100% Love From The Boss zChapter 161 - Wake Yao Sheng Up by Beating Him

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Chapter 161 Wake Yao Sheng Up by Beating Him

Yao Sheng was in a coma for more than a month but he was not in danger temporarily. He was also transferred from the ICU to the general ward.

Ling Tianyi sent Xia Xiaoluo to school. Feng Yuan also went to school. Xia Xiaoluo was not allowed to take looking after Yao Sheng as an excuse for not going to school. Although Ling Tianyi guaranteed to come to the hospital every day, he had to deal with the business affairs in Huasheng Group, which was a big company. Yao Sheng’s parents understood him and they were grateful for his help. They were unwilling to delay his work so every time Ling Tianyi came to see Yao Sheng, Feng Mingjun would urge him to go back to do his own business after he stayed for a while.

Of course, Ling Tianyi would take Xia Xiaoluo to accompany Yao Sheng at night in the hospital every two days, so that Yao Sheng’s parents could go back to have a rest.

Shen Jiani still went to the hospital every day to take care of Yao Sheng. She helped him turn over and wet his lips with a q-tip. She even helped Yao Sheng wipe his body. Seeing what Shen Jiani did for Yao Sheng, Feng Mingjun thought that Shen Jiani was really good and her son was lucky. It was really difficult to find such a good daughter-in-law.

In the VIP ward next to Yao Sheng’s ward, a rich young man was in a coma for two weeks due to a car accident. His fiancée immediately broke off their engagement. Shen Jiani was not Yao Sheng’s girlfriend, but she still took good care of him, so Feng Mingjun was satisfied with her.

One day, after picking up Xia Xiaoluo from school, Ling Tianyi wanted to go to the hospital to see Yao Sheng directly. But Xia Xiaoluo said suddenly, “Darling, there will be an activity in the school the day after tomorrow, so I will come home late.”

“What kind of activity?” Ling Tianyi frowned. What he disliked most were the activities in her school.

“Thanksgiving Day! On the fourth Thursday of November, FLY Dance Club will hold a fancy ball to show our grat.i.tude to the helpers. I want to join, too!” Xia Xiaoluo begged him like a spoiled child. She had refused to partic.i.p.ate in many club activities. This time, Ouyang Ziqian sent her an invitation personally. He said that Thanksgiving Day was his 22nd birthday. All the members of the Dance Club would partic.i.p.ate. He wanted to take a family photo for the Dance Club on that day, hoping everyone could come. Xia Xiaoluo couldn’t refuse him, so she agreed first and then begged Ling Tianyi.

“Activity of the Dance Club? Will you meet Ouyang Ziqian again?” Ling Tianyi was even unhappy now. Ouyang Ziqian was the people whom he hated most in Dwichen’s College. In the past, it was Fang Ruichen, but he went to the United States. He didn’t return to school for more than one month since last incident.

“Darling, could you trust me? I have nothing to do with Ouyang senior. We are only ordinary cla.s.smates, and our relations.h.i.+p is purer than the pure water. Besides, there are so many people in the Dance Club that day. We will all play together. I won’t date him alone. Just be generous and let me go! OK?” Xia Xiaoluo begged him like a spoiled child again.

“When will it end?” Ling Tianyi was helpless. Although he did not want Xia Xiaoluo to join the activity of the Dance Club, he could not bear to refuse her.

“At ten o’clock. I can leave at ten o’clock.” Xia Xiaoluo said excitedly. When Ling Tianyi asked that question just now, she knew that he agreed.

“Well, I’ll pick you up at the door of the Dance Club at ten o’clock. You’d better not let me see what I don’t want to see, otherwise, you know the consequences!” Ling Tianyi said and knocked on Xia Xiaoluo’s head. Of course, he knocked lightly.

“I know, I’m sure I will be well-behaved, don’t worry about me!” Xia Xiaoluo said happily.

Ling Tianyi’s phone rang. He saw that it was Feng Yuan, so he asked Xia Xiaoluo to answer it. He had to concentrate on driving. There were some traffic police. Although he was not afraid of being fined, he did not want to violate the rules deliberately.

“Xiaoyuan, what’s the matter?” Xia Xiaoluo asked.

“Xiaoluo, are you with Brother Yi?” Feng Yuan’s tone sounded very anxious.

“Yes, we’re on the way to the hospital! Is there something wrong with Yao Sheng?” Xia Xiaoluo was also anxious.

“Yes! Something happened. Just now, a nurse knocked off my cousin’s oxygen mask carelessly when she cleaned the room. My cousin was in the emergency room again.” Feng Yuan cried.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. We’ll be there in five minutes!” Xia Xiaoluo said hurriedly. She did not know what they could do, or what to say.

Xia Xiaoluo hung up the phone and said to Ling Tianyi hurriedly. “Darling, hurry up! Yao Sheng was in the emergency room.”

When Ling Tianyi heard what Xia Xiaoluo said on the phone just now, he knew that there was something wrong, so he sped up. After Xia Xiaoluo told Ling Tianyi what Feng Yuan said, Ling Tianyi was so anxious that he wanted to beat the nurse in the hospital. He was the largest shareholder of the n.o.ble private hospital, but they made such a stupid mistake. Terrible, it was really terrible!

When Ling Tianyi and Xia Xiaoluo arrived at the hospital, they happened to meet Yao Houde who came from the company when they were waiting for the elevator. He was also very anxious.

Feng Mingjun cried all the time. Feng Yuan and Shen Jiani sat beside Feng Mingjun, they comforted her.

“How did it happen?” Ling Tianyi gritted his teeth. “Director, can you give me an explanation?”

“I’m sorry, Manager Ling. It’s really our fault. We have fired the nurse and we will carry out a comprehensive safety check in the hospital! We will be responsible for this matter to the end.” Now the director was also very frightened. Facing the question of the largest shareholder, he was so frightened that his forehead was full of sweat.

“That’s my brother’s life. Can you afford it?” Ling Tianyi was very angry when he heard the director’s words.

“Manager Ling, I’m sorry. We have arranged Dr. Li Xiuqi’s team to rescue the patient. We will try our best!” Although the dean’s forehead was full of sweat, he didn’t dare to wipe. In front of Ling Tianyi, although he was the director, he could be fired at any time by the largest shareholder.

“They come out…” Feng Yuan jumped up first.

When Ling Tianyi saw Li Xiuqi come out, he asked about the situation hurriedly, ignoring the director. A group of people surrounded Li Xiuqi hopes to hear good news, too.

“Manager Ling and all family members of the patient, I’m sorry. We have tried our best.” After Li Xiuqi said this, shaking his head.

When the doctor said this, he was declaring death. Everyone was stunned and the pain in their hearts were beyond words. However, the dean was already wet with the cold sweat all over his body. Yao Sheng was dead. He had no excuse. He was afraid that he couldn’t be a director anymore. Maybe he would even be put in prison.

After a long time, Feng Mingjun regained her consciousness, pulling Li Xiuqi’s hands and cried.

“It’s impossible. It’s impossible. Xiaosheng couldn’t die. I don’t believe…”

“Doctor Li, please. Try to save my son, even if he is a vegetable, as long as he is still alive, as long as he is alive…”

“Xiaosheng! My son will not die…”

Feng Mingjun said and fainted suddenly. Before they could accept Yao Sheng’s death, they took care of Feng Mingjun hurriedly. It was a mess.

Feng Mingjun was sent to the ward, and Yao Houde also covered his heart with his hands, being very painful.

“He has heart disease, quickly!” Li Xiuqi shouted. He knew heart attack was terrible. It was worse than Feng Mingjun’s faint.

Ling Tianyi saw this, he lost his consciousness suddenly. He recalled his memory of fighting and playing with Yao Sheng in the past, just like a movie.

Ling Tianyi couldn’t stand and rushed directly into the emergency room. He punched Yao Sheng for several times. “Yao Sheng, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How could you die without my permission? You must not die!”

“If you die, who else dares to fight with me?”

“If you die, who else can help me like you when I am in trouble?”

“If you die, I won’t have any brothers!”

“Yao Sheng, you asked for a good horse when you helped me last time. I know you like horses. I bought several good horses on the gra.s.sland. If you wake up, I’ll give them all to you.”

“Open your eyes! If you pretend to be dead again, I’ll beat you!” Ling Tianyi said. He punched at Yao Sheng again, hitting him directly from the bed to the ground.

Xia Xiaoluo couldn’t help crying when she saw this. It was her first time to see Ling Tianyi crying for his best friend, his brother.

Shen Jiani’s eyes were red, too.

“b.u.m-boy, don’t you always love Shen Jiani? You are willing to do everything for her. I told you not to be with her for many times, but you did not listen to me. Now that’s all right. You are dead. You are not righteous!”

“I will count to ten. If you don’t open your eyes, I’ll kill Shen Jiani and bury her with you!” Ling Tianyi shouted.

“One, two, three…”

“Ten!” When Ling Tianyi counted to ten, Yao Sheng suddenly opened his eyes.

“Ah!” Xia Xiaoluo and Shen Jiani screamed together.

“Doctor, doctor…” After Shen Jiani regained her consciousness, she rushed out to find the doctor. “Doctor, Yao Sheng is alive. He is alive.”

“Don’t hurt her!” When Shen Jiani came back with a group of medical staff, she heard Yao Sheng’s weak voice. She was moved with mixed feelings.

“Well, I won’t hurt her! I won’t hurt her if you are alive, but I’ll kill her if you die!” Ling Tianyi was overjoyed, but he was calm. He continued to threaten Yao Sheng with Shen Jiani’s life to make him alive.

Li Xiuqi rushed to organize the second rescue. About an hour later, Li Xiuqi said to Ling Tianyi excitedly, “Manager Ling, miracle! It’s really a miracle. There was no breathing just now. However, the situation changes rapidly. We have made a thorough examination on him. He has a heartbeat. He wakes up.”

“Really?” Ling Tianyi was very excited.

“Yes, he is asleep now, not in a coma. He’ll wake up after sleeping for a while.” Li Xiuqi said. Ling Tianyi nodded. He could be at ease finally.

“Doctor Li, thank you so much!” Ling Tianyi shook hands with Li Xiuqi with tears in his eyes.

“No, it’s not me. It’s you who beat him and save him. I can’t explain why, but there are many miracles in medical field. Today, it is you who let me see the miracle again.” Li Xiuqi was very excited too. After all, the patient came back to life, so the doctor was very pleased and surprised.

100% Love From The Boss zChapter 161 - Wake Yao Sheng Up by Beating Him

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