100% Love From The Boss Chapter 17

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Chapter17 An Arranged Marriage“You…you shut up!” Ling Desheng yelled, and he felt that his son’s words made him lose face.

Ling Tianyi determined not to keep silent. He stood up and said without hesitation, “Dad, Mom, Uncle Shen, together with today’s meeting, I’ve just seen Jiani for three times in total, not to mention I have no feelings about her. What is the difference between your arrangement and the forced marriage in the feudal society? If the couple has no love, how could they get happiness even if they are married?”

Cras.h.!.+ Ling Desheng threw the gla.s.s heavily on the floor. Ling Tianyi knew that his father was angry, but he did not want to compromise, while Shen Jiani watched all of this for fun with a slight smile.

“You’re irresponsible! Kneel! Apologize!” While Ling Desheng was mad at his son, Shen Jiani stopped him, “Uncle Ling, don’t be angry. Frankly speaking, I feel humiliated to be rejected by your son like this.”

“Jiani, he just knows nothing. Trust me. I’ll teach him a lesson. He must marry you!” He Meishu hurriedly mediate the conflict, fearing that the marriage would fail.

Shen Jiani smiled bitterly and said, “Aunt He, you can teach him for a while, How can you teach him forever?”

“He’s right. There is no love between us. Now you can barely tie us together. What about the future? Can you help us all the time in our future life? What if your son bullies me or have mistress or affairs? Whom should I turn to for help? It’s me who suffer the losses in the end. Now that it’s doomed to be a tragedy, let’s stop it before coming on. I think it’s time to put an end to the issue!”

Her att.i.tude was out of Ling Tianyi’s expectation. He always thought she was superficial and dissolute, but never knew that she had a thorough thinking about this issue. That was the point he couldn’t understand: why a smart lady like her would be self-indulgent. However, he didn’t want to know more about this; all he wanted to do was to resolve this matter.

Shen Ruikang was a straight shooter. After her daughter showed her att.i.tude, he stood up and pat on Ling Tianyi’s shoulder, “Young man, it’s your loss if you have no crush on my daughter. But our cooperation project with Huasheng Group in Hong Kong will not be affected. Trust me. I’m not a man bearing grudges.”

“Thank Uncle Shen for your consideration.” The reason why Ling Tianyi showed her thoughts directly was that Shen Ruikang was a straight shooter.

“Jiani, time to leave.” Then he left with his daughter. Ling Desheng and He Meishu were very sorry for this matter, and they were with them out all the way to the gate.

Seeing them left, Ling Tianyi grabbed his car key and was about to leave, too. He still remembered to punish that disobedient chit.

“Stop!” Ling Desheng yelled at him, “Where are you going?”

Ling Desheng was a person of bad temper. He wanted to teach his son a lesson just now, but he didn’t. Now that the guests have gone, his anger naturally came out.

“Dad, I’ve got something to do.” Ling Tianyi answered quietly.

“What on earth do you want to do? What a perfect marriage! It was just spoiled by your words. There are three ways of being an unfilial son, and the most serious one is to have no heir. You’ve already 27, but still have no formal girlfriend. We arranged one for you, but you don’t buy into it.. Are you going to p.i.s.s me off to die?” After saying this, he pounded on the table heavily. His anger made the whole villa filled with the smell of gunpowder.

“My boy, your father is right. Boss Xu’s son is one year younger than you, but his grandson has already started learning to speak.” He Meishu was also very anxious, because she had been looking forward to this marriage for a long time, but now she felt very regretful.

“Dad, Mum. I’ll consider my own marriage.” When mentioning this, the person came to Ling Tianyi’s mind was Xia Xiaoluo, that stubborn pet.i.te woman which made Ling Tianyi feel shocked all of a sudden.

“Will you? Go and see how gossip magazines write about you. They said that you were a playboy. If you don’t have a scandal with a star today, you’ll hit the headlines with a model tomorrow. I warn you that if you don’t give me a result within a month, I’ll amend the will, and Huasheng Group will be handed over to your sister.” This warning from Ling Desheng was so powerful that Ling Tianyi had to concern about it with a frown.

100% Love From The Boss Chapter 17

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