The Devious First-Daughter Chapter 518 - Was I That Obvious?

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Chapter 518 Was I That Obvious?

Ning Xueyan stayed only briefly in the Yuyan Shop and left soon after.

On her way home, all she could think about was Hua Yunheng’s words. How could it be true? How could it be? Her betrothed in her past life was Xia Yuhang. When did it become Hua Yunheng? Why didn’t she know anything about this?

Back then, he was only eleven or twelve, and she was only about seven or eight. Now that she thought about it, she was about ten when she learned about her engagement with Xia Yuhang. Her parents had merely told her that her engagement with Xia Manor was decided a long time ago.

Could there be a misunderstanding?

Was Hua Yunheng lying? But, Ning Xueyan swiftly discarded this thought. He didn’t have any reason to deceive her. She was n.o.body to Ning Ziying; she wouldn’t know anything about Ning Ziying. She appeared completely innocent in all of these.

Was Hua Yunheng really going to pay his respects to her? Or was he looking for something in the Lord Protector’s Manor? She sank into confusion. She wanted to cut off everything about her past life, but she realized now that it was impossible. The more she learned, the more confusing things became, so much so that she didn’t even know where to start making sense of everything. Stringing her past together had simply forced her to continue investigating the truth.

Hua Yunheng watched Ning Xueyan’s carriage leave from the teahouse opposite the Yuyan Shop.

“What’s wrong? Do you find her suspicious?” A voice, filled with enchanting mirth, resounded clearly behind him. He turned his head and looked calmly at Wen Xueran who sat at the table.

“Do you think Ning Ziying is really dead?” He walked over and sat down opposite him. He picked up a cup of tea and took a sip. He lowered his gaze, concealing the emotions in the depth of his pupils.

“You… You’re kidding!” Wen Xueran wore a look of disbelief, his handsome and elegant face dyed with ridicule. He guffawed while rapping the table. “Don’t tell me you think Ning Ziying is still alive or that you came to the capital to marry her! All she knew was that her fiance was Xia Yuhang! No one knows about you!”

Hua Yunheng looked up and stared quietly at Wen Xueran. Wen Xueran laughed so hard that the sides of his mouth nearly cracked. He touched his handsome face helplessly until his smile gradually faded. “Yunheng, don’t tell me you’re for real,” he said solemnly.

“She’s a very good girl. Very quiet, very obedient,” Hua Yunheng said softly.

“So what? Back then, your family set a different engagement for you. Even if the marriage didn’t happen, it had nothing to do with you. Besides, have you forgotten about me? To be precise, not even you and Xia Yuhang could be considered her fiance! I was her original match!”

Wen Xueran laughed again, this time with such beauty that it was almost demon-like. He picked up the folding fan on the table and opened it with a snap, shaking it lightly.

Hua Yunheng turned his head to look out of the window. After a long time, he finally asked, “Was she murdered by Madam Ling and her daughters?”

“I guarantee it. Who would have thought that the eldest princess of the former dynasty, who had hidden so well, would die in such a sorrowful way. She had actually died so miserably after having her fiance stolen from her,” Wen Xueran said, sounding so aloof that it was as if he was talking about someone else’s affairs altogether. He leaned back on his chair, looking terribly at ease.

“You were in the capital at that time, weren’t you? Didn’t you know her ident.i.ty? How could you watch her die like that?” Hua Yunheng’s expression darkened.

“Hey, don’t be mad. I really didn’t know, or I would have helped her, even if it’s not for her sake. I can’t just watch a descendant of the previous dynasty die just like that!” Wen Xueran said, sounding rather regretful. He looked quite sorry and sad, but his smiling face made it hard for anyone to think that he was being sincere.

“She didn’t know that she was engaged to you,” Hua Yunheng said.

“Right. Who would care about our engagement? It had always been a verbal promise anyway. Besides my mother, I don’t think anyone cared about it,” Wen Xueran replied aloofly. He quickly changed his tune, asking, “What’s wrong? Do you plan to avenge her? I heard Xia Manor is in complete chaos now. It seems that Consort Ning doesn’t merely have a good impression of Ning Ziying.”

“Is that why you told me to start with her and use her to visit the Cloud Reflection Courtyard?” Hua Yunheng asked, his expression tainted with a trace of fury.

“Hey, stop. I was just suggesting it. It’s your choice whether to pay your respects or not. You’re not familiar with anyone else in the Lord Protector’s Manor but you’ve at least met Consort Ning. Isn’t it the best plan to enter the manor through her? What, did you think I’m exploiting you?”

Wen Xueran shook the folding fan in his hand, looking aggrieved. His enchanting, almond-shaped eyes seemed almost pitiful. If those rich young ladies were to see him like this, they would have cried with excitement.

“Are you curious about Consort Ning?” Hua Yunheng was unmoved by his expression and went straight to the heart of the matter.

Wen Xueran closed the folding fan in his hand with a snap, his enchanting expression vanis.h.i.+ng almost instantly. His face looked unkind now. “What? Are you going to interfere in my business as well?”

“Xueran, you’re getting agitated!” Hua Yunheng said calmly, patting the table beside him.

Thud! He brought his hand down on the table with so much force that the two cups of tea nearly jumped and fell to the ground. The young servant and maid outside exchanged looks, but lowered their heads and said nothing.

“Hua Yunheng, everything about Ning Ziying is in past tense now. Don’t act like you’ve really lost your wife. The previous dynasty is in the past, and you have nothing to do with them anymore. Your father chose to rebel against the previous dynasty, so what’s the point of expressing your loyalty now? It had always been impossible between you and Ning Ziying. Your engagement has always been a scheme by your family.”

Wen Xueran’s voice was cold.

“The previous dynasty is dead. Talk all you want about them, but they have already fallen. And did you really think that the current Emperor has no misgivings about Annan?”

“He’s very concerned about us.” Hua Yunheng was stating a fact in a voice that was neither high nor low, just enough to reach Wen Xueran’s ears clearly.

“He doesn’t just have misgivings about Annan! Annan has become a thorn in his heart. As long as your family doesn’t give up your military and political power, he’ll never be at peace. The Ao clan claimed the world through military force, and it has only been a few years since the country was founded. Even though he placed his soldiers and horses in Nanshan, he can easily reclaim them. With Annan around, he wouldn’t dare to neglect his troops!”

“So, are you saying that we should wait to be captured with our hands tied?” Hua Yunheng leaned back on his chair and looked at Wen Xueran with his eyebrows raised.

“Well, if you want to see your family exterminated, I don’t care either way. It has nothing to do with me.” Wen Xueran’s expression regained its calmness. He smiled alluringly as he glanced at Hua Yunheng. “We’re still friends. If your family in Annan is exterminated, I promise to go up there and collect your corpse. If I happen to be in a kind mood, I’ll even bury you beside your beloved Lady Ziying. Don’t be too grateful. I have always been kind.”

Wen Xueran looked like an aloof hooligan. He shook his sleeve and started shaking his folding fan again.

“Can you get your hands on her bones?” Hua Yunheng acted as if he didn’t hear the mockery in his words.

“You’re kidding me. You really want to be buried with her?” Wen Xueran’s eyes widened. His face, as beautiful as that of a woman, was full of astonishment.

“She was a good girl!” Hua Yunheng lowered his head, looking a little desolate.

Seeing his expression, Wen Xueran shook his head helplessly and said, “All right, all right. I’ll definitely help you look for it if I get the chance.”

“Thank you!” With a solemn expression, Hua Yunheng stood up and gave Wen Xueran a deep bow. “I don’t have much manpower here, but you’re different. So, I need your help. As for your suggestion, I’ll consider it for a while longer.”

Since Hua Yunheng had said this, Wen Xueran knew that he couldn’t be hasty for an answer now. He nodded helplessly. “All right. Consider it all you want, but act quickly. I don’t want you to implicate me.”

“Okay,” Hua Yunheng said dismissively. He turned around and walked out. When he reached the door, with his one hand on the handle, he suddenly said, “Ao Chenyi isn’t an easy opponent. Don’t mess with Consort Ning.”

With half of his back against the chair, Wen Xueran said with a rather exaggerated laugh, “Hey! When did you see me messing with her? She’s just a lady from the Lord Protector’s Manor. Why would I mess with her? Besides, even if I want to, I would have already done so. I wouldn’t have been patient to wait until now.”

“You know it best! That’s all I’m going to say. Think hard about it.” Hua Yunheng opened the door and walked out.

Wen Xueran sat straight on the chair, the enchanting smile on his face gradually disappearing. His delicate brows knitted tightly. Was he that obvious?

When did that girl enter his heart? Was it that guarded look in her eyes or her wary expression? No woman had ever treated him like that and that made him curious about her. How could such a weak, childish girl have such a tenacious look in her eyes?

And gradually, little by little, he would deliberately get involved with her.

But, she was still her, and he was still him. They would never be on the same parallel line, so this was the best outcome…

He stood up, his enchanting smile back on his face. Under his long eyelashes, his almond-shaped eyes gleamed and his expression was carefree. When he stood up again, he was still that unruly and fearless Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Min. The changing of dynasties had nothing to do with a playboy childe like him.

He pushed the door open and walked forward carelessly. But, when he reached the end of the stairs and pa.s.sed by a woman wearing a veiled hat, he stood still. He closed his folding fan and knocked it twice on his palm. He raised his head and looked at the private room where the woman had disappeared in, a meaningful smile on his lips.

Things were getting more and more interesting. Little did he expect that he would encounter the last person who should show up here?

Oh, all right! He was just here to watch the show. After thinking about it, he walked upstairs again.

The Devious First-Daughter Chapter 518 - Was I That Obvious?

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