This World Has Gone Crazy Chapter 18 Part1

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Qi Le's expression stiffened, his entire being froze up. A horrific picture subconsciously flashed through his mind – Gu Bai, furious after learning the truth, rushes over and strips him naked. Then, he makes him kneel on the bed, posing as Baby Face did last time. Roughly grabbing his hips, Gu Bai mercilessly begins to slam into his chrysanthemum, bursting it wide open. Slamming here, slamming there, slamming him to death-

f.u.c.king h.e.l.l, isn't this a little too much?! His heart quivered as he tried his best to calm down. Hands trembling, he held out his left hand, “I came in with this."

Gu Bai recognized the spare key and asked, “Did Xiao Le tell you about it?”

Qi Le laughed dryly, “Mmm, I just recalled some things recently.”

Gu Bai raised his eyebrows. “Do you remember how you two know each other?”

Qi Le answered guiltily, “Not yet.”

Gu Bai nodded and stared at him, “Then what are you doing here?”

Qi Le blinked innocently, “Because of um…”


“Mmm, I'll tell you the truth,” Qi Le looked at him sincerely. “Actually, I'm not sure either, so I came to have a look. Who knows if I'll remember something, right?”

Gu Bai didn't answer. If he hadn't heard the arrogant laughter earlier, he would've reluctantly believed his words. But as a matter of fact, he had overheard it. Then, he suddenly remembered something. Since this man could lie to Yi Hang without any change in his expression, G.o.d knows if he was lying to him now.

Qi Le felt gooseb.u.mps being stared by Gu Bai in this manner. His smile was close to cracking, “Really, we have nothing to do with each other. Why would I lie to you?"

“Indeed,” Gu Bai answered, playing along. “Since you're here, do you remember anything?”

Qi Le was just wondering if this man had heard his arrogant soliloquy earlier. Hearing this, he felt relieved and looked around. “Let me think.”

Gu Bai didn't like to have others casually stroll into his room and was about to ask him to move to the living room when the Scottish fold cat in his arms suddenly started wriggling about. He reached out to stroke its fur, wanting to soothe it but was ruthlessly scratched by its sharp claws. Then, the cat jumped out of his arms. He took a look at his hands and felt helpless.

This Scottish fold cat was grey and white. It was raised from young by Xiao Le and had a delicate, almost arrogant temper. It only ever listened to Xiao Le and rejected all others. However, since Xiao Le died, it had withered away. Most of the time it would nestled in its small bed. He thought it wanted to go back, only to see it walk towards Zheng Xiaoyuan and look up at him. Gu Bai couldn't help but feel a  little surprised.

Qi Le stared straight at the kitty, wanting to pull it into his arms and cover it with kisses. Son ah, I miss you so much!

The Scottish fold cat stared at him for a few seconds, then moved forwards to pull at his trouser leg and meowed adorable.

Qi Le immediately picked it up and stroking its fur with joy. “I remember! I came to feed the cat. Qi Le said that the cat doesn't listen to anyone else, so he got me to feed it. Oh, I'm such a cat lover. I like cats, and I'm especially liked by cute kitties.”

Gu Bai was even more surprised to hear this. He had lived with Xiao Le for so long. Even if he wanted to hold the cat, it wouldn't be willing. It was impossible the cat was willing to be held by a stranger. He looked at it in silence and saw it affectionately rub against the man's neck. It narrowed its eyes slightly, “Meow~”

Qi Le scratched the back of its neck, his eyes were filled with joy, “Good kitty~”

This scene was too familiar. Gu Bai suddenly fell into a trance and his eyes deepened. This was the second time he sensed something familiar within this person. He suppressed his emotions. “The cat food is in the room over there.”

Qi Le nodded and happily held his son, walking over to feed him. Gu Bai followed him and pulled out his cellphone to send a text message to Ye Shuichuan: I want to know more about Xiaoyuan. What does he like? Does he like cats? Don't tell him anything about this. I want to surprise him when I send a gift.

He put away his cellphone and turned to go to Xiao Le's room. Qi Le had already entered his own room awhile ago. Looking around at the room that he had left for more than a week, he felt a tingle in his nose, his eyes turning red. He thought that his things had been put away. But who knew that his room was exactly as it had been before his surgery, as it nothing had been changed?

Gu Bai found the cat food. “He doesn't eat much these days. Can you do something?”

“I'll try.” Qi Le sat down on the furry carpet in front of the bed with his son and patiently fed it.

Gu Bai closed the wardrobe doors. Without having to think, he opened the drawer above and took out Xiao Le's cellphone. At the beginning, Xiao Le's parents wanted to tidy up his room. He asked them to leave it for the time being and to give him time to slowly tidy up Qi Le's things. They knew how upset he was and didn't force him to move his stuff.

He now had great doubts about the man before him, so everything he had told him before had to be reevaluated. He turned his back towards Qi Le and quickly went through his cellphone. However, he couldn't find a trace of Zheng Xiaoyuan in the address book, text messages or call records. So Xiao Le didn't know Zheng Xiaoyuan at all. Then, how did Zheng Xiaoyuan come up with all that nonsense?

He put Qi Le's things away and turned his attention back to the man and cat. The Scottish fold cat was lying in a certain someone's arms, cleverly eating with utmost cooperation. He watched them without a change in his expression. When he heard his cellphone beep, he took it out and looked at it. Ye Shuichuan had given a long reply about all the things that Zheng Xiaoyuan liked. He didn't pay attention to the other information, only focusing the sentence “doesn't like cats and dogs” and put away his cellphone. Then, he stared at a certain someone, “It seems to really like you.”

“Really? This cat and I are definitely fated!” Qi Le stroked his son happily.

This World Has Gone Crazy Chapter 18 Part1

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