time is that she lives in the Hundred Herbs Immortal Square all year round and doesn’t know much about the local customs of Dajin. In addition, it’s better to have a few people who know the etiquette of Dajin around her before marriage. So, you don’t have to worry. She won’t make things difficult for you.”

Lin Mengya cast a suspicious look at Qinghu.

“It shouldn’t be like that! As a matter of routine, there’re some maids from the palace to teach her etiquette.”

At that time, although she was not that good, the palace still sent four maids to teach her the rules and etiquette of the palace according to the routine.

However, when the four maids arrived at Marquis Zhennan’s Mansion, Shangguan Qing just took them away so that they didn’t teach her anything at all.

But at least, she had a reputation anyway.

“Why does Feng Zidie still need to look for maids by herself?”

“She is different. Long Tianyu chose Miss Feng by himself. The Emperor didn’t say anything about it, but the Imperial n.o.ble Consort doesn’t like her. She didn’t even summon her once. Now, her son is about to get married, and she didn’t say anything either. As for the Empress, she wouldn’t take the initiative to make peace with Miss Feng. Do you still remember that we used to play a good trick with Shangguan Hui?”

Of course, she would never forget. When she was demoted as a vice Princess, many people wanted to occupy her position as the Princess. In the end, she secretly cooperated with Shangguan Hui to suppress the matter.

The Empress must have a plan to make Shangguan Hui replace her.

But now Miss Feng had made it all for nothing. How could she not be angry?

Lin Mengya had a kind of good impression for Miss Feng since she could make that old witch angry.

“That’s right. The Imperial n.o.ble Consort likes n.o.ble ladies, but Miss Feng is not to her liking. I will pay attention to these things. Let’s go and meet Miss Feng first.”

Qinghu had always been a prudent man. When he got the news yesterday, he had already made all the necessary arrangements.

Now he brought Lin Mengya here. The two of them could easily fool everyone with their acting.

Although they were surrounded by Long Tianyu’s men, Lin Mengya was not afraid at all.

She was a girl anyway, and those people would ask her some questions at most. They would never take the opportunity to make things difficult for her.

She knew exactly how these people were since they were Long Tianyu’s men.

After several rounds of investigation, Lin Mengya, who had answered the questions perfectly, was taken to a room to change her clothes.

There were a few girls in it, and all of them were about the same age. In addition, they had just arrived, so they soon started to talk.

“Have you heard that Miss Feng is an old acquaintance of Prince Yu?”

For women, gossip was the best way to get closer to each other.

Lin Mengya did not want to attract attention, so she’d better listen than to speak.

“That’s right. It’s not a long time since the vice Princess has been dead, but His Highness is in such a hurry. In my opinion, maybe he has already…”

Everyone understood what she meant.

The smile on Lin Mengya’s face was gentle, but she was extremely angry in her heart.

“How dare you! Long Tianyu! You always had a poker face but cheated me on my back!

“Well, this time, I would like to see how many tricks the b.a.s.t.a.r.d had hidden from me!”

“Don’t talk about Miss’s affairs casually. You are a newcomer, and you should learn to be quiet. Miss has a good temper, but you still cannot do whatever you want.”

The talking among the girls was overheard.

Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess Chapter 893

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