Magical Device Craftsman Dahlia Won't Hang Her Head Down Anymore Chapter 2

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2. Informing Friends

Dahlia left the house which was supposed to be their new house and walked out onto the streets.

In the slightly humid weather, the streets of the brick-dominated capital city were noisy with people and carriages.

This country 'Ordine' was a monarchy and had a history stretching back to more than 200 years.

The security of the capital city was good enough for women to walk around in the city all by themselves. The public order of the capital city seemed to be particularly good in this country.

Although it was a different world, Dahlia felt thankful that this was the place she was reborn in.

But if it was possible, she wanted that good luck in her marriage too–moving her legs a bit faster, Dahlia entered a small beauty salon with a blue roof, located a road off the main street.

"Good afternoon. Is it okay now?"

"Welcome, newlywed! Please come to eat lunch too while you're here"

Dahlia's friend who had light brown hair seemed to have finished with the morning customers and was sweeping the hair on the floor with a broom.

“Thank you, Irma. I'm not newly-married, but I'll take on your lunch offer. And, is Marcella here?”

“Yeah, He's in the kitchen. I'm going to clean up, so go ahead first and eat your lunch."

With familiar footsteps, Dahlia went through the door behind the beauty salon to the kitchen.

“Oh, it's Dahlia. Are you ok with orange juice? Or do you want wine?

The person Dahlia was looking for, Marcella of the s.h.i.+pping guild, was eating lunch.

The solidly built man with sand-colored hair was Irma's husband, and so he was close to Dahlia too.

Dahlia had heard that he often went home for lunch at noon, so she tried finding him here, and it seems her timing was perfect.

“Thank you, Marcella. Please give me orange juice."

Dahlia received the sandwich and orange juice, then she sat down on the opposite end of the table.

The sandwiches made by Irma were superb.

That day's sandwiches were rye bread with cheese and ham, and the other was eggs and vegetables.

 It was a really good, balanced combination of large cut rye bread, cheese, smoked ham and lettuce.

The other was a combination of eggs and chopped vegetables with plenty of fresh mayonnaise.

Even though Dahlia has received the recipes, she couldn't quite reproduce this taste.

 Irma came to the kitchen just as Dahlia finished eating her first sandwich.

Dahlia started talking to Marcella who had finished his lunch as she drank up her orange juice.

“Marcella, I'm sorry I just got the furniture delivered yesterday, but I'd like you to deliver it back to my previous house. As soon as possible.”

“Sure thing. Some people are free today if it's past 4 o'clock. Was the furniture similar to what Tobias had prepared?”

“Did the size did not fit with the new house or something?”

 Asked by Irma and Marcella at the same time, Dahlia put on a wry smile.

"The engagement has been cancelled"



As she was asked again at the same time, Dahlia tried to reply with the best smile she could muster at the time.

"Tobias Orland said he had found his true love"

 The two people's faces became like a theatrical prop's mask together.

Speaking of masks, Dahlia had never seen a mask in this world. It would have been nice to have it in a store for children because they have a winter festival here in the capital city.

Speaking of which, the winter festival was famous for couples to go to or to find your love, but not even once had Dahlia gone to the festival with Tobias. That said, she herself had never invited Tobias to go there- As Dahlia mused deeply to escape reality, the two people in front of her erupted.

"Is he an idiot?! You just moved today to the new house right?"

"You guys have been engaged for two years and suddenly this?! What is he thinking?!"

“What true love, it's simply cheating!”

"He's really the lowest!"

 Dahlia wanted to believe that the reason she was happy seeing the two people get angry for her was not because her personality was twisted.  

 For the past two years, She had had several meals and drinks with these two and Tobias. The four of them together.

 She heard that Marcella usually drank with Tobias too, when Marcella transported Orlando company's goods.

Dahlia regretted putting a crack in their relations.h.i.+p.

“Thank you for getting angry for me, but it's fine. It was originally an engagement decided by our fathers, and our fathers have pa.s.sed away anyway.”

Suddenly while saying that, Dahlia came to understand.

By marriage, Tobias wanted the backing of a veteran magical tool craftsman, which was Dahlia's father.

 Dahlia was also a magical tool craftswoman, but without the honorary Baron position, her crafting skills were not quite as good as her father's.

 The benefits for him were far fewer than when her father was still alive.

 Because he had a woman that he loved, it might have been natural that he leaned his priority towards it at once.

"Dahlia, the marriage registration hasn't been issued yet, right?"

“Yeah, it was scheduled tomorrow, so I haven't written or registered it yet.”

"You should say it's good luck. Yes, that's right. It is good that you don't have to marry such a man"

 Irma nodded her head as though she made a humming sound.

Dahlia felt Tobias should have been quicker in telling her about the engagement cancellation, but what Irma said was right. She was glad this happened before she sent in the marriage registration.

"… Making Dahlia cry … The s.h.i.+pping fees, I'm going to add those in and turn it so he will have to pay it all … I will never drink with him again"

Dahlia wanted to say she was not crying but stopped because Marcella's voice was getting progressively lower.

“Hey Dahlia … You don't have to hold it in. Cry if you want to cry. Or do you want to drink together? We will close the shop this afternoon"

“Yes, if you leave the key here we will go deliver the furniture, so it's okay for you to stay here today! If you meet Tobias again at the new house, it'll be you know-…”

 Irma's reddish-brown eyes and Marcella's dark brown eyes all looked worried.

 Dahlia got a little bit envious seeing the couple doing the same thing.

“It's okay. Because I want to get rid of it quickly, I will go to the commercial guild today and finish it all.”

"Tell us if there's anything we can do"

"You can always come here"

"I'm really grateful for the both of you"

After she expressed her grat.i.tude, Dahlia felt that the egg sandwich she ate was slightly saltier than usual.

Magical Device Craftsman Dahlia Won't Hang Her Head Down Anymore Chapter 2

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