Best Ex-wife: President, Don't Count On Me Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 One slap put an end to the family relation

  While saying this, Luo Qiuyun started covering her face and crying sadly. Soft and weak as she was, such cry made people further sympathize her.

  All the reporters discussed about it while shooting the scene. They condemned Wen Nuan, the shameless girl, with harsh words!

  Standing in the hall, Wen Nuan intended to defend herself but felt her mouth so bitter as if she had just chewed coptis. She wanted to run away, only to find her feet staying still as heavily as they were filled with lead.

  When she was old enough to rememberthings, she knew she had been picked by Wen Family from the welfare house as Wen Zhongyong often emphasized in front of her that she must treasure this luck and pay them back after growing up.

  Younger sister WenXin was only one year younger than Wen Nuan. Because of the b.l.o.o.d.y relation, Wen Xin behaved in a quite proud manner, as indifferently as a princess.

  Wen Nuan’s adoptive mother Luo Qiuyun was the only person in the family who showed a little mercy. WhenWen Nuan was a little kid, Luo Qiuyun sometimes would give Wen Nuan some pocket money without telling Wen Zhongyong and always comforted Wen Xin in her arms while looking at Wen Nuan with a gentle and sympathetic look.

  But unexpectedly, the only person in the family, who had treated Wen Nuan well, also slandered her in public!

  Looking at the adoptive parents on the stairs, Wen Nuan started shedding tears with disappointment.

  Wen Nuan muttered to herself: “It seems my efforts are unnecessary!”

  Mr. Wen and Mrs. Wen on the stairs were still complaining about Wen Nuan’s faults. Wen Nuan could not hear any voice as if she was deaf. She exerted her strengthto turn back, intending to run away.

  Everything here was cold. Even the air was as cold as ice. Staying here for another minute would make her stifle.

  Wen Nuan seemed to stand for quite a long time, finding her legs out of control. While taking a step, she fell forwards onto the ground awkwardly with a bang.

  The sound shocked those reporters and Mr. Wen and Mrs. Wen in the front. They turned round to see what had happened.

  Supporting her hands on the ground, Wen Nuan tried hard to stand up. The instant she tried to pick up the, someone recognized her and shouted: “She is Wen Nuan, isn’t she?’

  Soon, someone tramped the on the ground. Others rushed over to take off the mask on Wen Nuan’s face. A small pale clean face appeared, with delicate features, curling and long eyelashes and red eyes. The pink lips were trembling, showing how aggrievedand pitiful she was.

  People got shocked. They had been condemning Wen Nuan, but they could hardly imagine such a soft and weak girl in front of them was the so called girl “Wen Nuan”who had played shameless and heartless tricks and even found troubles for Di Family.

  While others got shocked, Wen Zhongyong rushed down the stairs and squeezed out from the crowd. Hewent to Wen Nuan and gave her a slap: “Bang!”

  The sound was clear and loud.

  Wen Nuan’s cheek immediately got swelled. The white and soft skin soon flushed, with some blood streaks hidden under the face. This showed how heavy the slap Wen Zhongyong gave her was.

  It seemed that Wen Nuan did not recognize how painful it was. Instead of crying or screaming, she just looked at Wen Zhongyong without saying a word.

  She could have been able to avoid the slap, but she accepted it directly without turning her head aside.

  He was her father, right?

  Even if he was an adoptive father!

  But after acceptingthe slap…

  Wen Nuan said in a cold voice: “Dad, I will not owe you anything from now on!”

  “Don’t call me dad! My daughter will never behave like you! Today I convene the press conference to declare that you don’t belong to Wen Family from today! It’s good you’re also here. I tell you in person that you’re not my daughter now! From now on, our relation is broken. I don’t want to meet you again for the rest of my life. We don’t have relations anymore!”

  So heartless!

  Full of tears in her eyes, Wen Nuan shouted: “OK!”

  Shepicked up her bag and patted it, walking away immediately.

  Wen Zhongyong was so cruel that the slap already broke the last family relation between Wen Nuan and him. She muttered: “I don’t need to take out the thing I obtained with a lot of efforts!”

  “Nuan Nuan!”Luo Qiuyun said behind Wen Nuan in a naturally merciful voice.

  Even if the adoptive mother had censured Wen Nuan for robbing Wen Xin’s bridegroom, Wen Nuan still could not help stopping her steps.

  Luo Qiuyun walked to Wen Nuan quickly and touched Wen Nuan’s red cheek slightly: “Your father was too angry to control his strength. Do you still feel the pain?”

  Wen Nuan’s eyes turned red immediately.

  She was able to face the ruthlessness of Wen Zhongyong like a hedgehog with a cold and hard armor, but she could not stand Luo Qiuyun’s tears. At that time, Wen Family played a trick on Di Juehao and asked her to marry him. She planned to escape, but finally agreed with that as Luo Qiuyun cried and asked her to do that.

  But now, even the adoptive mother made the unfoundedcountercharge and censured that Wen Nuan had robbed Wen Xin’s bridegroom!

  Wen Nuan felt down again and turned her head aside silently.

  Wen Zhongyong was afraid that Luo Qiuyun would make things bad due to her softheartedness. He pulled her over and censured: “She is no longer our daughter. Such a shameful woman does not belong to our family! There is no need to talk with her!”

  Shedding tears, Luo Qiuyun intended to say somethingbut stopped on a second thought:“But…”

  With a strong disappointment and bitter hatred, Wen Zhongyong said with rage: “Don’t you forget how she robbed Di Juehao from Wen Xin? Did she come back once after getting married with the rich man? She entered the family with Top 3 wealth in the city, but did nothing to help her own family’s company which went on the verge of bankruptcy. Daughters of other families would never behave like this, right? She only knows how to do shameful things. Remember! From now on, Wen Nuan is not our daughter anymore!”

  Seeing how Wen Zhongyong tried hard to clear himself, Wen Nuan laughed suddenly and said in a low voice: “I did rob Wen Xin’s bridegroom. But don’t you know how Idid that? Manager Wen?”

  Wen Zhongyong was shocked and turned pale. The word “Manager Wen”was quite harsh. Pointing at Wen Nuan with the trembling finger, he said: “See? See how she talks to me?”

  Wen Nuan sneered and muttered to herself: “Now that you emphasized again and again that I’m not your daughter. Shouldn’t I call you Manager Wen?”

  Luo Qiuyun looked at Wen Nuan with a reproachfullook: “Nuan Nuan, how could you talk to your father like this?”

  Wen Zhongyong suddenly turned crazy: “I don’t have such a daughter. She agreed to break the relation with us. That’s good!”

  Wen Nuan looked at Luo Qiuyun helplessly and mumbled to herself: “I did not mean to be so impolite, but he never cares about that!”

  Luo Qiuyun looked at both of them and felt awkward. She could do nothing but stopped talking.

  Wen Nuan glanced at Mr. Wen and Mrs. Wen indifferently and turned back, intending to leave.

  After going out of the gate, she would be an independent person who did not need to care about love or family relations.

  Luo Qiuyun started whimperingbehind.

  Wen Nuan could not help slowing her steps, but the adoptive mother did not retain Wen Nuan. She only heard the adoptive father’s low roar: “Why are you crying for her? She is so shameless that she even robbed her sister’s bridegroom and did not treasure him after that. It’s our fault to foster her. She is only an ungrateful person!”

  Wen Nuan could not help stopping.

  Wen Nuan did not know why Wen Zhongyong kept smiting her with the tongue and saying that she had robbed Wen Xin’s bridegroom. Wen Nuan wondered if the adoptive father still wanted to make Wen Xin get married with Di Juehao.

  Her fame was already ruined and did not care whether the reporters would say more reprehensivethings about her, but such repeated slanders made her so angry!

  Wen Nuan held her fists and loosenedthem once and once again.

  In the end, she decided to let them go. She muttered to herself: “At least the adoptive mother was kind to me. I must tolerate it for the last time!”

  However, the instant Wen Nuan determined to give up arguing and leave, those reporters surrounded her just like moralists, shouting at Wen Nuan: “You must give Wen Family an apology!”

  Wen Nuan looked at Wen Zhongyong.

  Wen Zhongyong stretched his neck: “Yeah! Apologize!”

  Wen Nuan suddenly gave a light smile, nice but cold. Sheseemed to be so distant and cold that no one dared to come close to her.

  She spilled out in a voice which was so light that even a breeze would blow it away, but everyone heard it clearly: “Manager Wen, I made concessions once and once again as you fostered me for the past 20 years. You want to clear the name of Wen Family, or Wen Xin. I took those blames for you, even if some of them were attributed to you. Why are you still so aggressiveand forcing me harshly?”

  Wen Zhongyong showed an awkwardlook and suddenly changed his face: “Nonsense! n.o.body will believe you as you are such a shameless woman!”

  Wen Nuan raised her head: “Manager Wen, today let’s recall the past and tell the public how I robbed Wen Xin’s bridegroom and destroyed her marriage!”

  Motivated by the awesome news, those reporters started shooting Wen Nuan.

  Wen Zhongyong intended to stop it, but was afraid that he would be doubted. He had to behave anxiously aside but was unableto do anything. Itwas his own fault to infuriate Wen Nuan totally while acting in the play too exaggeratively.

  “Manager Wen, it was you and Wen Xin who played a trick on DiJuehao as you wanted to get benefits from Di Family, right? Di Juehao went into the wrong room and got caught by the public. It was all your plan, right? If you did not do this, how could I robbed my sister’s good bridegroom?”

  Being questioned like this, Wen Zhongyong dared not say anything and turned liver-colored with a shameless and awkward look.

  Actually, Wen Zhongyong was sure that Wen Nuan was so filial that she would never say anything no matter how unjustlyhe treated her. He never thought Wen Nuan who had been totally disappointedwould reveal his bad story without hesitation!

  “You knew Di Juehao would not be willing to accept the planned marriage. But to get the 10% share, you forced me to marry him without hesitation! Butyou even did not ask whether I would live a happy life, didn’t you?”

  Wen Nuan suddenly opened her bag and raised the thing: “Isn’t this all you want?”


Best Ex-wife: President, Don't Count On Me Chapter 15

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