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Chapter 50b: Changed This Year's Rules

Just as she finished reciting, those girls familiar with her immediately clapped their hands. In response, everyone also followed after and nodded inwardly, praising incessantly. Something like 'what finely done ant.i.thesis', and even said Miss Sun's literary ideas gushes forth like a spring. The empress had given the topic for but a moment, yet she already created a poem. Moreover, it was in alignment with the topic, speaking of how the moon was full, and people longed to be reunited, and was really a rare composition. 

After all, this was the first poem. As long as it wasn't too terrible, Empress w.a.n.g would also not go as far as to say that it was bad.

Right away, she smiled and praised Sun Qiao'Er for doing a good job and even asked which teacher she ordinarily learned from. Sun Qiao'Er was overwhelmed by the favor and replied to each question. Only after that did she sit down, her face completely crimson. It was obvious that she was quite excited inside.

No matter what, she'd pa.s.sed one of tonight's obstacles. Sun Qiao'Er calmed down before lingering fear surfaced. If it wasn't for Empress w.a.n.g intentionally being lenient, and her luck being good, how could she not lose face tonight?

The more she thought about it, the more worried she became. To avoid any problems cropping up later, Sun Qiao'Er decided that no matter what, she won't try to attract anymore attention tonight.

Empress w.a.n.g smilingly said a few things to Imperial Consort Song and the other consorts, then asked Yuchi Lianqing another question. The latter paid her respects graciously as she answered flawlessly. She praised Sun Qiao'Er's literary talents without belittling herself in the least, as if she was a major scholar providing commentary and actually even reflected some of her teacher's graceful bearing.

At this point, Empress w.a.n.g expressed regret. "If would've been even more lively if Teacher Ling could be present at tonight's feast."

"Although Teacher is extremely knowledgeable and learned, he is health has always not been too great." Yuchi Liangqing immediately a.s.sumed an appearance of pride and cleverly continued, "Before I came, Teacher even said that she can't help but miss seeing Your Highness' graceful bearing, so she asked for Your Highness' forgiveness and hoped that you won't take offense. She can only wait at home to see how many masterpieces will be presented on the following day."

"Scholar Lin is being too courteous. I'll personally invite her to come into the palace on another day, so that we could have a good chat." 

After a few more interjections, the conversation immediately returned to the main topic. Based on Lin Qiao'Er's seat order, the young lady next in line, dressed in pink, stood up trembling in fear.

Empress w.a.n.g perceived that she appeared delicate and pretty and actually had a bit of a good impression of her. She said, "You can use Morning Sun Palace as the setting and integrate that into today's Mid-Autumn Festival poem."

"Ah……" She originally thought that the topic would still be the Mid-Autumn Festival, and that it would be as easy as Sun Qiao'Er's. Once this young lady heard the three words 'Morning Sun Palace', she immediately panicked. Her complexion instantly flushed red and she hemmed and hawed for quite awhile without being able to say anything.

Luo Qing Luan wasn't affected at all. In any case, she merely came here tonight to go through the motions. Every one of these people previously mocked her for not knowing how to compose poetry. Too bad for them, it's now their turn to be tested on whether they truly have talent. It turned out that each and every one of them were idiots.

After standing for a period of time, that young lady in pink became more and more panicky. She was practically ready to burst into tears. Her mouth merely formed the words, "Palace……Morning Sun Palace……" After a long time, still not a single appropriate verse was recited.

Empress w.a.n.g already understood something. As it turned out, Imperial Consort Song also understood. Apparently, the rules have truly changed. Each and every one of these ordinarily eloquent highborn ladies had become mute. It's just that tonight was supposed to be a joyous occasion after all, so it's also not good to be too demanding to avoid ruining the mood. She spoke out. "She looks to be still young. Forget it if she can't compose something. Let's have her sit down?"

"Fine. Go back and think about it well. You can withdraw." Empress w.a.n.g concurred emotionlessly.

"Yes. Thank you for Your Highness' grace." The shame in that young lady in pink's eyes already turned into tears threatening to overflow.

Having lost face in front of everyone, once she returned to her seat, she couldn't help but sob. The other young girls who saw this also didn't come and console her. They were preoccupied with their own turn to go up on stage later on. What should be done if they also could not come up with anything?

Within a short time, the atmosphere at the Full Moon Feast changed completely. Some people actually became tense and terrified.

If there'd only been two people like this, Empress w.a.n.g still wouldn't mind. However, the following that, she also asked seven or eight ladies, each one of whom were also born of prestigious families, and who had status, position, and renown within their families. 

The topic that she gave could also be considered simple and wasn't too demanding at all, but the poems they composed surprisingly was not up to standard in the least. If they weren't standing there dumbstruck, then they were acting coy for half the day before coming up with a verse. Not only did the meter and meaning fail to parallel in the couplets, some even failed to rhyme and were completely random.

Gradually, Empress w.a.n.g also started to become displeased. It was obvious that in previous years, each and every one of these highborn young ladies had plagiarized others' works. Every one of these aristocratic young ladies ordinarily known for their talents all turned out to be incompetent and unlearned idiots.

"What now? I've already asked so many people. Is it possible that I won't be able to hear a single good poem tonight?" 

Having heard Empress w.a.n.g's somewhat sullen voice, the room full of highborn young ladies panicked. Oh no! The empress is displeased. How could she not have a bad impression of them? Don't even mention becoming the crown prince consort, if they're not careful, the empress might even be stirred into anger, with no end of trouble in sight.

Luo Qing Luan was totally unaffected as she watched each and every one of these young ladies' terrified appearance. There were only three words in her mind: 'serves them right'!

Who told them to mock her like that previously? This time, they'd made a rod for their own back, right?

Just at this time, a clear and elegant, sweet-sounding voice reverberated and Yuchi Lianqing was seen to be standing up. She turned to Empress w.a.n.g and bowed a deep bow, "Your Highness, how about having me give it a try. May you suggest a topic."

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