100% Love From The Boss zChapter 128 - I Feed You!

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Chapter 128 I Feed You!

Xia Xiaoluo was talking with Ling Tianyi half-jokingly. She was trying her best that she could do a part-time job.

Ling Tianyi cared about Xia Xiaoluo very much, so he didn’t want her wife to work so hard. Besides, more boys would fancy her, which would make him upset and jealous.

“You can do a part-time job, but not in a Pastry House.” Ling Tianyi said slowly.

“Well, I won’t go to the Pastry House, and I won’t eat the leftovers! Darling, there is a boutique near the school gate, recruiting shop annuitants in my school. The manager likes me very much, so I can go there!” Xia Xiaoluo was so excited that she went to sit beside Ling Tianyi.

Ling Tianyi embraced Xia Xiaoluo and sc.r.a.ped her nose tenderly: “Little fool, the manager likes you? Is he an old goat? Huh?!”

“Darling, the manager is a lady!” She murmured. Ling Tianyi was so sensitive. Xia Xiaoluo thought that he was totally an old goat who wanted to make love to her all the time.

“What if she likes girls?” Ling Tianyi frowned, feeling uneasy when thinking that Xia Xiaoluo pretended to be a lesbian lover of Luo Xixi.

“Darling, there will definitely be a manager if I do a part-time job, but I will definitely be safer with a female manager, right?” Being embraced by Ling Tianyi, Xia Xiaoluo took the opportunity to warm him, because Ling Tianyi must feel cold after playing basketball in his basketball vest in such a cool day.

“I will offer you a job, are you willing to do it?” Ling Tianyi smiled frivolously.

“Sure!” Xia Xiaoluo looked forward to it. She was willing to work by herself no matter how many efforts she would make.

“I need a private secretary and you can come to my company to make coffee and make me a ma.s.sage when you are free. What’s more, there is a private lounge with a large bed behind my office, so you can also warm the bed for me there.” Ling Tianyi didn’t want Xia Xiaoluo to work for other people, so he decided to be with her. If Xia Xiaoluo went to work with him, she would love to go to the company.

Xia Xiaoluo became disappointed at once, and she went back to her seat. “Darling, as a student, I think studying is my first task, so I decide to study well without thinking about the job.”

“Well! That’s settled!” Xia Xiaoluo said to herself.

“What’s wrong? Are you unwilling to be my private secretary?” Ling Tianyi felt amused at her reaction.

“No. You are the manager and I will make troubles to you if I can’t do the job well.” Xia Xiaoluo made excuses.

“Hum! You are really good at making troubles! You have made so many troubles! Your husband, the manager of Huasheng Group, is always busy with dealing with those troubles for you! I think you are more troublesome than ten multinational corporations!” Ling Tianyi teased her, but in a loving tone. In his mind, every trouble that Xia Xiaoluo made was his sweet burden.

Xia Xiaoluo kept her head down and said nothing. Ling Tianyi wouldn’t force her to become his private secretary, but he really didn’t want Xia Xiaoluo to work for other people for making a little money. Ling Tianyi’s wife didn’t need to earn money during study, because he, as a big boss, had the ability to take care of his wife well.

“It is a good idea for you to study hard. I have checked your school timetables, which said you don’t have many lessons. Later I will hire the best tutors to teach you when you are free. As long as you make efforts, you won’t fail in the final exams.” Ling Tianyi was not forcing her to study well. He just hoped that her study was not that bad. However, he found it interesting to tease his little wife.

“It’s so hard!” Xia Xiaoluo leaned on the table, feeling upset.

Being delighted at her childish behavior, Ling Tianyi said: “Concentrating on study is good. It’s just a waste of time to travel around or ride horses. Then let’s improve your English during the National Day Holiday!”

“Darling, I’m wrong. I will never talk about doing a part-time job, please forgive me!” Knowing that Ling Tianyi was teasing her, Xia Xiaoluo had to give in.

“Doing a part-time job is pretty good, especially you can have a good practice in my private lounge.” Ling Tianyi said slowly, “You can have the best practice on my bed!”

“Darling, I’m wrong!” Xia Xiaoluo looked at Ling Tianyi sadly, looking pitiful.

Ling Tianyi stopped teasing her because the waiter served them what he ordered.

“Now please leave us alone and never come in unless I ask.” Ling Tianyi ordered them to go out after all the dishes were served.

“Darling, come here, sit beside me!” Ling Tianyi took her tender hands across the table.

Xia Xiaoluo did not dare to refuse him, because she was still asking for forgiveness!

“Be obedient and open your mouth! I will feed you sweet soup first!” Ling Tianyi was taking care of his wife, he enjoyed it very much.

Xia Xiaoluo opened her mouth, but Ling Tianyi didn’t feed her with a spoon. Instead, he put the soup in his own mouth first and then fed her with his mouth.

“Darling, please don’t!” Xia Xiaoluo became shy again, amusing Ling Tianyi much.

“Do you want to go to the gra.s.sland?”


“Do you want to ride horses?”


“Do you want me to feed you?”


“If you don’t want my soup, never think about the gra.s.sland and riding horses!”

“I want your soup! I want it! I will eat whatever you feed me.” Xia Xiaoluo said unhappily. She liked such intimate interactions with Ling Tianyi, but she was too shy to do it in public. Although they were in the VIP room, she still felt nervous.

Knowing how to threaten Xia Xiaoluo, Ling Tianyi kept feeding her various food, including soup, steak and snacks. Finally, Ling Tianyi fed her something different, which he liked most.

“Em!” Xia Xiaoluo contained it in her mouth, opening her eyes widely.

“Darling, lick it and suck it! Move!” Ling Tianyi liked it very much, telling her what to do.

Xia Xiaoluo blushed for shyness. She thought that Ling Tianyi was too bold to do that in the restaurant.

“Darling, when will your menstrual period end? I couldn’t help making love to you! Help me to release my desire!” Touching her hair, Ling Tianyi was sure that he loved his sweetheart very much.

“Em!” Xia Xiaoluo almost vomited when Ling Tianyi took it out from her mouth.

Ling Tianyi frowned. Why did Xia Xiaoluo feel so disgusted about it? Didn’t it taste good? He made up his mind to taste hers some other day.

Ling Tianyi embraced Xia Xiaoluo, but his desire which was aroused in the car this morning hasn’t been released. Since he knew Xia Xiaoluo, he had lost the interest to other women. Instead, he just wanted to make love to his little wife.

“Now that you don’t like sucking it, I will ask your hands for help!” Touching her tender hands, Ling Tianyi kissed them and put them on it.

“Darling, is it enough?” Although Xia Xiaoluo was shy, she had a little experience on it and obeyed him unwillingly.

At the same time, Ling Tianyi was busy touching her body.

“Oh!” Ling Tianyi kissed her delicate lips.

Ling Tianyi was almost crazy. He would never stop kissing her because his little wife was so beautiful and sweet.

Due to his kiss, Xia Xiaoluo stopped her hands and tried to push him away, but she couldn’t move him.

Ling Tianyi finally stopped kissing her when Xia Xiaoluo could hardly breathe.

“Darling, my cell phone is ringing!” Xia Xiaoluo heard the familiar ringtone, the voice of a lovely child she newly set.

“Darling, now that you like the voice of the children so much, how about having our own baby?” Ling Tianyi smiled and took her cell phone out from her bag.

“Ouyang senior!” Ling Tianyi became angry when he saw the caller’s name at once. He has just beaten Fang Ruichen in the basketball match, but Ouyang Ziqian came up. He didn’t want to express his anger, but his expressions betrayed him.

“Answer it! Does he want to ask you out for a cup of coffee or walk in the park?” Ling Tianyi said with a jealous tone. He let Xia Xiaoluo go and smoothed his clothes.

“Nothing! I didn’t hear it!” Xia Xiaoluo turned the phone off and put it in her bag.

Ling Tianyi became irritated by the call, but his desire was finally suppressed. The phone call arrived in time anyhow. What was more, Xia Xiaoluo was not stupid, so she would never answer Ouyang Ziqian’s call when Ling Tianyi was there.

100% Love From The Boss zChapter 128 - I Feed You!

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