Maouyome Chapter 27 - Struggle Of Tiger Person 2

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Chapter 27 : Struggle of Tiger Person 2

Tyrant Demon King Sunra was an extremely powerful demon king.

He's a merciless person, someone who can commit extreme cruelty without batting his eyelids.

Every single one who opposing him are completely destroyed.

Naturally, despite so many people against him till bitter end, they're completely crushed by Sunra overwhelming power.

No one know his birthplace.

Regardless of his birthplace, where he's growing, and how he gain such overwhelming power, everything about Sunra past is shrouded with mysteries. [TL : Not for me though]

He just appeared out of nowhere.

After killing the Demon King of that time, he s.n.a.t.c.hed the bracelet that become the symbol of Demon King and started to call himself The Demon King.

The Demon King of Demon king, his power and that bracelet is the testimonies of that.

There's two way to get that bracelet.

Inheriting it, or plundering it from the previous owner.

Though it can't even be called as a law, those two ways were never become a problem in the selection of Demon King. Because power is also one of the qualification of Demon King.

No one can rival Sunra power.

He just an immature youth with nothing but power in him.

Though some people was attracted by that power, majority of them keep their vigilance, or fearing that power.

The Tyrant Demon King invaded the human world as soon as he reign as Demon King. He smashed the allied force of humanity and killed the Saint and Hero of previous generation.

The one who followed the Demon King has, all of them danced joyfully. Because undoubtly, he realized the longing of the Demon race to gain the world of human.

But then, Sunra suddenly stopped his invasion to human world.

It's as if the Demon King was never have shred of interest in the human world. It's as if his sole goal was to kill the Saint and Hero of that time.

The strongest Demon King of all time was also the most timid and cowardly person.

There's nothing to be afraid of such Demon King.

One who approached by many people. Or one who nothing but a threat. There's such possibilities in him.

As a result, the Tyrant Demon King bared his fangs to his own country.

His elimination target started with the high ranking Demon race clan, tribe with special power, and then the 4 Archdemon.

Every single days were nothing but slaughter and plunder.

The Tyrant Demon King was literally the realization of fear and despair. That's the image of Tyrant Demon King, regardless of friends and foes.

And then, Sunra finally touch the taboo.

My gait stopped in the corridor as I'm looking at the relief that carved on the wall. Carved on the corridor wall of the Demon King castle is a relief with told us about a myth.

Right in front of me is the relief that depicting the battle of sister, the myth of the battle between G.o.ddess of light and darkness against the ancient G.o.ds for the world.

Such myth is carved on the wall. The sister of light and darkness triumphed over the ancient G.o.ds, and then started to bring prosperity and blessing to this world.

Is the first scene of the relief.

I then looking at the heteromorphy appearance beside the sister. The bizzare war G.o.d with three faces and six arms.

G.o.d of battle and slaugter. Asura.

Despite him being one of the pillar of ancient G.o.d, being entranced by the G.o.ddess of light, this war G.o.d became the ally of the sister and then appeared in many myth that following after the war.

Once before, there's existed a clan that inheriting his most powerful bloodline in Demon country. Or to be exact, that clan only have once survivor right now.

Asura Divine Clan. And Your Majesty is the last survivor of that clan.

The Tyrant Demon King started a fight with the Asura Divine Clan.

Asura Divine Clan isn't a Demon race despitile living in Demon country. The successive generation of Demon King avoiding to involve those clan, and the same goes for the clan, it's basically turned into mutual non agression for both parties ever since the ancient time. And yet……….. Sunra ma.s.sacred them.

The battle between Sunra and Asura Divine Clan turned into most gruesome battle.

The war spread to the entire country. The ground uplifted, river and forest vanished, the people was living their daily live in fear. It was as if the depiction of the war between G.o.ds came into reality.

And then, no one forget of what happened 13 years ago.

Tyrant Demon King Sunra is dead.

Asura Divine Clan is almost perished.

(~'.')~To Be Continue In The Next Release Xp~(‘.'~)

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Maouyome Chapter 27 - Struggle Of Tiger Person 2

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