100% Love From The Boss zChapter 134 - Study Hard

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Chapter 134 Study Hard

In the morning, Xia Xiaoluo woke up by herself. She usually got up after the alarm clock rang for five or six times, being shouted and forced by Ling Tianyi.

Xia Xiaoluo came out from Ling Tianyi’s arms carefully and washed quickly. There were several barrels of water outside the yurt and a simple toilet behind it. In short, the condition was not good.

After was.h.i.+ng, Xia Xiaoluo put on a black and red riding costume and a pair of riding boots without breakfast, wanting to ride a horse as soon as possible.

Ling Tianyi turned over, wanting to embrace Xia Xiaoluo, but only found that she disappeared. He got up hurriedly, not sleepy anymore.

Ling Tianyi walked out, seeing Xia Xiaoluo jumping outside, full of energy.

“It’s still dark! Why are you here alone?” Ling Tianyi was relieved to see that she was here. He rushed to Xia Xiaoluo in thin pajamas, taking his disobedient little wife back to the yurt.

“Uh…Atishoo!” Ling Tianyi sneezed. After all, the temperature on the gra.s.sland in the morning was very low. Ling Tianyi was worried about Xia Xiaoluo, so he just went out in thin pajamas.

“Darling, did you catch a cold?” Xia Xiaoluo asked with concern.

“It’s your fault! You’re wearing sweaters and jacket. I’m afraid that you’ve been eaten by a wolf, so I come out to find you in pajamas. I’m cold!” Ling Tianyi said and began to change clothes. At this time, he did not want to sleep and decided to play with Xia Xiaoluo!

Ling Tianyi was a man, but sometimes he was very fastidious. Xia Xiaoluo simply washed her face with a towel in the morning. However, Ling Tianyi protected his face with a lot of skin care products and shave. His hair should also be styled with hair spray.

Having finished, he showed a charming smile to Xia Xiaoluo. “Darling, am I handsome?”

“Very handsome!” Xia Xiaoluo said with cooperation.

“That’s right.” Ling Tianyi was proud, looking in the mirror.

“But you will be more handsome if you ride with me.” Xia Xiaoluo added.

Ling Tianyi rolled his eyes at once. “Don’t flatter me anymore! Don’t worry, you can ride a horse today. But you have to eat something first. Or you can’t control the horses on the gra.s.sland.”

“Xia Xiaoluo, before going to Mu Ren’s yurt for breakfast, I have to tell you something serious. You must listen to me carefully. Don’t forget it.” Ling Tianyi became serious.

“OK, darling, I will listen to you carefully and remember it.” Xia Xiaoluo was also serious. In fact, even if Ling Tianyi did not scold her, as long as he became serious, she still felt scared and uncomfortable.

Ling Tianyi took Xia Xiaoluo to the bed and said to her like a parent: “Horses on the gra.s.sland are very strong. Even if the herdsman chooses a gentle horse for you, it is more dangerous than the horses in the horse farm.”

“Even if the horse is frightened in the horse farm, I can save you quickly because the it is not so big. Even if you fall down, in the worse situation, I can also take you to the hospital in time. On the contrary, here in the vast gra.s.sland, if the horse is frightened, running around, it’s too big to find you. If you get hurt, you can’t get medical treatment in time, either.”

“Thus you have to be more careful. You should step up the pedals well, and don’t loosen the reins. Even you encounter something, don’t panic and don’t pull the horse mane or whip the horse b.u.t.t.”

“You’d better ride slowly. I’ll be with you. Mu Ren and the twins will ride with us, we will protect you. But you have to be more careful. Do you understand?”

Ling Tianyi was worried about her. He felt that Xia Xiaoluo was a trouble-maker. If she was quiet, he would feel strange. But riding a horse on the gra.s.sland was not a small thing, so he must warn her again and again.

Xia Xiaoluo nodded and said to Ling Tianyi: “Darling, I understand what you said. But riding a horse without whipping is so boring! I want to ride the horse fast and experience the feeling like the wind. If you don’t let the horse run, I prefer to play with Bai Xue in the horse farm!”

“Bai Xue is the most gentle mare I have ever seen, so I buy it. The horse here is stronger than Bai Xue. Even it’s gentle, the horse will run away after being whipped. You must ride slowly.” Ling Tianyi knew that if he didn’t exhort a few words in advance, Xia Xiaoluo would ride the horse fast.

Ling Tianyi saw Xia Xiaoluo’s unhappy face and sighed: “If you really want to experience the feeling of riding fast, we can ride together, you and I can ride on the same horse. Moreover, when there is a market on the gra.s.sland, there are many activities, such as horse racing and wrestling. We can also go there.”

Xia Xialuo had no choice. She had to obey the orders of Ling Tianyi. Fortunately, he promised to ride with her and go to the market.

“Well! I see. Darling, I’ll take care of myself.” Xia Xiaoluo said, holding Ling Tianyi’s arms.

“That’s good. If you don’t obey me, I will throw you to the wolf on the gra.s.sland.” Ling Tianyi scratched Xia Xiaoluo’s nose gently and said. He could not bear to throw her to feed the wolf, it was a good idea to throw her to him.

“Ah? Darling, is there a wolf on the gra.s.sland?” Xia Xiaoluo asked excitedly.

“Yes, but now there are fewer, which are all in very remote places. We couldn’t see them here.” Ling Tianyi said. He did not frighten Xia Xiaoluo anymore, but taught her some knowledge.

“Oh! It’s a pity! I only saw it on TV, just like a dog. I thought I could see wolves on the gra.s.sland. Alas!” Xia Xiaoluo sighed.

Ling Tianyi was speechless at once. He thought that Xia Xiaoluo would be frightened. Unexpectedly, she was not afraid and even wanted to see the wolves.

“Darling. do you think there are wolves in the zoo of A City? I heard from my cla.s.smates that there are wolves in the zoo, but I have never been there. When shall we go to the zoo to see wolves and pandas? I haven’t seen real pandas either. OK?” Xia Xiaoluo wanted to go to the zoo when she was a child, but Xia Youfeng and Zhu Yufen only took Xia Jingru to the zoo without her. She had cried for it for many times!

Ling Tianyi felt a little sad. A girl who grew up in the city till the age of 18 has never been to the zoo. Although he didn’t like the stinky and naive zoo, he agreed.

Xia Xiaoluo cheered and jumped in the yurt immediately.

“I’ll take you somewhere more interesting than the zoo when I have time.” Ling Tianyi laughed.

“Where?” Xia Xiaoluo stared and asked.

“The Wildlife Park!” Ling Tianyi raised his eyebrows and said proudly.

“It’s still a zoo!” Xia Xiaoluo was confused.

“In ordinary zoos, the animals are in cages and people watch them outside. What I’m talking about is that the animals are running outside and people watch them in cages.”

“For example, you can feed the meat with a fork to the tigers and lions outside. Of course, you can definitely see wolves.”

“As for pandas, we can’t see them in the wildlife park, but there are pandas in the zoo of A City. Or when I have time, I’ll take you to Sichuan to see pandas.”

Ling Tianyi said gently. At this moment, it seemed that he promised to his daughter not to his wife.

“Darling, you must keep your promises. I really want to feed tigers and lions. I also want to see pandas in Sichuan. I’m looking forward to it. You can’t disappoint me!” Xia Xiaoluo took Ling Tianyi’s promise seriously, otherwise she was afraid that he would forget it.

“Don’t worry, I won’t lie to you. If I have more time, we can also go to Australia to see kangaroos and koala bears. Of course, if you want to go to Australia, you must learn English well. Otherwise, even if you get lost, you won’t know how to ask for the directions.” Ling Tianyi was actually looking forward to traveling with such a lively little girl as Xia Xiaoluo, which would be very happy.

“Well! Darling, in order to go to Australia to see kangaroos and koalas, I will study hard and make progress every day. This semester, I will try to pa.s.s CET-4.” Xia Xiaoluo was full of pa.s.sion and ambition, but she didn’t know how long she could insist.

“That’s good!” Ling Tianyi laughed.

“Darling, many students in our cla.s.s buy video courses online in order to pa.s.s CET-4. I also want to buy it. But I don’t have E bank accounts. Can you help me?” Xia Xiaoluo said. When some cla.s.smates studied online before, she didn’t care about it. She just wanted to play. But now she wanted to study hard.

“As long as it’s good for you, it’s no problem. I’ll buy it for you. Then I’ll give you a computer desk to study and buy you a desktop computer or a laptop. You can’t learn with iPad anyway. You always want to play games on it. You can study hard when I’m dealing with the emails.” Ling Tianyi agreed immediately, but he did not hold much hope for Xia Xiaoluo’s enthusiasm of learning. It was good to study for a few days, even if she only recited a few words.

“Come home early if you don’t have cla.s.s. Don’t play outside and Study hard at home. As long as you make progress, I will give you a reward.” Ling Tianyi smiled and finally had an excuse to let Xia Xiaoluo go home early. Otherwise, she was always at school, and Ling Tianyi would be anxious all the time that the boys would tease her.

100% Love From The Boss zChapter 134 - Study Hard

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