Maouyome Chapter 9 - 1 Week

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Chapter 9 : 1 Week

One week has pa.s.sed.
I just couldn't get used to not doing anything.
The mansion of a pervert is also in a good state today.

It looks like I'm banned from disposing of those perverted statues.
It seems that because it was modeled after the Maou himself, removing it from the entrance would basically caused too many unnecessary troubles.

Naturally I couldn't destroy it nor threw it away.
When I asked whether it was too much making naked statues of the Maou, it seems it was left as it was since the end result turned out to be fine articles.

What the heck was that. You guys were idiot huh.

Fortunately since those artistic trashes only existed in the entrance hall, I decided to pretend that it never existed.
It's kinda like I've excluded the entrance hall from my memories.


I recalled the events during this one week.
Or so I wanted to say but almost nothing happened during this time.
It's just the cycle of waking up>Changing Clothes>Eat>Sleep>Waking up again. Yup, just that.

As expected since I noticed that I'd eventually became a member of those useless to society if things kept going on like that, I began partic.i.p.ating in the training of the royal knights.
When I asked for permission to partic.i.p.ate from Adolphus, he unexpectedly agreed to my request without reservation.

And even when I, an outsider-Moreover a woman to boot- partic.i.p.ated in the training, the royal knights surprisingly gave a warm welcome.
Even though their leader was like that, the knights were surprisingly a good bunch of people.

It seems their evaluation is based on the match between Adolphus and I on the first day, and my evaluation is apparently a cut above the rest. Those white macho statues of the palace aside, these black machos were actually quite nice guys.
I basically didn't spend too much of my time in that palace, most of my time is spent in this drill ground.

Maou-sama also never came out to meet me save for the first day.
And since he was not coming to meet me, I had no desire to meet him either.

Regarding the marriage proposal, I almost never thought about it during this one week.
Since it seems that he'd be waiting for my answer, I were basically being pampered in this place.
Even though I'm just your average village girl who he could force to accept the marriage proposal, he didn't do that.

The heck, in actual fact, weren't you more of a gentlemen than some humans?
I'm truly in the dark regarding the matters of the demon kingdom.

I mean both race actually eat the same kind of food.
Things like insect eyeb.a.l.l.s or whole roasted black lizard were not on the menu.
The inside of the castle was also pretty neat and tidy without any skulls rolling around or rotten corpses wandering aimlessly.

Though I saw humanoid figures with a tail or horns once in a while, their outward appearance was for the most part not that different from humans.
It seems they're also big shots.
And then, the people who were working in the Maou's castle are also quite the big shots, and they also had neat appearance..

I noticed those facts while I were getting used to life in the Maou's castle.
Dear father and mother, I'm sorry.
It turned out that I really enjoyed my life in the Maou's castle.

「Lefiysama. Please give me some pointers」

「Yosh. Please give your advice too. Many thanks」

After training in the formations and stamina, we're moving on to sparring matches.
Each party face against each other using dulled weapons.
Let's aim for that today! 50 people!

Currently the number of people working in the Maou's castle was around 2000 people. Even so, those numbers were far from enough, and they're still gathering people at a fast pace.
Supervising each and every person who came in and out of the Maou's castle also became an extremely troublesome matter, I'm taught that going in and out of the Maou's castle wasn't a simple matter.

It's because the previous Maou called Sunra or something caused a severe labor shortage due to continuous war.

The popularity of the current Maou who managed to subdue the domestic problems was simply through the roof.
To be honest I were really surprised myself since it's not just Reanschild, quite a lot of people would tell you about the Maou-sama with zealous pa.s.sion.

So that's the reason why there's so many marriage proposals coming for Maou-sama.
Though several big shot demons were taking part in these matters, Maou-sama never agreed with them.
It seemed he was receiving various pressures from his surrounding due to taking a human girl when he decided to marry. Yup, it's me.

「I did grant permission, but are you really going to come every day?. Is a wild monkey like you really befitting of his majesty?」

I did agree with the second part, but was there a need to say it so loudly.

「Why don't you ask his majesty himself. I mean it's not like I'm the one who chose to live here」

Adolphus came late as usual.
And for some reason, he always spat bitter comments about me.
After defeating my 12th opponent, I'm posing in a bow with my sword.

Why did such a super duper popular Maou-sama chose someone like me who had no relations.h.i.+p with him. Even I wanted to know the reason.
I might give my consent if he said that he chose properly.
However, I could never think of the reason for me to be chosen as the bride of the Maou.

Was he charmed by ladys who stink of sweat?. [TL : この香り立つ淑女の魅力に絡め取られたとか。]

Does such a thing even exist?

Since Adolphus drew his sword, I quickly stood before him.
I really wanted to punch that smug expression off his face.
What the heck was with this treatment.

「I lose my time to train with others when I spar with you. So I'll pa.s.s on the sparring offer for today」


「Aren't you saying the same things as yesterday. Don't worry it's going to end in jiffy, yes, I'll end it quickly with my victory. 」

「Dream when you're asleep. Look, go over there」

I couldn't get my revenge.
This guy would become quite rough when it came to my treatment.
Or rather he had been like that since the very beginning.

If it's the usual, this was where this stupid brother would be scolded by Reanschild, but that beauty wasn't with me right now.
She's occasionally disappeared from my side.
This has been happening for a week. So as expected, even I noticed that something was happening behind the scenes.

My life was in danger.
And that's happening when Reanschild wasn't by my side.

I happened to know more than I should.
The main reason was not because of me particularly, but it's more like the other parties own circ.u.mstances.
Because for them I might be nothing but a hindrance.

It's not like I couldn't understand their feelings, but they've become a real nuisance.
Things like flying needles or falling knives.
Though it was still on the level of cute hara.s.sment so far, it certainly wouldn't prevent them from resorting to more violent means.
I want to do something about that, but what can I do?

It seemed I need to consult with Reanschild or Celazam-san regarding this matter.
Don't think for one moment that I felt nothing about this situation.

I knew that I can trust those two.
Adolphus is rejected.

But I couldn't do that consultation.
Because I had never met them again later on.

That day, Reanschild disappeared.

Maouyome Chapter 9 - 1 Week

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