Best Ex-wife: President, Don't Count On Me Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 0.1 yuan tip

  Wen Zhongyong looked at Wen Nuan who was near collapseand immediatelyslapped himself inthe face. "Nuannuan, Dadis wrong! Dad is just confused, Nuannuan! Sorry! Dad is sorry for you, Dad apologizes to you! Nuannuan, Dad will never rush you away, give me the equity transfer book!”

  "Oh! Hahaha... at this time, the only thing you keep in mind is this book! Why don't you ask, how many grievances have I suffered from in getting this thing?”

  "You have already abandoned me. What is the use of it for me?"

  Wen Nuan suddenly spreadedher hands, "Swoosh…"

  "No!" Wen Zhongyong mourned, as if someone was cutting his heart.

  Wen Nuan continued to tear, one piece ,another piece, "Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…"

  Soon, the equity transfer book became a pile of debris in Wen Nuan’s hands.

  Wen Nuan raised her hand and the paper fluttered into the air, like a snow, leaving a trace of heartbreak.

  Wen Nuan turned away in this snow and rain. Her back was thin, straight, resolute and lonely.

  Five years later--

  Wen Nuan got offthe plane,dragging her suitcase.A pair oflarge covered most part of her beautiful face.

  Five years pa.s.sed. This was the first time she returned to China and set foot on this familiar land.

  Wen Nuan took off the sungla.s.sesand her plain face showed skill and calmness.

  Five years later, she was no longerthe poor woman who had nowhere to go. Now, she was agold designer of the internationally renowned clothing brand sk. This time she returned to China to conduct an early investigation for the headquarters.

  City Ahad a big clothing company which wanted to connect with the international market, and sk also wanted to join the huge oriental market. Therefore, the two decided to cooperate. For the sake of prudence, sk asked to send people to investigate the company's comprehensive strength. After reaching a preliminary cooperative intention, the president of the sk Asia region would finalize the details of the cooperation.

  Wen Nuan was the only oriental face in sk, and also came from the city A. So she was sent back to China by the headquarters.

  Not until she got the information, Wen Nuan knew that the partner unexpectedly was called Dihao clothing.

  When she saw these two charactersat first sight, Wen Nuan unconsciously resisted it.However, the headquarters’ order had come down, and although she wanted to change, there was not much room for negotiation.

  Wen Nuan threw the information back into the folderangrily. As an early investigator, she did not even take a good look at the name of the president of the partner.

  Evening lights wereon.

  City A had developed rapidly in recent years, with numerous tall buildings rising quickly and bright lights s.h.i.+ning at night. This made Wen Nuan feelanawkward familiarity and long-lost strangeness. She could not find a wayfrom memoryand finally had to take a taxi to the hotel where the partner had booked in advance.

  Standing in front of the magnificent hall of the Royal Court Hotel, and looking at the familiar styles of decorating, Wen Nuan recalled everything.

  Five years ago, she was deceived by her ex-husband, Di Juehao, and made the biggest luxury scandal in City A. She was divorced, and went out of the family with nothing. Then, she shamelessly deceived Di Juehao, and got a 10% stake to save the life of Wen Family, but was kickedout by them.

  Thinking of the past, Wen Nuan had no tears, but the bottom of her heart was still blocked by some cotton wool.It was very uncomfortable.

  She stood in front of the hall for a while, put on and dragged her suitcase into the hotel.

  After she reported hername at the front desk, and received the room card, immediately a pa.s.sionatewaiter came to help her. Wen Nuan declined him politelybecausethe suitcasewas not heavy. Besides, in the past few years abroad, she had become accustomed to doing everything personally.

  It was suprising that there wasa presidential suite waiting for her. It seemed that Dihao clothing was also a rich and powerful host. However, when she thought that it was too similar to someone's name, Wen Nuan couldn’t have a good impression ofit.

  Wen Nuan dragged her small suitcase to the top floor. As she walked, she was looking at the room number, “105, 106, should be the front...”

  The door of 105 was suddenly openedbefore she finished her wordsAn arm was extended insidethe door, and Wen Nuan was dragged into the room. “Bang”, the door was kickedclosed.

  “Ah! Who are you..."

  Wen Nuan exclaimed, but before she came back, she was pressed against the wall by a huge force. The tall figure of a man covered her. He bowed down and blocked her lips.


  Wen Nuan was fixed by a pair of iron arms. She had to clench her teeth, open her eyeswide, and moved her head desperately.

  The man seemed to be angry at her disobedience. He freed a hand to hold her head back, directly and overbearingly opened her teethwith crazy sweeping.

  With the taste of Lafite and the strong hormonal breath of men invadinghernose.Wen Nuansuddenly became dizzy.

  However, she quickly came around, kneed, and did not hesitate to kick the man's lower abdomen.


  The man keenly benthis legsand her knees.h.i.+t his legs.


  Wen Nuan thought why he had suchlong legs?

  The man seemed to be angry, more madly plundering on her lips, one hand had reached her s.h.i.+rt, "Hey-"

  The b.u.t.tons fell down to the ground.

  Sudden coolness made Wen Nuan annoyed and angry.

  She thought: “ No one can image this five-star hotel also haslady-killer!”

  “I’m so lucky, or the law and order here aretoo bad?”

  “Some people saidthat when you are being raped, if you can't hide, then close your eyes and enjoy.”

  Wen Nuan closedher eyes.

  She thought: “No, I have always been self-control. I haven’t had any problems in the past five years. Why should I have s.e.xwith this inexplicable drunk man?”

  Wen Nuan gave up the resistance and deliberately softened her body.

  The man gave out a relaxed scorn, and a wolf paw had reached outto the front part of her body.

  Taking advantage of the moment when the man was enjoying, Wen Nuan clenchedstrongly her upper and lower teeth, just biting the man's tongue.

  "Well..." The man snorted, but did not loosen his mouth, and insteadattacked her more ragingly.

  The strong b.l.o.o.d.y smell spread between the lips and tongues of the two people.

  The two were separated by a thin layer of clothing, and Wen Nuan was about to get burned by the temperature on the man's chest.

  It turned out that he was not just drinking wine!

  She thought:”It seemed that today I couldn’t escape...”

  Wen Nuan closed her eyes with some despair.

  Five years, except for the bad man Di Juehao...In fact, sometimes she also did not know what she was insisting on.

  She thought: “Well, this man's feelings seem to be pretty good. The pure hormonal atmosphere and tasteeven makemyself a little obsessed.”

  Or, let's go, let's go...

  Wen Nuan was doing self-hypnosis, and suddenly felt that her body was thrown into the sky. After a whirlwind, she wasalready onthe super-luxury Simmons.

  The wall lampbehindprojected a fancy light.

  The man immediately covered her, and the blurredface was instantly enlarged in front of Wen Nuan.

  “Di Juehao!”

  When shouting out these three words angrily, the hair on the Wen Nuan’s body was erected.

  She thought: “Itwas this bad man!”

  “Unexpectedly, I returned to China for the first time afterfive years, and I would encounter my ex-husband, in such a way!”

  Wen Nuan wanted to cry but had no tears.

  Di Juehao stopped for a moment, blinked his confused eyes, and then rushed up, "Wen Nuan... wife!"


  Wen Nuan corrected him seriously. She wanted to push away Di Juehao, but had been suppressed by him.

  Wen Nuan moved her face disgustedly, exposinga white and delicate neck, and Di Juehao did not hesitate to take a bite on it.

  "Ah!" Wen Nuan was like anirritatedcat, roaring: "Di Juehao, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Go away!"

  Di Juehao said vaguely: "Wen Nuan, hey, don't move, I was druggedby Di Qingya, I..."

  "Di Qingya drugged you. You should look for Di Qingya. What’s wrong with me... Ah! Di Juehao, you ah..."

  The sudden attack even made Wen Nuan's eyebrows tied.

  After knowingthat it was Wen Nuan, Di Juehaobecame more unscrupulous.

  Probably, the vast majority of men were like this, automatically treating their ex-girlfriend and ex-wife as their women indefinitely. Moreover, Di Juehao was in such a situation of excitement and loss of reason.

  Instantly Wen Nuan lost her words, looking at the front face which was shaking into a straight handsome face. A dazzling white light appeared in her mind.

  She was like a boatthat couldn’t find direction, floating underthe leaders.h.i.+p of Di Juehao.

  The night was stretched infinitely.

  Wen Nuan didn’t know how long she had been tossed and she didn’t know when she fell asleep. When she woke up, her whole body seemed to be scattered, and even moving her eyelids was too laborious.

  “s.h.i.+t Di Juehao!”

  Wen Nuan secretly cursed in a low voice. When she turned her face, she was just looking intoDi Juehao's deep and exquisite face.

  "The woman who abusespeople behind is not cultivated!"

  The soberDi Juehao showed the same indifferent expression like before. His deep voice wasfull of dissatisfaction. But the one-handed elbow supporting posture made him look like a satisfied idler.

  “Di Juehao, you are a s.h.i.+t!”

  Wen Nuan stared at his eyes and abused angrily, then raised her face slightly. She thought: “ I amcursingin front of you, are you satisfied?”

  Di Juehao moved his lips ridiculously. "You can sue me! Do you want me to write a 10% share transfer agreement to you first?"


  It was better not to mention this matter,for it directly poked Wen Nuan's scar.

  Wen Nuan jumped up, regardless of the coldness, she grabbed the pillow and hit at Di Juehao with all her strength.

  Di Juehao did not stop herand let her play, like watching ajumpingclown.

  Wen Nuan was tossed for a whole night, and she didn’t have much strength. After two or threehits, she sat down breathlessly. She looked down at herself and suddenly screamed, “Ah”, throwing away the pillow and quickly pulling the sheets to wrap herbody.

  After this pull, Di Juehao’s delicate waist was suddenly exposed under her eyes.

  "Oh, go die!"

  Wen Nuan was screaming, hurrying to coverher eyes. Unexpectedly, when she loosed, the sheet, itimmediately dropped, causing her to be in a hurry.

  "I haven't seen you for five yearsand you are still stupid!" Di Juehao said coolly.

  He was not ashamed, and let himself exposed to the air in a cool way.

  Wen Nuan got angrier, "I haven't seen you for five yearsand you are still so slag!"

  While saying, Wen Nuan looked askance at Di Juehao. She wrapped herself th.e.s.h.eet, jumped out of bed quickly, picked up her clothes, pulled out ten yuan from her pocketand far away threwit to Di Juehao. "Hey, give you 9.9 yuan. Now the Top 1 Male Prost.i.tute is this price. Don’t have to change the rest. It is a tip for your!"


Best Ex-wife: President, Don't Count On Me Chapter 18

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