100% Love From The Boss zChapter 191 - Romantic Candlelight Dinner

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Chapter 191 Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Ling Tianyi liked the cake Xia Xiaoluo cooked for him very much, so he wanted to eat more after tasting. But Xia Xiaoluo protected it with her arms. “We will eat it later, not now!”

“Hum! But I really want to eat it! It’s delicious!” Ling Tianyi rubbed his hair, making it a little messy. But Xia Xiaoluo thought that he was handsome.

“I am going to cook the Christmas feast! You won’t have the appet.i.te to eat the dishes if you eat too many cakes now. My efforts will be in vain!” Xia Xiaoluo said deliberately, because she knew Ling Tianyi liked the dishes she cooked. So he would not eat the cake now.

“Well! I’ll wait for that. But hurry up! We didn’t have lunch, and we are very hungry now.” Ling Tianyi said, looking forward to the dishes cooked by Xia Xiaoluo.

“I will!” Xia Xiaoluo answered and went to the kitchen.

The presents for Xia Xiaoluo were all in the King Room of Hously Hotel, so Ling Tianyi asked someone to send them home. Xia Xiaoluo did so much for him, he must reward her, or he was not a good husband.

Due to his curiosity, Ling Tianyi kept searching for the present in the living room and bedroom. He didn’t believe that Xia Xiaoluo would only cook some dishes for him. Instead, she must prepare something for his birthday which was hidden.

After almost 20 minutes, the manager of Hously Hotel took the presents for Ling Tianyi and put them in the bedroom personally. Ling Tianyi prepared the presents carefully. He wanted to surprise Xia Xiaoluo! He wanted to shock her!

Xia Xiaoluo was busy in the kitchen, focusing on cooking. So she didn’t know what happened in the living room.

“Darling! It’s time for dinner!” Xia Xiaoluo called Ling Tianyi. She prepared the candlelight dinner for him.

“Wow! You cooked the steak, chicken fillet and goose liver!” Ling Tianyi said happily.

“I prepared the red wine as well!” Xia Xiaoluo stuck her tongue out and poured the wine for him. “These are all for you! Although I can’t drink too much, I will drink some wine to celebrate Christmas and your birthday!”

“Nice! I didn’t expect that you would prepare such a romantic candlelight dinner for me!” Ling Tianyi praised her delightedly.

“However, it’s daytime now, and the candles are not bright enough!” Xia Xiaoluo said and shrugged her shoulders. It was the only drawback, but it was all right. Unfortunately, she had an accident during the exam today.

“Never mind!” Ling Tianyi said and closed the curtain. “How is it now?”

“Oh! Nice!” Xia Xiaoluo clapped her hands, acting like a spoiled child.

“Let’s have a drink! Don’t worry about getting drunk, because we are at home and I will look after you! Enjoy yourselves!” Ling Tianyi smiled. He wanted to make love with her when she was drunk, because it would be more exciting.

“Darling! Happy birthday to you! Merry Christmas!” Xia Xiaoluo sent her regards simply.

“Darling, thank you for what you did for me, I like it very much! Merry Christmas!” Ling Tianyi cheered with Xia Xiaoluo and drank all the wine in his gla.s.s. He usually drank slowly to enjoy the taste. He used to spend the whole night only drinking a little red wine before. But he was so excited to drink with Xia Xiaoluo.

Xia Xiaoluo only drank a little because she wanted to show her present and dance with Ling Tianyi. What was more, Ling Tianyi would definitely make love with her, so she could not get drunk.

“Darling, try the Western Food I cooked!” Xia Xiaoluo said excitedly. In Wisner Western Restaurant, she leaned it from the French chef, Italian chef and other foreign chefs who were hired with high salary. So she really wanted to show them to Ling Tianyi, wanting to get his praise.

“Nice! It’s better than that in Wisner Western Restaurant.” Ling Tianyi said.

“I do better than my masters!” Xia Xiaoluo spoke out the fact that she worked in the restaurant carelessly out of excitement, but she was unaware of it.

Ling Tianyi noticed it, but he only wanted to enjoy the romantic dinner instead of arguing with Xia Xiaoluo. She was always careless and she couldn’t keep anything as a secret. But he liked her very much, because he could know what was in her mind easily. If she could keep her part-time job as a secret, maybe he would be anxious.

After dinner, Xia Xiaoluo took Ling Tianyi to the living room, playing the music.

“Darling, we should do some exercise to keep fit after dinner!” Xia Xiaoluo said.

“Let’s go to the bedroom! How about taking a bath together!” Ling Tianyi said and smiled frivolously. In fact, they were talking about two different exercises.

Xia Xiaoluo explained at once, “I… I want to invite you to dance!”

“Let’s go to the bathroom to dance in the water!” Ling Tianyi was so excited. What he wanted was to make love with Xia Xiaoluo.

“No! If you want to take a shower to sleep now, you can’t eat the cake or get my present for you!” Xia Xiaoluo said with depression.

“Well! It’s up to you today! But let me arrange the last program!” Ling Tianyi really wanted to make love with Xia Xiaoluo, but he must suppress his strong desire for a while for the sake of the birthday present.

Xia Xiaoluo behaved like a man who was inviting a lady to dance. Then, they danced and played, enjoying themselves happily.

After a while, they were tired, so Ling Tianyi took her to sit on the sofa and kissed her. Xia Xiaoluo wanted to kiss back, but she didn’t do it in case that he couldn’t control himself. Thinking of her plan, Xia Xiaoluo pushed him away and said, “Darling, I will bring the birthday cake for you!”

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you…” Xia Xiaoluo lighted the candles in the kitchen and took the cake to the living room. She smiled to Ling Tianyi while singing the song. Seeing her pretty face, Ling Tianyi was stunned due to happiness.

“Darling, make a wis.h.!.+” Xia Xiaoluo put the cake on the tea table in front of Ling Tianyi.

“OK!” Ling Tianyi closed his eyes, crossing his hands together. After nearly twenty seconds, Ling Tianyi said, “It’s done!”

“Darling, what is it?” Xia Xiaoluo asked out of curiosity.

“It’s a secret, and whether I can realize my wish or not is up to you!” Ling Tianyi smiled and whispered to her ears. Although there were only two people, he still whispered to her, “I want to become a father before my birthday next year!”

“Ah?” Xia Xiaoluo exclaimed but she was ignored. Ling Tianyi said, “I will blow them out!”

Ling Tianyi was so strong that he blew the dozens of candles out at one time.

“Haha! I made it, so my wish will definitely be realized!” Ling Tianyi was very delighted and he was ready to cut the cake. His little wife he loved most made it for him, so he decided to eat more.

“Help!” Ling Tianyi shouted because his face was covered with cream.

“Don’t cut it! Use our hands!” Xia Xiaoluo said and smeared the cream on Ling Tianyi’s face again. But Ling Tianyi avoided successfully and he smeared much cream on Xia Xiaoluo’s face.

After playing for a while, they were in a mess. Ling Tianyi smiled and said, “We really have to take a bath now.”

“Just take some tissues to wipe it.” Xia Xiaoluo said, and helped Ling Tianyi to clean his face. Ling Tianyi also helped Xia Xiaoluo. Xia Xiaoluo used the tissues, but Ling Tianyi used his mouth to lick the cream on her face and hands.

“Darling, I will show my present to you now!” Xia Xiaoluo said this to attract Ling Tianyi’s attention when he wanted to make love with her.

“OK! I will give you a present first! How do you like it?” Ling Tianyi said and smiled.

“But it is your birthday today!” Xia Xiaoluo answered.

“Little fool, it is also Christmas today! So I prepared the presents for you!” Ling Tianyi smiled and took her to the bedroom.

“Wow! There are so many presents!” Xia Xiaoluo was shocked at the delicate boxes on their bed.

“Let’s open them one by one!” Ling Tianyi gave Xia Xiaoluo a blue box.

“What a beautiful dress!” Xia Xiaoluo put it in front of her at once. She liked it very much.

Xia Xiaoluo almost forgot the present she prepared for Ling Tianyi. She was busy opening the boxes one by one.

There were clothes, jewelry, stuffed toys, cosmetics and other things.

“It’s the last one!” Ling Tianyi gave her a little pink box.

“Is it the best one?” Xia Xiaoluo asked excitedly. She opened it immediately.

“Sure!” Ling Tianyi answered and smiled.

“Ah! s.e.xy underwear again! Darling…” Xia Xiaoluo didn’t know what to say. But Ling Tianyi was glad to see her reaction.

“Put it on tonight! Because you are the best present for me!” Ling Tianyi said. Thinking of the present she prepared, Xia Xiaoluo wanted to take it out.

100% Love From The Boss zChapter 191 - Romantic Candlelight Dinner

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