Maouyome Chapter 16.2 - Me And Yaksha Princess

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Chapter 16.2 : Me And Yaksha Princess

「But. I think I can trust you, Reanschild. My instinct told me so. I mean you're not worrying about me, the one you're worrying about is the Maou-sama, right. There's no way you've any intention to betray Maou-sama. If Maou-sama gave his promise to send me back safely, I'm sure that you won't do anything bad to me to protect Maou-sama's promise. 」


「Am I wrong? In that case my apologies」

Reanschild head hung down even lower.

「I'm sorry. But you're wrong. Absolutely wrong. I'm not like what you think of me. I was jealous. Hated you. I resented you while feigning ignorance of my own hatred. I was betraying his majesty's trust in myself. I even wanted you to be expelled and disappear before my eyes」

She kept repeating such words. Perhaps she was trying to hurt me using her words so I would leave her be. However, deep inside, she must have worried to death about my safety for her most beloved Maou-sama wishes. I wondered how torned inside she was feeling, between her hatred toward me and her loyalty toward Maou-sama.

Even so, masochism would never match a beauty.

「It's okay. I know that already」

「It means that you are………」

I put on my impish smile when she raised her face. She looked like she was ready to cry anytime soon. Fufun.

I noticed you know.

There were some things that doesn't match with what she had said. Even if she really is following Maou-sama's words to the letter, there was some of her own feeling whilst she was following order, though it did not went as far as betraying Maou-sama.

「I mean, I almost don't know you, Reanschild. Can you tell me about yourself? Will you? 」

I tried to move the conversation along, but this kinda made me feels like those ossan's idle chatters in the bar. Or those perverted old men.

「Me and my brother are from the Yaksha tribe. Our race is considered special even amongst the higher tribes of the ogre race」

She began to tell me about herself and her brother. Oi, Oi, were you really okay with this perverted old man like talk?

「The woman of Yaksha tribe are called Yakshasa, and a special kind of Yakshasa from the moment of their birth is called the Yaksha princess. I'm born as that Yaksha princess」

She suddenly showed a self-mocking smile that was bordering on gruesome.

My eyes opened wide, seeing that expression made chills run down my spine.

「Do you know? That the skull of a Yaksha princess is being traded in large numbers for the material of powerful magic tools」

Deep seated hatred, grudge, pity, scorn, the mix of various negative emotions is held in those sentences.

「It's traded for large sums of money you know. As soon as it's known that my mother and me are part of those rare breed, the surrounding people look at us with a different kind of look in their eyes. Regardless of human or demon race」

「Regardless of demon or human race you say」

「My dear father was killed to let us escape from this kingdom. It seems that the previous demon king wanted me and my mother's skulls. I have almost no memories of my father since I was still too young at that time. We escaped toward the world of the human race」

Escaping from the previous demon king. The tyrant demon king called Sunra huh.

He was an extremely atrocious demon king.

Not much is known about the previous demon king except the hatred towards him still exist until now.

「What was awaiting us who escaped towards the human world was an even crueler h.e.l.l. We kept hiding ourselves from our a.s.sailants, again and again as we can't afford to fight back. We saw those humans tearing my dear mother's head off in front of our eyes」

Te………… Ring.

Uhm, what should I say. I'm sorry.
Even though I only heard your story, I'm still really sorry.
I corrected my posture in order to not miss even one word from her.

「After that was nothing but endless killing waiting for us. Because we couldn't afford nor wanted to die, we killed others.. All I remembered was we have to struggle everyday just to survive. My brother lost his horn during that time. Even if we have to smear ourselves with filth and drink muddy water, we desperately struggle for our survival. We were supporting each other, cheering for each other. And then, we met his majesty」

Reanschild's expression transforms from a rigid one into a gentle one.

「After we met his majesty, to our surprise, our world changed for the better.. From then on, we lived for his majesty. My apologies. It wasn't a nice story. It's polluting your ears right」

「Uhn. Thank you very much. Reanschild」

Reanschild raised her face to look at mine.

「His majesty is a great person」

「You're right」

I agree with her words.
Reanschild's serious eyes began to drown in tears.

「His majesty is an extremely gentle person. His kindness is one that I can never pay back. He was the one who saved us. Thus I decided to offer my everything to him. And yet. I betrayed him」


「I wasn't doing my a.s.signment for His majesty. I did it unwillingly. I was so selfish」


Too sly. Even her crying face is sooo cute.
Large drops of tears are wetting her eyes.
Even her nasal mucus is— Oi get back to be the cute you.

「Please, don't steal my dear brother. Please don't steal his majesty. Please, don't steal my most important people anymore」

「Yeah. ………… It's okay. Don't worry about it」

After saying that, Reanschild began to cry whilst trying to stifle her cries. I could only hold her trembling figure in my arms, thinking that this child was so small and warm.

Reanschild kept crying in my embrace for a while after that. Such a worrywart, how pitiful. Even so, she was admirable, even with her small frame, she still did her best.

But, it's okay.
No one was betraying you.
No one was being betrayed, no one was hurt.

You'd needlessly hurt yourself even more by thinking so. I won't allow it since there was no need to worry so much about it. Then again, perhaps it was because her lack of understanding that she blamed me, which was misplaced action.

I didn't do anything to Reanschild. In fact, it was the opposite of my wish and action. I wanted to protect her.

「Yos.h.!.+ 」

I wiped her tears when she raised her face. It was only proper I do that after all.

「Lefiya…………….. Sama? 」

Reanschild tilted her head with a confused expression while I took off my trousers in front of her and tore them vertically.

……well, I mean, there's nothing else that could be used for my purpose.

So, with that striped cloth, I made an impromptu sling to carry her on my back, and fix her position so that she wouldn't fall.

Right now, I had revealed my nearly naked figure, that was only wearing the underwear, to the world while I carried a bloodstained beauty on my back. Even though my father and mother had never saw my figure after I was grown up.

「If that was the case, shouldn't we go back to Maou-sama's side and your dear brother as soon as possible」

「There's swarms of labyrinth trolls outside. Breaking through that is………….. Hard, isn't it?」

I think it's feasible.
So what if I was just wearing my underwear! So what if they're trolls! !

「You never know what a village girl can do right. You should prepare your apologies and harsh scolding when we return. We will do the impossible. And I'll show you that! 」

It was only a short 2 weeks, but my legs that were fully tempered in my training with the royal knights and my stamina isn't just for show.

…….. I could do it.
I absolutely could do it.


Reanschild is clinging tightly onto my back.
We leaped from the room.


Maouyome Chapter 16.2 - Me And Yaksha Princess

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