Unbridled Medical Expert Consort: Demon Prince, Be Good Chapter 111b - Gathering of the Elites from the Four Kingdoms

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Chapter 111b: Gathering of the Elites from the Four Kingdoms

Clapping his hands softly, Nalan Ye praised, “That’s right, you are indeed attentive.”

Hearing voices from this end, Nangong Yu joined in with interest, “Sigh, Ziqing, what are you guys talking about?”

Nalan Ye gave a slight smile and took a look at him, with his gaze indicating for him to look down at that table of special guests as he said, “Look at those four men, do you recognise them?”

His expression changed as Nangong Yu apparently recognised them, “They actually….. actually came to Heavenly Dream Tower?”

“Four Kingdoms Congress is coming right up, plus His Majesty’s birthday is just next month, so it’s not strange for them to appear beforehand.” Nalan Ye spoke with a deep meaning.

“Mn, not only them, the other two countries also have people here.” Nangong Yu’s gaze flashed past a sliver of graveness as the earlier pa.s.sion from earning big bucks had already been concealed. In replacement, it was filled with alertness and gravity with the preparation of an incoming thunderous storm.

Luo Qing Luan frowned, so Nalan Ye and Nangong Yu all knew these four people? And he still asked her to guess!

“Hey, Nalan Ye, who are these people?” She asked in a dissatisfied tone.

Turning around, Nalan Ye faced Luo Qing Luan once again as he teased her again, “Qing Luan, you’re so smart so without me telling you, surely you have already guessed it right?”

“Really want to test me? Although I don’t know them, surely I can already guess their ident.i.ties right?”

Raising her chin proudly, Luo Qing Luan raised her chin to look at Nalan Ye who refused to tell the answer but she was totally not going to take it lying down as she said, “Alright, then I’ll make a guess. Let’s talk about that blue robed person, she’s actually a woman, merely disguising as a man and furthermore she is a lady with a status. I only took a few looks at her and she had already touched her face three times. Other than ladies who developed a habit of touching their own long hair, when they suddenly dress up like a man, they are not able to change the habit when their long hair has been tied up hence displaying this subconscious movement. Of course, this isn’t just the only point, the most obvious is she doesn’t have any Adam’s Apple and that’s the main reason why I could tell immediately.”

“As for her ident.i.ty and status, that could be told from the man next to her. The two men behind them put on alert and sensitive gazes, surveying their surroundings and this is a typical display of personal guards so from here I deduced that the other two are their Masters.”

This la.s.s had merely taken a few looks at them and had already a.n.a.lysed so much, she was indeed bright and quick-witted. Nalan Ye smiled, “Good, good, you’re indeed This Prince’s wife. Qing Luan, if you can guess that man’s ident.i.ty then I will really think you are incredible!”

Not fleeting from a few praises from Nalan Ye, Luo Qing Luan turned her head over with an astute look, “If I am able to guess correctly, what reward will you give me?”

Nalan Ye smiled slightly, “What do you want?”

Luo Qing Luan replied without any hesitation, “Very simple, don’t you have a property along Changluo Street, that Azure Water Manor. This lady has taken a liking to it and wants to use it to do some business. If I guess it correctly, how about you give it to me?”

“Alright.” Nalan Ye agreed to it directly. Whatever was his were all hers as well, so what was there to not bear to part with?

A satisfactory pair of eyes narrowed as the mere thought of the Jade Pura Mansion would land in her hands immediately, Luo Qing Luan answered immediately, “Then I’ll tell you, that man with the highest status should be East Wan Country’s Crown Prince, am I right?”

Not only Nalan Ye, even Nangong Yu who was sitting by the side had a shock, “Young Miss Luo…. Oh, no, no, Prince Consort, do you know Xiao Yuqi?”

If it wasn’t for this fact, how could Luo Qing Luan possibly guess the Crown Prince of East Wan, Xiao Yuqi’s ident.i.ty? Although she would tell that he was from East Wan, but there were so many influential and powerful people in East Wan Country so how could she possibly have guessed it correctly in one shot?

“What’s so difficult about that? Since I can tell that they’re from East Wan, and that the Four Kingdoms Congress is around the corner, if East Wan Country would send some emissaries, it would just be these few people. This man in front of us, just from his age and appearance would already eliminate quite a number of choices. Then looking at the jade thumb ring on his thumb, I recall that this is the symbol of East Wan’s imperial power. Other than the Emperor, it would only be the Crown Prince who would put this on when he attended other countries to reflect his status. Since it was already so obvious, how could I possibly not tell?”

Speaking of this, Luo Qing Luan directly pointed out to that blue robed lady disguised as a man as she said, “Since Xiao Yuqi’s ident.i.ty is certain, then this lady would be easily guessed as well. She is naturally Xiao Yuqi’s beloved younger sister, East Wan Country’s only Princess – Xiao Ningyu. Am I right?”

A seemingly simple a.n.a.lysis but spoken in such precision. Although quite an amount was due to luck, but if it wasn’t for Luo Qing Luan’s careful observation and knowing about East Wan’s current state of country, plus Western Chu’s recent state, it would not be guessed that easily. Nangong Yu truly admired her right from the bottom of his heart as he couldn’t help but nodded, “Indeed amazing, Prince Consort, This Prince really admires you. In the past I thought only Ziqing was such a demonic genius, but I’d not expected that you’re the same as well. You two are really a compatible couple!”

“Now then you realised?” Nalan Ye gave a delighted gaze which was totally unconcealable.

Rolling her eyes at Nalan Ye, Luo Qing Luo continued looking downstairs as she spoke out, “Since East Wan’s people are already here tonight, I guess quite a number of people from South Yue are here too right? It’s said that vice entertainment grounds are the best suited for gathering discreet information, so I’m guessing that North Yue who regards Western Chu as their impa.s.sable foe would not run away from all these as well.”

The three of them exchanged glances and started looking towards the entire lobby filled with guests. Looked like tonight’s Heavenly Dream Tower became a gathering of elites from the Four Kingdoms, which was indeed bustling extraordinarily.

Unbridled Medical Expert Consort: Demon Prince, Be Good Chapter 111b - Gathering of the Elites from the Four Kingdoms

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