Always By Your Side Chapter 2

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The next day, Cheng Yuan Yuan rose very early, because Uncle Sheng Hua was going to send her to the hospital with her mother. When she walked out of the room, she subconsciously glanced at the next door. Cheng Bai's door was closed. If his habits did not change, he should have exercised early.

After breakfast, Cheng Sheng Hua sent Cheng Yuan Yuan and her mother to the hospital. Because Cheng Sheng Hua's medicinal materials business was busy, he did not stay in the hospital for a long time.

 Dai Shu Fen sent him out.

In the ward, Cheng Yuan Yuan that was left alone looked at her grandmother. The old woman was lying quietly on the bed, no longer arbitrarily throwing punches and insulting.

Cheng Yuanyuan's family can be said to be very unfortunate. Her grandfather died early, and her grandmother raised her father alone and sent him to be a soldier. She looked after her father both as a mother and a father, and watched him become a cold body. Quietly lying on the edge of the river. Her grandmother didn't like her mother Dai Shu fen very much. Silence is her most usual att.i.tude towards her. After the death of her father, she began to curse and even fight with her mother from time to time, but then turned to silence, and did not seem to remember what she had done before.

Every time Cheng Yuanyuan recalls her family situation, she is somewhat sentimental. Her mother just because she didn't want her to grow up in such an environment, in order not to delay her future, when Uncle Sheng Hua told her that he could help her to study in the city, her mother agreed not to bother others.

Cheng Yuanyuan doesn't know what kind of feelings she harbours towards her grandmother. She's a relative, but not a loved one. She wants to hate her, but when she looks at the old woman who is lying on the bed, she just can't hate her.

At this time, Cheng Yuanyuan suddenly saw her grandmother's head lifted up slightly, and she opened her mouth vaguely and said: "The bottle... I... sorry..."

Cheng Yuanyuan became awkward. She subconsciously escaped and sat down on the sofa farthest from the bed.

After a while, Dai Shu Fen opened the door and found that Cheng Yuanyuan's face had turned pale. She thought she was worried about her grandmother. She said: "The situation after your grandmother's stroke has been good and bad. The doctor said that the rescue was timely, after some days, she can leave the hospital. You just came back on a long-distance train yesterday. If you are too tired, go back to rest."

Cheng Yuanyuan shook her head, stretched out her hand towards her mother, and looked up at the hospital bed - she looked at her quiet grandmother and said, "Mom, I will accompany you later."

The mother and daughter sat down side by side.

"Mom." Cheng Yuanyuan pondered a bit, but still spoke. "In recent years, my grandmother's dementia has become more and more serious, but I have never forgotten that I am not a grandson. I can't pa.s.s on the incense to Cheng family. If... If I were a man, grandma, she won't be like that to you?" When she said this, there was some uncertainty and grievances in her heart. "And what kind of ancestral bottle, I have never seen what it looks like, what is it that I'm missing?"

Dai Shu Fen sighed helplessly and reached out to her daughter's delicate shoulder: "Mom has never felt a trace of regret because you are a girl. And your grandmother's thoughts, although I don't agree, but I also understand her. Her life is also bitter. As for the ancestral bottle..." Dai Shu Fen said, "I didn't tell you earlier, maybe it was stolen."


Cheng Yuanyuan still wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Dai Shu Fen: "Cheng Yuanyuan, don't worry about grandma, I'll be here with her, you don't stay in the hospital, do your own thing. Obey."

Seeing that Dai Shu Fen wants her to go, and as Cheng Yuanyuan knows that she can't help even if she stays here. She said goodbye to her mother and left the ward.

Walking in the long corridor of the hospital, she was still thinking about the missing ancestral porcelain bottle. Her grandmother always said that it was because Cheng house's son smashed cigarettes to her generation, so the ancestors took back the porcelain bottles, which was a punishment for them. This is too ridiculous for someone like Cheng Yuanyuan who has received science education.

"Early, small journey."

"Doctor Zhao." Not far behind, a familiar voice rang into Yuanyuan's ears.

The owner of the sound was slowly approaching, and Cheng Yuanyuan was full of squats. She immediately stepped forward and rushed forward and continued until she approached the entrance of the building, but it was raining outside.

She was smashed. The weather was fine in the morning so she didn't bring an umbrella.

"Running so urgently, is it a rush to reincarnation?" At this moment, the cool voice rang from behind her. She shrank her neck and turned back, and saw Cheng Bai wearing a white coat.

"I want to ask you, why did you follow me?" She saw that Cheng Bai had a black umbrella in his hand. She could not help but stare at the umbrella for a few seconds. "You want to borrow this umbrella?" Cheng Yuanyuan immediately shook her head in her heart.

Cheng Bai directly threw the umbrella to her, and as she hurriedly caught it water droplets slammed into her face. She lifted her hand to wipe the water off her face and glanced at Cheng Bai.


"Don't be like that!" Cheng Yuanyuan decisively took the umbrella and opened it, and headed outside.

Cheng Bai looked at her slender back and walked away. Until he noticed her long-lasting gaze, he gently pressed his forehead, and his heart sighed helplessly.

Before he had just changed clothes in the office, when he saw her walking through the hallway outside the door. He glanced at the rain outside, remembering that many years ago, she held an umbrella in the rain, waiting for him. Later, she never waited for him like that.

When Cheng Yuanyuan walked to the bus stop to wait for the bus, she saw in a tea house opposite the road, there was man sitting with a woman. The man's face was elegant, and the eyebrows were beautiful, and he picked up the celadon tea in front of him and took a sip.

The female-person who was sitting in front of was his a.s.sistant. When he put down the teacup, she said, "At nine o'clock. Have we almost pa.s.sed?"

The man was calm and ignorant, "I am not in a hurry, the activity is at ten o'clock. I will go to the venue ten minutes ago. I have to deal with a bunch of people. But should I drink some tea first, wake up G.o.d."

The female a.s.sistant smiled and asked: "You have just returned to China, the time difference has not been adjusted, so have you not slept well?"

"I am having more dreams, my sleep has not always been good.", he said, looking out the window.

In the rain outside, deep green trees, pedestrians pa.s.sing by in a hurry, such as the scenery of the same frame rotation, and he is outside the box, he doesn't know where he is, this evening.

He only knows that there are individuals who he must meet in this life.


The man vaguely heard someone calling him, and he looked back at the a.s.sistant: "What?"

"Your phone is ringing."

After Cheng Yuanyuan returned to the Cheng house, aunt Zhu had made her favourite crab fried rice cake and the two simply finished the lunch. In the afternoon, Cheng Yuanyuan sat in her room checking her mail with antic.i.p.ation, and the result was clean in the inbox. Is the Chinese department not a panacea? Why did she cast so many resumes like mud cows into the sea, no news? She wanted to cry without tears.

To say that during Cheng Yuanyuan studied in University, she applied for a scholars.h.i.+p, and got one, giving teachers a surprise. She tutored to earn her living expenses. The money she spent was almost all earned by her. She was like an invincible little superwoman. Cheng Sheng Hua lamented that she was a really sensible child, but she was helpless in front of her elders.

Now that Cheng Yuanyuan has graduated, it is naturally urgent to want to work, to make money. Because she wants to support her mother and grandmother. To return her uncle what is due. "Give people peace of mind, owe people a heart." This is what her father said, she has kept it in her mind.

"Email, hurry up, work and work quickly. The spirits are spirited, work, you come on, it is best to edit the newspaper, magazine, I will love it."

Cheng Yuanyuan was sitting on the chair in front of the desk, and the chair could be turned, so she turned the chair while reading the "magic", and she was wearing a witchcraft, so that her email thing may work up. Then she didn't know how many turns she made sitting on the chair, when she saw that there was someone standing on the door. She slowly turned the chair to the front door. When she saw Cheng Bai, she almost fell off the chair.

Because aunt Zhu had went out, and said that she had to go back to her home to do something, and purchase something while coming back, so Cheng Yuanyuan thought that no one would come before dinner, and she would not be disturbed. Who would've expected Cheng Bai to appear at this time? Cheng Yuanyuan suddenly stood up. As a result, the chair turned more. Before she finally got up, she fainted a bit. She didn't say anything. Finally, she kneeled on the carpet at the end of the bed.

Cheng Yuanyuan's face turned red. The person standing near the door said: "Come here."

Cheng Yuanyuan rose up and didn't make a fuss. Cheng Bai seemed to be in a hurry. She didn't squeeze her more. She was at a loss of words. "I came to get something; I won't come back for dinner." Saying this Cheng Bai went to his room. But in a while, he came out and went downstairs.

Cheng Yuanyuan lamented: "I am going to the temple to burn incense."

In the evening, Cheng Bai did not come back for dinner, but at the dinner table, Cheng Sheng Hua mentioned about work to Cheng Yuanyuan. Yuanyuan didn't want to bother her uncle, but the resumes she had thrown out were sinking into the sea, and she really needed work.

After a battle between heaven and earth, Cheng Yuanyuan accepted the "back door" that Cheng Sheng Hua opened for her. Because of his words: "I can only open a door for you, but the road afterwards depends on you step by step".

What Cheng Sheng Hua introduced to her was exactly the work of a magazine editor which was completely in line with her ideals.

Always By Your Side Chapter 2

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